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UConn vs. Cincy; Notes, Quotes, Thoughts From Practice

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STORRS – Here are some notes and quotes from UConn’s post-practice interview opportunities Friday. Looks again like everyone is healthy going in.

And, just passing it along, there are tickets available for UConn-Cincinnati, which statrs at noon at XL. …

Kevin Ollie was pretty hoarse, but he gave us a few minutes. Here are some of his thoughts:  

 “Experience is key. We’ve got some veteran guys and that experience plays a part, but at the end of the day this game is going to come down to rebounding and who wants it most.

You know we’re going to have droughts scoring, and they’re going to have droughts. Who can sustain it. It’s not going to be a 90-point game, we know that. During those droughts, can you stop the  other team? Can you rebound? Hopefully we can stay solid. Last game we just couldn’t get over that hump.

On a littlle playing zone

“Just something to get them out of rhythm. I know they didn’t scout it. Just give the opponent something to scout again.

“… When you get in conference play, everybody knows what you’re running, you’re going to have to go to third and fourth options. Seniors and juniors pretty much know your system, they’re not  running around guessing. That’s a luxury we have with one of the best point guards in the nation, we got him. And he knows exactly what I want each and every play. I can draw a play up and he runs it perfectly, and if guys mess up he gets them in the right place.

On seniors

Tyler [Olander] hadn’t played significant minutes since I don’t know when, but he played 21 minutes, set great screens. Niels [Giffey]  is my rock, you how much I love him, how much unselfishness he’s got.

The importance of this game

We need to win. We’ve got our own struggles to deal with. We’re not worrying about the Continue reading

(Update) UConn vs. Harvard: Setting Things Up at Gampel …

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STORRS – Looking live at Gampel Pavilion, about an hour before UConn vs. Harvard. Both teams are on the court, in the layup line with about 20 minutes awaty from  the start.

Setting things up on a cold night,. …

Harvard’s top scorer, Wesley Saunders, won’t play tonight. He has a knee sprain, since Harvard’s tournament chances depend on winning the Ivy League, those games are more important than this one, despite the RPI implications.

The Crimson (13-1) have some depth, but Saunders (15.7 ppg) is a key cog  in their offense.

UConn’s lineup: Lasan Kromah replaces Niels Giffey. Tyler Olander, DeAndre Daniels, Ryan Boatright and Shabazz Napier join Kromah in the lineup, which is Kevin Ollie’s fifth different lineup in six games. UConn originally tweeted Amida Brimah back in the lineup, but Olander is getting  his second start in a row at that spot.

Officials for tonight: Jim Burr, Jeff Clark and Matt Potter.

Rodney Purvis, who had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago, is sitting on the bench, no sling.

The Pelicans, Wizards and Blazers have seats reserved for scouts here tonight.

UConn is not expecting a sellout, with students not on campus until Jan. 20.

Follow along with me (@AmoreCourant) and  Jeff Jacobs (@JacobsCourant) on Twitter.

Rodney Purvis Surgery, Notes and Quotes From Gampel

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STORRS – Some notes, quotes from Tuesday’s practice. …

Rodney Purvis’ shoulder surgery was deemed successful. Now he’ll need four months or so of rehab, the left shoulder must be stabilized.

“It kept popping out,” coach Kevin Ollie said, “… and he’d pop it back in [place] and go back out there.”

But a tear in  the labrum developed, and it was decided that Purvis would have the surgery now to repair the tear and stabilize the shoulder joint. Ollie hopes he’ll be ready to work with coaches in four months.


Omar Calhoun twisted an ankle and sat out the last part of practice, but Ollie, noting “he’s from Brooklyn,” expects he will be able to play vs. Stanford.


In 2011, Ryan Boatright and Stanford’s Chasson Randle shared Illinois’ Mr. Basketball honors. Will  the tie be broken?

“I’m mature enough not to think about things like that,” Boatright said.



Stanford has been practicing at St. Joseph College since arriving in Connecticut. Coach Johnny Dawkins, like all other opponents, is impressed with Boatright and Shabazz Napier. “I’ve seen a lot of teams,” he said, by phone this week. “But I haven’t seen a pair of guards any better than those two.”


More on the UConn-Stanford game will be up on our main website as the night goes along. Travel home safely.

Rodney Purvis To Have Shoulder Surgery Tuesday …

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Rodney Purvis will have surgery Tuesday to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder, UConn announced.

Purvis, the transfer from NC State, cannot play this season for UConn. He has been bothered by shoulder discomfort since high school, and this arthroscopic surgery will repair a tear, and also stabilize the shoulder. The rehab period is four to five months, so it is not expected to limit his availability to play by November 2014.

This season, Purvis had been a valuable addition to the Huskies in practice, pushing UConn’s current guards. But it makes sense to have this surgery done now, obviously. If all goes well, he will be healthy by spring and have a full off-season to prepare for next season.

UConn vs. Maryland: Setting Things Up at Barclays Center …

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NEW YORK – We’re minutes away from the start of the season at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. A few notes to start you off …

UConn’s starters are Shabazz Napier, Ryan Boatright, Omar Calhoun at guard, DeAndre Daniels at forward and Phil Nolan at center. This was the lineup  that started the second half against Concordia.

For Maryland, Dez Wells, Nick Faust, Jake Layman, Shaquille Cleare and Evan Smotrycz, no surprises there.

