UConn Releases 2013 Schedule, Including New Big East Matchups And Divisions, Not All Times, Dates Included Yet

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From UConn…

STORRS, Conn. (December 11, 2012) – The University of Connecticut football team will play a highly-attractive seven-game home schedule in 2013, which was finalized on Tuesday as the BIG EAST Conference announced its schedule breakdown for next season.
UConn will play home BIG EAST Conference games against Louisville, Rutgers, San Diego State and USF. The Huskies’ non-league home games will be Maryland (Sept. 14), Michigan (Sept. 21) and Towson State (Aug. 29). The exact dates for BIG EAST games will be announced in early 2013.
“I am very excited for the home schedule that our football team will play in 2013 and I think our fans should be too,” said UConn Director of Athletics Warde Manuel. “As I continue to say, it is important for UConn to have the Rentschler Field full for every game. Our football team will be working hard to prepare for the 2013 season and we need the support from our loyal Husky followers more than ever.”
Road conference games for the Huskies in 2013 will be Central Florida, Cincinnati, SMU and Temple. UConn’s lone non-conference road game will be at Buffalo (Sept. 28).
UConn’s home schedule features four teams that will play in bowl games this year, including: Louisville in the Allstate Sugar Bowl vs. Florida on Jan. 1; Michigan in the Outback Bowl vs. South Carolina on Jan. 1; Rutgers in the Russell Athletic Bowl vs. Virginia Tech on Dec. 28; and San Diego State in S.D. County Credit Union vs. BYU on Dec. 20.
The Huskies also play road games against three bowl teams: Central Florida in the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl vs. Ball State on Dec. 21; Cincinnati in the Belk Bowl vs. Duke on Dec. 27; and SMU vs. Fresno State in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Dec. 24.
The BIG EAST Conference will have 12 football playing schools in 2013 split into two divisions. Each team plays eight conference games and face each team in their division (five games) and three teams in the other division for a total of eight league games.
The East Division in 2013 is comprised of: Central Florida, Cincinnati, UConn, Louisville, Rutgers and USF. The West Division in 2013 is comprised of: Boise State, Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, SMU and Temple.
The following is the complete 2013 BIG EAST football schedule breakdown:



Home: Connecticut, Houston, Rutgers, USF

Away: Cincinnati, Louisville, SMU, Temple


Home: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Louisville

Away: Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, USF


Home: Louisville, Rutgers, San Diego State, USF

Away: UCF, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple


Home: UCF, Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State

Away: Boise State, Cincinnati, Connecticut, USF


Home: Cincinnati, Houston, USF, Temple

Away: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Louisville


Home: Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, SMU

Away: UCF, Connecticut, Houston, Rutgers



Boise State
Home: Houston, Louisville, Memphis, Rutgers

Away: Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU, Temple


Home: Memphis, San Diego State, SMU, USF

Away: Boise State, UCF, Rutgers, Temple


Home: Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU, Temple

Away: Boise State, Houston, Louisville, USF


San Diego State
Home: Boise State, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple

Away: Connecticut, Houston, Louisville, Memphis


Home: Boise State, UCF, Connecticut, Temple

Away: Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, USF


Home: Boise State, Houston, UCF, Connecticut

Away: Memphis, Rutgers, San Diego State, SMU



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36 thoughts on “UConn Releases 2013 Schedule, Including New Big East Matchups And Divisions, Not All Times, Dates Included Yet


    Too much negativity on this thread: most of us on this thread know UCONN management (Herbst, Manuel, etc.) are incompetant. Herbst is more worried about getting a billion taxpayer dollars to make sure the UCONN buildings are visually “consistent” than advancing the UCONN football and basketball programs. That being said, there is no doubt our home schedule next year is by far the best we’ve ever had. UCONN football needs to win the games. Boise State has a great program with a smaller stadium (and crowds) than us. They kick ass and take names. If we do the same, it doesn’t matter what league we’re in; things will take care of themselves.


        Boise State is doing just fine. You miss the point; just like UCONN women’s basketball it doesn’t matter what conference Boise State is in. They are a national brand and will succeed whatever conference they are in. If UCONN football does the same, we will be in the same position.

        1. Dave from Watertown


          Believing these delusions will completely destroy our sports programs. We have to take a REALISTIC look and make decisions that are POSSIBLE.

  2. SillyBoy

    UConn pounds it chest bragging about how great the Womens Basketball team is and what an asset it would be to other conferences…don’t our leaders know that NO-ONE CARES about women’s basketball….geez…

  3. Dave from Watertown

    A few years ago, a number of UCONN idiots gleefully attacked Catholics because BC left the conference. Little did these idiot know that there were 7 Catholic schools still in the conference who were deeply offended by these attacks. Now, these Catholic schools got their revenge as they destroyed what was left of the Big East and UCONN is the one who lost the most. Our basketball and football programs are dead.

