UConn Still On Recruiting Trail

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37 thoughts on “UConn Still On Recruiting Trail

  1. Frankie/Stamford

    Dez, Great to see we added DE Jalen Stevens out of South Carolina. We out-recruited North Carolina and Arizona St. I have to admit I’m no fan of HCPP but this recruiting class looks very good, and were not done yet. It was just too bad about Burlingame and Krill.

  2. TheJerk

    To heck with “positive” thinking for a minute. You want to know what really puts a burr under my saddle? Herbst and Manuel stating there lines of crap about being committed to the conference and to the Big East. If there was any truth to the “catholic 7″ and MWC rumor I would think those two would be the first ones out the door to do it. Note to senior management at UCONN, just because we are sports fans does not mean we are stupid.

    1. dconner Post author

      I agree – doesn’t mean you’re stupid. I dont think they feel that way. However, their titles suggest they’re the best ones to deal with the situation. I also think they get paid to make decisions. I dont think the fans are paid. And I also think what you and others have to keep in mind is all the lovely things you want for UConn, they want them 100 times more than you – 100 times more! – but they can’t go pounding their fist on somebody’s table because their fans are mad demanding they get what they want. This isn’t that group you know all two well. That’s now how it works my friend. If you are listening to what the AD and Prez are saying I mean
      if you’ve really listened I think you should start wrapping you head around the fact this is where UConn is right now. I don’t think it stays that way but for now, until they say something other than what they’ve been saying, reality has to start settling in – like it or not. Just my two cents

      1. TheJerk

        I guess my point was not as obvious as I thought. My point was more in the direction of Herbst and Manuel for a while were putting out conflicting information. Examples being trying to get out with Pitt and ‘Cuse, then saying they were committed to BE. Then Maryland leaves and the two go back on the campaign trail again for the ACC. Then UC gets snubbed for Louisville, and they release a statement saying in not so many words that they are crushed. Then begin peddling the “we are committed to the BE” routine again. My point is these two, to the smart person, are as transparent as they come. And maybe, just maybe to this fan, seem overwhelmed, and unprepared to handle the state of college athletics.

        1. dconner Post author

          I don’t think that’s fair – but to be fair I’m sure you’re not alone in how you feel. I think they’re trying their best do what’s best for UConn first, its supporters and fans… I don’t think they’re not trying do that. I don’t. I do think patience has become the equivalent of a bad word around here when it comes to this stuff. Also equals passion which is good, too

      2. Artie A...

        Ah yes! The old two cents…
        About what we have left to gamble with. The Jerk has to understand that you have to be invited to the next table and if you are not you better show some love to the one you are still playing on…
        Love the passion though…
        Both Herbst and Manuel still have a grace period from me with what they were handed.
        Do not agree any UConn fans are considered stupid by UConn upper management. People have to realize the task at hand and the time it takes to change it all…


    CHRIS The thought of having a Blog as it was intended is the way it should be no doubt and Ditto DEZ with “AMEN”.. However, ATRIE you really captured the essence of many of us !!!…The 11 in my group will be back in the club seats and on that note, whoever is responsible for promoting them needs to be evaluated. There has been a significant and steady decline over the past three years..Win or loose, in a state without PROFESSIONAL sports, numbers should ALOT better..by the way the seats were not renewed .. It’s not that they were sold and no one attended..any thought ???

  4. Raymond Martineau/Ohio

    when every changes I have new hope. The fact is no matter what happens UConn will be there and the world wont end. I will take it one season at a time. Next season I am looking forward to a better offense and a renewed defense. Until then I am enjoying our bball team and Kevin Ollie.

  5. Frankie/Stamford

    Dez, just read the report by Mr. Doyle and you on the refutation by AD Warde. As a longtime Uconn basketball fan I hope we do go with the catholic schools, and look for other options for football. Our tradition in basketball, especially men’s basketball will be severely damaged if we stay with this lousy setup of the Big East. There is also a strong possibility the new league will make more money with the new TV contract than the schools left behind in the old league. I’ve been a Uconn die-hard since the late 1950’s and I’m the fan that used to get upset in a big way when we always lost to Yale in football. I got to believe that AD Warde will not drop the ball in this entire mess.

    1. RST

      Careful, we are trying to get back to the good old days. Nothing negative please. In fact this fall they are not going to keep score, I heard.:):)

      1. husky66

        how often are academics a factor for UConn vs others like Cincy, Louiville, entire SEC & Big 12, exluding TX? Don’t know if the USN&WR rankings are an indication, but would think that players those schools qualify & admit, would not be at UConn. Certainly know that was the case w/ WVU; not even sure you have to be able to spell to get into that place

  6. jack54

    How far can UConn be behind ? We beat UL on their home field in a game they needed to clinch BE title. They get a easy win over #3 Florida in Bowl. UL is believed a top 10 ranking to start 2013. The difference between UC + UL is small. Coach PP is loyal to the state and will not give up. BC,Syracuse, Cinny, Pitt + Rutgers have all lost coaches in the past few years. If their future was bright that would not have happened. We are as good as any of them ! Stay positive and patient. Uconn best years of football are still ahead.

    1. husky66

      UConn isn’t that far behind; but perception is reality. 5-7 on last season’s schedule was a missed opportunity.