This is technically a home game for the Terps, who have a multi-year agreement to play games here at Barclays Center. The place looks about 75-80 percent full.

Daniel Hamilton, one of the Huskies top 2014 recruits, is expected here to watch the game. Have not seen him as yet.

Rodney Purvis, who must travel to home games on his own, has done just that and is in the stands.

Warde Manuel and other UConn athletic execs plan to leave here immediately after the game and get back to East Hartford for the end of the football game. They will ride from here to Teeterboro airport in New Jersey and fly to Brainard. Getting to Jersey from here will be the toughest part of that journey – if they make it, this observer will be impressed.

… Wonderful video on Ryan Boatright, produced by UConn, is out today. See it here.

Rosters For UConn’s First Night Co-Ed Scrimmage

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The UConn men’s and women’s teams will split up on First Night, to form co-ed teams coached by Kevin Ollie and Geno Auriemma. Should be a lot of fun, next Friday (Oct. 18). The doors at Gampel open at 6 p.m..

Here are the rosters:

Geno Auriemma’s team

Omar Calhoun

Saniya Chong

DeAndre Daniels

Niels Giffey

Bria Hartley

Brendan Lenehan

Shabazz Napier

Phillip Nolan

Briana Pulido

Terrence Samuel

Breanna Stewart

Kiah Stokes

Tor Watts


 Kevin Ollie’s team:

Brianna Banks

Ryan Boatright

Amidah Brimah

Stefanie Dolson

Kentan Facey

Moriah Jefferson

Lasan Kromah

Tierney Lawlor

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis

Tyler Olander

Rodney Purvis

Leon Tolksdorf

Morgan Tuck


Kevin Ollie: The Overachiever [Conn Magazine] … Other notes, quotes

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My friend Terese Karmel, a professor of journalism at UConn, has written an in-depth profile of Kevin Ollie for Connecticut Magazine. (and my bad on the headline that was previously on this post)

Terese describes Ollie’s long career as a player, and his promising career as coach in the piece,

Kevin Ollie, The Overachiever. See it here.


A couple of other things that might interest you …

Our coverage of Sam Cassell Jr.’s decision to come to UConn, from the main website and the Thursday Courant.


Couple of recruiting notes: Forward Devin Robinson is not coming to visit UConn this month, I’m told. It Continue reading

Wrapping It Up From Gampel: Results, Video From The Husky Run

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Derek Lockwood, a grad student in physical therapy at UConn, won the 3.4-mile Husky run with a blistering 17:40.3. Lockwood, who graduated from UMass, looked like he was just getting warmed up as he raced across the finish line.

Here are the players’ times:

1. DeAndre Daniels, 19:52; 2. Pat Lenehan, 19:52.5; 3. Ryan Boatright, 20:28;4. Kentan Facey; 20:52; 5. Niels Giffey, 20:53; 6. Leon Tolksdorf, 21:00; 7. Amida Brimah, 21:35; 8. Alex Enos, 22:55
9. Terrence Samuel, 23:14; 10. Phil Nolan, 24:53; 11. Lasan Kromah, 25:02; 12. Tor Watts, 26:19; 13. Rodney Purvis, 29:36.

Here are some great pics of the day from our Stephen Dunn.

Here is some video I shot, some thoughts from Kevin Ollie. And some video of Shabazz Napier.

The final version of the day’s events, notes and quotes will be on our website Wedneday night, and in the Thursday Courant. Here is a blog post from earlier today.

Colleague Chris Keating is in Trenton, covering the Tate George trial, here is the latest. Tate testified Wednesday.




Bonzie Colson, R.I. Player of Year, Takes Unofficial Visit .. Calhoun Honored At Franciscan Life Dinner

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Back from Virginia and the NCAA baseball tournament. Here are some notes from UConn basketball …

Bonzie Colson Jr., a power forward from New Bedford Mass and St. Andrew’s School in Rhode Island, took and unofficial visit to UConn today, and also visited Rhode Island, where his father played and was captain of the Rams. (Colson tweeted this a few hours ago.)

Not sure where UConn’s interest is at this point, but the Huskies staff, after landing transfer guard Rodney Purvis and swing man Daniel Hamilton last month, has been targeting a number Class of ‘14 power forwards.

Colson is 6-foot-6, 195 pounds, and his recruitment seems wide open, bigger name schools beginning to get involved. He averaged 16.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 6.8 blocks for St. Andrew’s, and he was the Gatorade Player of the Year in Rhode Island. ESPN ranks him 81st.

Former coach Jim Calhoun was honored with a special tribute at the annual Franciscan Life Center banquet Continue reading

Rodney Purvis Gets USA Basketball Invite To Try Out For U19 Team

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Rodney Purvis will not be able to play for UConn for another year and a half. But he will have a chance to play some competitive basketball. He has accepted an invitation to attend the training camp for Team USA Under-19 as it preps for the World Championships.

Purvis, from Raleigh, N.C., will be one of 24 top players from around the country vying for 12 spots when camp begins in Colorado Springs on June 14. The 12 will be selected by June 19, and train in Washington, D.C. through June 22. The FIBA World Championships will be played in Prague, Czech Republic from June 27 to July 7.

Purvis, the 6-4 guard, was a McDonald’s All-American who chose NC State over UConn in the summer of Continue reading