Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown, Sure But, What If You’re Wearing Two Crowns?

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George DeLeone wears two crowns as UConn’s line coach and offensive coordinator.

The offense showed progress in the Pittsburgh win but it has been a rocky road for the unit, particularly the line, all season.

Head coach Paul Pasqualoni has already said he doesn’t think the two hats are too much DeLeone.

Here’s DeLeone’s thoughts.

“I don’t think the way things have gone here has anything to do with who is coaching what, most especially what I’m coaching. I really don’t believe that. Now, I understand we haven’t been productive. I understand that. You don’t have to tell me what the games have been like. I live through it. I live through it  24-7 and I live through it year ’round but to say it’s because last year I coached the tight ends and this year I’m coaching the line and last year I could do this… I don’t believe that’s the truth. I just don’t. Now, people may want to say that and that’s their opinion. I’m living through it and don’t feel that way..

“… I also will say that if it takes more work, I’m here every morning at 5 o’clock. I go home at midnight so we’re willing to do more work. That’s not the issue. We’re more than happy to do that to give these kids the best chance we got. That’s kind of where I’m at on that. That’s my opinion on it.”

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19 thoughts on “Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown, Sure But, What If You’re Wearing Two Crowns?

  1. Mike

    Don’t tell me how hard you work! You have a great job that most people would love to have. Go win the next two games and give the fan base{shrinking by the day) something to hold onto. That will shut everyone up. Otherwise, get out. I am sick of this giant excuse making machine.

  2. husky66

    results, period. I work hard too, lots of people do. no results, I get to find another job. and no second 1/2 points over multiple games is not a + result.

    one 1/2 against a Pitt team that was mentally shot is not an indication of progress. the next two games will show if there has been any progress.

  3. Adam

    There isn’t a coach at the collegiate level that isn’t “working hard”. But let’s ask ourselves what all of the hard work is netting us: one of the worst offensive lines in NCAAF and one of the lower scoring offenses in the country. A change needs to be made for 2013. At this level, it’s not about how hard you work (that should be a given!), it’s about the results you produce. The results haven’t come close to matching the work put in.

  4. buddy

    It is clear that GDL cannot connect with the players. This is a reflection of a lack of leadership and communication. It is commonly seen in many corporations/entities where management cannot mesh with employees. The question becomes, who is let go, management or the employees? In this case, unfortunately, nothing will change the relationship. After a little more time, management will be let go. Employees will just keep coming and going as they usually do. The only question here is how far will upper level management allow lower level management to go before the entire program is destroyed and needs to start all over again.

  5. jack54

    If you hit a 1000 golf balls a day, would you be on a par with Tiger Woods ? If it takes you 2 hours to mow a lawn that someone else can do in 1 hour , are you working harder ? Their approach and system may be too complex. The players are thinking too much, at the expense of using their natural instincts. Most of the time the offensive unit looks slow and unsure. HCPP always talks in technical lingo and mental mistakes. At some point they just need to go out there and cut it loose.

  6. uconn86hgiv

    I believe that these guys are trying their absolute best to coach these kids up. I don’t love the offensive scheme and I haven’t always been a big fan of the play calling but I think the real issue on offense is lack of talent. Outside of the TEs how many of these guys would be starting for other teams in our league. My guess is not many. That isn’t meant to be a dig on our guys. It is simply a fact.

  7. mikeinmanila

    Dez, that was painful to read. George DeLeone isn’t exaclty doing himself any favors with the fan base with these comments.

    Pasqualoni and DeLeone like to talk about how hard they work…they fail to grasp that it’s about results…PERIOD! The offensive unit’s results in the second half of games this season alone should indicate a serious ongoing problem.

    All of this is just highlighting the differences between the coaching styles of Paul Pasqualoni/George DeLeone and Kevin Ollie. One is an excuse machine, the other never makes an excuse. One gets athletes to underperform, the other to gets them to overperform. One is unable to make the proper adjustments in the second half to enhance the chances of winning, the other is able to make those adjustments… Any guess as to which is likely to be around after next year?

    1. RST

      Agree that Ollie has made a strong start; but it is just that, a start. Let’s see if we feel the same way after the BE season before we make under/over-perform statements.

      1. mikeinmanila

        RST, are you saying you can’t determine that Pasqualoni and DeLeone aren’t underperforming?! Really?

        I can understand being catious on Coach Ollie, but I’ve watched the last few games and it appears pretty clear that he is going to be something special.

        That said, we won’t need to wait till the end of the BE season is over to make a decision on Coach Ollie. If you know the schedule, he will have faced his toughest opponents by mid February.

        It sure looks like the verdict is already in on Pasqualoni and DeLeone (baring the football team winning out which is highly unlikely).

        That said, you should have all the definitive data on the underperform/overperform issue you will need by mid February.

        1. RST

          I am a big Ollie fan. Hope he gets the results he deserves. At this point it is a bit early to be evaluating him though; and saying he is better than someone else is a conclusion you can’t draw just yet.

          1. mikeinmanila

            We agree on ollie, we just don’t agree that a conclusion can already be drawn between the two appraoches.

            Just some food for thought. How many top 15 teams have Pasqualoni and DeLeone beaten in 2 years? Ollie got that done in his FIRST game! And he was working with a truly decimated team. When you consider his “no excuses” approach, his ability to make second half adjustments, his ability to recruit top talent, the way he has gotten his players to buy into his system, his willingness to put his money where his mouth is given his recent donation to UConn, etc, etc…it’s already clear to me which is superior…and I don’t think we will have to wait long to convince most UConn fans, if they aren’t already convinced.

  8. RST

    Can’t say that I have been in a situation like the one OC GDL finds himself in, but when I have been in situations where a lot is riding on the outcome and we are throwing 110% at it for a really extended period, lots of times it is more productive to step back a bit and relax more. Helps with perspective and creativity. No one to my knowledge has ever criticized GDL’s work ethic. JMHO.

  9. Alex

    Last year, if I recall correctly, was a poor year for the tight ends. This year is poor year for the offensive line.
    Seems like a pattern to me, but I’m not there from 5 am to midnight so what do I know?

  10. Swami

    Football is not rocket science. What kind of work could you be doing for a football team that requires a 5 am to midnight schedule? This makes me even more uncomfortable.
    I remember Dick Vermeil cracking up publicly under the duress of that kind of schedule and he was winning most of the .

  11. Joe

    I appreciate the fact that he is putting in the hours and the time…but it is not about the number of hours someone puts into their work, it’s about the productivity they get in those hours. The fact that he needs 19 hours a day to get the diminished returns we see each week is discouraging. Hopefully last Saturday’s first half was a sign of things to come, but their next two matchups will be a great indicator as to whether this was a fluke against a Pitt team that may have still had their minds on the ND game or actual progress. Either way, go Uconn

    1. UCMB88

      Reminds me of the adage, “work smarter, not harder.” Everyone is correct – this has nothing to do with GDL’s work ethic, but has everything to do with results. It doesn’t matter if you put in 17 hour days if you’re not getting the desired outcome!

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