  4. Dave from Watertown

    UCONN and Cincinnati to create league to pressure ACC? LOL, LOL, LOL…

    The ACC only needs one team and UCONN will get screwed again. Who are the idiots at UCONN trying to put these “strategic” plans together?

  5. jack54

    Looks good ! One last fling before we head into the MAC ? Is Buffalo necessary every single year ? I’d rather see that replaced with UMass. Anyway once in the MAC we will be playing them every year .

    1. RST

      That also assumes that the MAC would have UConn. Aren’t they pretty much full up? Why would they take a program that is only middling by their standards anyway?

  6. TheJerk

    I will go to games only when they remove the ban on reptiles and charcoal in the parking lot


  7. Andy

    This home schedule, is by far, the best home schedule we have had as 1A program. I’m excited for it, and I think about the stage of where our program is on the field, we’ve got an easier road to winning championships through USF and San Diego State conference games at home, than through Maryland and Michigan. Would be nice, if in the future, that all changes in both respects, our competition level, and our conference opponents, but that’s beyond my control, so I’ll go to the games, and have a great time, and root for UConn to win.

  8. joey p

    so dez what do you think about Don brown and him coming back to UConn next year. He seems to hop around jobs.


    Manuel is “excited” about a schedule where two of the teams won’t even be there next fall…wow!! This is why UCONN is in the situation they are in…lazy inept and a waste of tax payers dollars..Herbst ..well …she is just clueless when it comes to sports…NONE OF THEM HAVE VISION..WaRde wants “fans support”…how about getting off your over rated self and sell out the corporate seats..starting with ESPN….I bet Warde sat on the side lines as football player…I’m pretty sure of that

  10. buddy

    In response to Mr. Manuel, there is no question the players will work hard. The question is will their hard work pay off? I will venture to guess, not with this current coaching staff. Especially on offense. Mr. Manuel, please wake up. You have sitting on the sidelines, monitoring things, while others have been passing you by.

  11. John

    This is why the big least will fold. The leaders are clueless. Why give the two schools leaving (Rutgers and Louisville) the honor of playing the biggest new addition (Boise)? If the big least wants to prove viability in long term, they should showcase teams that are committed long term.

      1. John

        Rich – uconn better be committed long term. Right now it’s the night before prom and uconn has no date.

    1. Steve-CT

      @ John – I’m pretty sure making Rutgers & Louisville travel to Boise for their games is not an honor. Away games – the cost of travel, the physical toll etc., are not an honor.

  12. mikeinmanila

    Check out Ajerseyguy.com for his piece on “UConn still looking for an invitation”…good analysis at the end of the article of what UConn needs to do now. I’d add that, in short order, UConn also needs to:

    1. Give KO a long term contract

    2. Focus of fixing the football program; including replacing HCPP if he doesn’t get to a bowl in 2013 (highly likely), adding 1 ACC and 1 B1G team to the OOC schedule annually going forward, adding 1 national power (e.g., ND, USC, top SEC or Big 12 team) every other year at a neutral site and expading the Rent to 55K

    3. Position itself for an AAU invite by 2014

    Worst case, UConn should expect to be in the BE championship game in all 3 sports every year (Syracuse, Rutgers and BC won’t be having that same level of success in their leagues, so UConn could get more consistent buzz, especially given the SNY platform) Best case, UConn gets an invite to the B1G, with a southern ACC school (it’s not clear the ACC will look much better than the BE when this is all said and done).

  13. Lost in Transition

    Problem is that some of these schools won’t even be here… I bet that is why the schedule is out so early… so that Rutgers and Louisville can’t leave early.

  14. mikeinmanila

    Early projection…4-8 (only chance of doing better is if we can keep DC Brown and get a top flight OC)

  15. Swami

    This looks like a good schedule. Any cupcakes? No.

    I think we better get an offense put together or the year will be long.

  16. Mike.0

    Watch out for Towson State…very tough and upcoming 1AA program (CAA). High powered and athletic…great running back… Trap Game.

  17. Steve-CT

    Why oh why oh why do they start us off with a Thursday night game which cannot be driven by TV in this case. I’m having a difficult time understanding this as I have over the years as this pattern has continued.

    1. Frank M

      How many fans will remember the horrendous traffic jam we had for last year’s opener and decide to stay home? The Thursday before Labor Day is not a good day for a 7:00pm kickoff.

  18. Rich G.

    That’s a decent slate of home games for once. But once you look at the divisions (Temple in the West???) and the teams that will be part of this sham next year you realize what a joke the BE is. Will be nice to see Michigan instead of Buffalo at least.

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