Xavier-Middletown QB Tim Boyle Commits To UConn

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Xavier-Middletown quarterback Tim Boyle committed to UConn today after de-committing to Boston College.

“I have nothing but respect for the new coaching staff they did a great job recruiting me,” Boyle said in a phone interview after arriving home from UConn Sunday. “But as we all know the circumstances there don’t really fit me. I wanted to keep my options open and UConn was always in my top three. I’ve always loved UConn. They’ve always been great to me. Coach (Paul) Pasqauloni has done a great job recruiting me and (quarterbacks coach Shane) Day visiting me, being honest and staying true to me – and UConn game me the best opportunity.”

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18 thoughts on “Xavier-Middletown QB Tim Boyle Commits To UConn

  1. John Santostefano

    Awesome…but I’d like to be a fly on the wall when he first talks to Walsh. (*^^ing Hand!!!!)

  2. ATRMoves

    Dez, thanks for reaching out to Lagow. Nice to hear the kid is still looking towards Storrs. Now as for the other 5 QBS in the system – who’s leaving or switching positions?

  3. husky66

    this could be great. will there finally a replacement for Dan O?

    and it does appear that the in state thing might be working for PP.

    now about only getting two commits from OL’s….. seems that biggest question mark is whether there will be good enough blocking this coming season.

  4. Eric

    Big get for HCPP. I think the hiring of a new oc is really helping us now. Now we just have to win to get out of the league we reside in currently though with all the rumors out there about B1G ready to move I feel more confident that at the very least we will be Acc bound. Wishing for B1G invite though. Hope all oh herbst moves and Malloys politics are going to help facilitate the move.

  5. Leeny

    De-committed from BC? Is that the line? Word was all over the internet that BC didn’t want him and allowed him to shop himself to other schools.

    I hope he’s not this delusional about his status on the team and accepts the role PP gives him.

      1. Artie A...

        Leeny must have been the cheerleader none of the jocks asked out. She has nothing but negative comments that usually show a complete lack of knowledge of the topic at hand.
        I will not throw in possibly being blond as I know some smart ones.

  6. Uconn Fan

    As a uconn season ticket holder and a big x fan, excited to hear Boyle is coming to uconn. Looking forward to going to the rent to see Boyle and Graham Stewart on the field. Hopefully we will also see Sean too. Nice to see the local talent staying in the state.

  7. RST

    Wow. Someone will be leaving at the end of this semester for sure. It will also be interesting to see if Lagow is still coming. We should know very soon.

    1. dconner Post author

      Well in talking to him a couple of hours ago he’s quite excited about coming and as far as competing. I’m sure you know this RST but Lagow played his high school football at Plano, which plays in the highest classification of schools the entire state has, 5A. That’s what he pointed out to me on his own when I mentioned competition and the possibility of Boyle coming. Real athletes, the real good ones, aren’t intimidated by competition. They should welcome it…right? Should be like that in life too but thats for another day. Bottom line, neither of those kids is going to scare the other off. Again, try to take the positive view and what it means for the program, which has so desperately needed a player at that position. They’re addressing that issue.

      1. RST

        Hope you are right, Dez. But he seems to be out with the flu today. Rumor has it that no signed letter has been FAX’d in. Must be really really sick ….

        1. dconner Post author

          Not a rumor – no faxed letter in is true. He is under the weather today. Ill have a story later today on the recruiting class

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