Andre Drummond’s Thoughts Following His Selection by the Pistons

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Here are excerpts from Andre Drummond’s press conference after he was selected No. 9 by the Pistons. Again, credit to ASAP Sports for their transcriptions.

Drummond’s opening statement:

“Speechless, really.  It’s a great opportunity for me.  It’s a dream come true, growing up as a little kid hearing my name being called and shaking David Stern’s hand.  I just feel great.”

On his new teammates and city:

“I know we’ll build a great team chemistry right away.  It’s a great organization and the fans are great up there.  I just can’t wait to be a part of the team.”

How he knew it would be Pistons:

“Yeah, I mean, I talked to Detroit; I actually worked out with them the day before the Draft actually and they told me they liked me a lot and if I was still there, they would definitely take me.  The eighth pick went by and they were right up, and I just broke down in tears because I knew I was going to get called next.”

First order of business:

“With the help of my teammates, lift the organization and the family out there; all the talk about my not playing hard is going to be put to rest immediately.  I’ll have my teammates who are my brothers now to push me and I’ll put that to rest and the rest of the game is going to be great because they have a great coaching staff out there, as well?? he’s going to help me rebound; rebound, box out. … I think I’m not going to try to force anything too fast.  Just do whatever Coach tells me to do and wherever he puts me is where I’m going to play and I’m going to work my hardest and I’m going to give it my all every single day.”

On the emotion of the moment:

“It’s just a [sigh] of relief.  My mom was holding my hand throughout the whole Draft and she was like, we’re here, be patient, your name is going to be called soon.  As soon as Toronto went by and Detroit came up, I started breaking down because I thought about all of the years I worked hard and all of the struggles I went through playing basketball; just everything I went through, and just being here today, hearing my name being called is the greatest thing in the world.”

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4 thoughts on “Andre Drummond’s Thoughts Following His Selection by the Pistons

  1. Rawhide

    Best of luck to him, but the idea of him being a “project” is kind of stupid. He’s played basketball all his life… it’s not as though he’s some blank ball of clay from Europe or Africa who’s barely played before but has clear gifts. It’s sort of inexcusable that he’s still so “raw” (whatever the hell that means) at this point in his career. I don’t expect to see much progress beyond where he is now, especially against better talent.

  2. Tone

    It is not inexcusable that he’s still so raw. First off, last year was his first time playing against competition that was not of a hig school level. Secondly, his rawness is purely on the offensive end. Lastly, the kid will be 19 in August. Scary thing is he is 7 feet tall 279 lbs. as athletic and coordinated as anyone. He will be a game changer for years and years

  3. Sven Svenson

    Another week goes by with the Courant not producing any stories about the Huskies. One staff report about Michael Bradley that was essentially lifted from the Vincennes University web site is this week’s body of work. Shut off the lights and lock the door behind you, the Courant apparently has taken the week off.

    Just when Sven thought he had shamed Dom into doing his job, Dom slides back into his old ways again.

    Don’t look for a Christmas tip from the Svenson’s this year, Dom. It’s bad enough that you can’t seem to throw the paper on the driveway in your main job as a paperboy, and that the coffee tastes terrible and the lobby bathrooms are filthy, but even worse, as a writer Sven’s much more prolific than you are.

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