      Louisville will go into ACC and dominate, just like Miami, Va Tech and even BC did for a time. not sure how Pitt and Syracuse will fare but we weren’t picked.

  7. Chris

    I’d like to see a return to the good old days when this blog had a nice little group of knowledgable fans who would disagree occasionally but remained positive for the most part. I think that group got drowned out by the Debbie Downers and the constant pessimism from the vocal critics. It just created a toxic environment that people didn’t really want to be part of anymore.

    I’m looking forward to some meaningful football discussion here in 2013. An environment where we can not only disagree with each other, but disagree with Dez without questioning his journalistic integrity. The program needs support now more than ever (regardless of whether you want the coach here or not). Looking forward to the return of good football talk here in 2013.

    1. dconner Post author

      Amen Chris…Amen. This blog is just better when you’re a part of it. I know you were one of the ones who didnt want to be a part of the nonsense. It’s just like you to come back with a post like this. That’s why I missed ya man.

    2. Artie A...

      Chris, nice to see you here. Have you the beacon of light for the end of our tunnel?
      First I have to agree with what you have to say as most always. I to would love to see everything printed here nothing but positive. Having said that please give me the input for this positivity.

      I agree the program needs our support more than ever but you have the biggest stumbling block in a red jersey. It is not easy for what you call knowledgeable fans to sit quietly and watch the direction of our program. Little did we know with Randy fleeing in the night that it was possible someone could come along and create a more predictable and boring offense. This just as Randy was actually gearing up for something more open and entertaining.

      The conference or lack of one situation, no future schedule and nothing coming from leadership. It is really not hard to see why people are leaping off the proverbial bandwagon. As to the pissing matches with Dez there will always be the weak trying to be strong behind a hidden identity.

      As for me I will be at every home game with three others this coming season. This with the hope of seeing a defense that gets it done like those in the past and an offense that can run a play without the crowd calling it first.
      We have some good players coming in and a lot of red shirts we have not seen. I look forward to the both the M’s, the Wolverines and the Turtles. Even lower ticket prices. A legit battle for the QB spot. This and our new OC who can tell Paul how to make a decision.
      Last but not least for now, our always entertaining UCMB before during and after the game. I forewarn all do not miss the homecoming game half time show. I have advance word the UCMB will be surrounding a boxing ring playing The Eye of The Tiger, this as The Jerk takes on DJ Joey…….
      GO DOGS…..

  8. RST

    The UConn brand has not faded yet any more than the BC brand; and BC has been in a worse situation recently than UConn. UConn has got to be very attractive still, and the possibility of early development and PT has got to seem equally positive to potential student-athletes.

    1. dconner Post author

      Has to but it takes a special young man to be talented and know he is/can be a program changer then make the jump to a school that’s not steeped in tradition or part of the big 5. The key is letting these kids know they’ll be on TV all the time, will have their names on the backs of the jerseys, will go to nice places to play, will play in front of big crowds, have a chance to win conference and or national title, play in bowl games, have a legitimate shot at the NFL, good facilities, whoever can pitch all that stuff the best will have the chance to get the best players down the stretch – in my opinion.

  9. ray

    Seriously…..who would want to come here after what this coaching staff has done ….or hasn’t done. Not ot mention the demise of the Big east.

    1. dconner Post author

      There has been tons of interest for each job Ray. You probably dont believe that which is fine but believe this: A coach looking for a job probably isn’t thinking the way you are – and if you’re talking about recruits? Same thing applies

        1. dconner Post author

          I couldn’t tell maybe you’re right. Maybe he can provide clarification I will certainly apologize. He would be wrong about recruits too. If recruits didnt want to be here the 17 they have would have left. From what I gather in watching them chatter on twitter – they can’t wait to get here. I just think it’s wrong for people to assume what’s going through a recruits heart or mind because they don’t like things.

          1. Steve-CT

            Dez is right – those guys are fired up about getting here and making a difference. These guys want to be program changers!

          2. Steve-CT

            My take on that is that they see the holes in the team and see opportunity to make a difference in those positions – in those areas – immediately; and like I said, be program changers.

      1. Anonymous

        Yes Dez, I apologize for being a downer, but I was talking about recruits….
        It just has been so frustrating to watch…..it must be hard for you to report on all of this.

        1. dconner Post author

          Understood. It’s frustrating I know but I guess my point is the hollering and screaming and blasting of me or the media isn’t productive and it’s not going to help anything. I understand it but I just think at this pont, Jan.9, 2013, it’s just time to start looking forward to 2013. Well I’m removed from it all emotionally because I don’t have the same ties to it that you do. Unfortunately, that’s part of the problem because fans either see me as a member of the coaching staff and their voice to vent to the staff and or AD/Prez. That’s not my job. That being said I care about my job, love it but it has become a bit difficult the past few months. No question about that

          1. husky66

            I do wonder if a recruit who wants to be that program changer/leader is looking at what the current staff has accomplished w/ the kids they’ve recruited.

            And who could we equate on the current roster, kids brought in by PP et al, that are the Lutrus’ and Bama off the radar types that RE and his staff found & developed? there was a lot made of that “coachin ‘em up” at the time and it was great to see.

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