A Few Thoughts On Terrence Samuel, Kentan Facey From The Jordan Brand Game

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A few  thoughts from the Jordan Brand game in Brooklyn last night. …

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. UConn has a couple of kids coming in, Kentan Facey and Terrence Samuel, who really, really, REALLY want to be there. Don’t care what they’re ranked or how many stars are attached to their names – that in itself is a good thing. These kids are so excited about going to UConn, you can tell they can’t wait to get there and that goes a long way.

“I’ve been excited since the first LETTER I got from UConn,” Facey was saying.

…. I really like to way Samuel plays, he’s got some size, takes it to the rim, he’s unselfish. It may take him a while to develop his skills and get up to speed at UConn’s level, but I think he’s going to become a really good player. He was excited about the possibility of playing with Rodney Purvis year after next.

Just in the span of three months, from when I saw him at Baruch College in January, to Saturday, I could see Facey had made great strides, not only on the court, but in the confidence with which he carries himself and expresses himself. Again, said it before, but for a kid who only started playing basketball about three years ago, he is obviously a student of the game – and a good student, period.

You can call both these kids have spoken to Kevin Ollie a lot, because a lot of what they say sounds like their new coach.

I thought coach Joe Arbitello’s take was very interesting, and I included it in my main story for the Sunday Courant. Arbitello, who coached Omar Calhoun at Christ The King, was really impressed with the way Calhoun grew as a freshman under Ollie and the UConn staff and he raved about both Samuel and Facey.

It’s going to be a great night when Calhoun, Facey and Samuel come back to Barclays with UConn to play Maryland next Nov. 8. It’s a beautiful arena.

Finally, I think it’s a great sign that Amida Brimah came up from Miami to watch his fellow incoming freshmen and bond with them. He stayed with Samuel and his family in Canarsie.

You never know how any incoming freshman are going to pan out, but character matters, attitude matters, and everything I see and hear indicates UConn made some good choices here – these kids have the right stuff for the challenge ahead.

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15 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts On Terrence Samuel, Kentan Facey From The Jordan Brand Game

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    The fact that these UCONN recruits are ranked poorly and have few stars shows that being stuck in this dying conference is killing our recruiting snd destroying our sports programs.

    1. GoUconn

      No clue why you’re saying “our”. You’re not on the team. You’re on Team MomsBasement

  2. Tone

    Look who it is. The Troll aka Mr. Oriakhi. It baffles me why you care about Uconn at this point. Let me guess it’s Uconn’s fault your son will not be drafted.

  3. Hip Ho Hood

    You guys are right. and my mom agrees, I’ve been a bit of a loser with my posts.

  4. Ray

    Hip hop continues to be A loser…..better stop or your mom will take away the computer

  5. Marc

    Hip Hop and Mr. Oriakhi are probably one in the same and likely is the same troll on ESPN’s Men’s UConn forum.

    There and here, we should not feed the trolls.

    Keep up the positive comments and ignore him.

    1. Ray

      Hip Hop Hood has taken ownership of this board and we are his trained monkeys. He/she gets more responses than the topics that he/she posts about.

  6. TAinSC

    You guys who talk about the number of stars on a scouting sheet reveal your lack of knowledge of UConn and basketball in general. In his history Jim Calhoun hd 17 McDonald’s ALL Americans and 27 first found NBA picks. Emeka Okafor’s highest ranking was #80. Some of you guys should go over to Kentucky, where you would not see guys like Donny Marshall and Kemba develop into men and players

  7. bib gary

    alex oriakhi was a huge disappoinment at uconn.he played soft for a big guy,and had the worst hands ive ever seen.he was a mcdonalds all american,so it goes to show you rating don’t matter.ill take a kid wth heart,not this stiff who read his press clippings more than he gave uconn for effort.in other words he was a bust,thay’s why he won’t get drafted

  8. dennis newman

    I can only say that last season this team showed me something and I have never been more proud of a UCONN team. K.O. has them playing unselfishly as a team with no quit. Future looks bright with the excitement of playing at UCONN. Much as I love spring and summer I can’t wait until next year!!

    1. Hip Hop Hood

      It’s easy to be unselfish when everyone on the team has zero talent.

      1. TAinSC

        That last comments further solidifies my feeling you really don’t know hoop or UCONN. When your teammates can’t get it done and you can, you have to take it. But unselfishness in the game is determined about when you give yourself up for the team. It’s setting the pick, diving for the ball, it screening off the boards so your guy can get the rebound. Shabazz and Boat both got a lot of boards for guards for two reasons, 1) they went after them and 2) Olander did a lot of the heavy work by clearing room.

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