A Good Day For UConn, Kevin Ollie Ends With Ben Jobe Award

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Kevin Ollie is in Atlanta for the Final Four, and he picked up the Ben Jobe Award, given to the nation’s most outstanding minority coach by CollegeInsider.com

Here is more info on that award from an earlier post. Ollie was also a finalist for the Joe B. Hall Award, which is given to the nation’s top first-year coach. That went to LIU’s Jack Perri.

But Ollie picked up the big prize he was looking for, getting a commitment from Rodney Purvis, who is transferring from NC State. Here’s the story on our main website. This is a great get for UConn, an elite player who will be ready to step in for Shabazz Napier after sitting a year. Really, it’s a statement that says the program, after a period of turmoil, is on solid ground again. A year ago, players were transferring from UConn.

Overall: really good day for the Huskies.

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14 thoughts on “A Good Day For UConn, Kevin Ollie Ends With Ben Jobe Award

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    KO is looking to get us back on probation like Calhoun left us by getting a NC State player who can barely read.

  2. Hip Hop Hood

    How is it a good day for us when Ollie just took the first step (getting the bum from NC State) to getting us put on probationagain?

  3. UConn Peter

    Triple H-you are too much. Don’t you ever get tired of your little game. You used to afford me some laughs, but you are getting stale.

  4. Hip Hop Hood

    Wow. I love crack cockaine. Going to keep doing it till I run out. Really love the fact you punks always respond to my posts. So easy to rise your temper. Looks like I won again.

    I am a verbal ninja. You guys are pansies.

  5. Hip Hop Hood

    I have no friends in my life. I look at this blog every 7 minutes on average hoping that I can be the first to post. I am a loser troll. You guys make me feel like I’m less of a loser because you always reply to my posts. Reality is that I have no friends in the entire world. Making you guys respond to my posts makes me feel less like a loser.

  6. Ben Curtis

    Dom. Why have you still not reported anything about Rodney Purvis committing??

  7. teo

    It’s a fine day for Kevin Ollie. He’s a good coach and is getting a great award. Good for him.

    As for the university, they will regret waiting around for the ACC. Next year, they’ll be traveling to Houston and New Orleans to play lacrosse or baseball or whatever, all so that they could play football in the ACC at some point.

    They should stay in the Big East. They have much more in common with those schools than they do with Tulane, Memphis and Houston.

  8. FrankieFiveFingers

    Anybody see or hear from MarcusinMD lately. I heard he finally got a job at Dairy Queen and his mother promoted him up from the couch in the basement to the couch on the 1st floor. Things are looking up. Triple H — you my boy DOG !!

  9. FrankieFiveFingers

    Triple H — how’s things in the hood MY BROTHER ?? You know –” Everything is Everything ” You and FrankieFiveFingers think a lot alike. I could use a man of your intuition, instincts, intelligence, and innovation. I call it the ” FrankieFiveFingers 4 I’s to success — and you possess those SKILZ ” MY BROTHER ”


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