Cincinnati 61, UConn 56: Kevin Ollie’s Take

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CINCINNATI – Some  highlights of Kevin Ollie’s remarks following UConn’s loss at Cincinnati:

“Tough game, we played hard, played aggressive. I like the fight in our team. We’ve just got to get through this. It’ has been a difficult two games but I can’t question their heart, I can’t question their fight.

“I don’t really want to talk about Shabazz [Napier]. These guys played hard. Shabazz is going to get back, get back healthy . They played hard, we had 18 or 19 turnovers against Georgetown, we had 15 tonight. I mean, the guys played hard, these guys put us in a situation to win. Shabazz is going to get back and he’s going to get back healthy  and fight for us, hopefully, over these last two  games and if not, everbody’s  got to keep stepping up.

“Yes, [Phil Nolan] did step up. That’s what I want to talk about, he stepped up, he played well, got several rebound, played with energy. I had to get on him in the first half, he took the challenge like man and he played very well for us. He’s going to be a great player for us in our program.”

[Nolan] got a hell of a rebound. He couldn’t make free throw, but he isn’t the last guy who is going to miss a free throw, or make a free throw. I wanted him to keep his head up, because I knew we were still going to be in the game. I didn’t want him to get discouraged because that was a big time rebound at the end of the game


[Giffey] dislocated [his right index finger], put it back in place. I don’t know if it’s a break or not, hopefullly he’s ready next game, also. (note, X-Rays showed a fracture.)

On the inbounds play: “They had a big center on it and tried to throw it over the top. We’d been trying to get it over the top most of the game, but he got a hand on it and came up short. Not R.J. [Evan’s] fault, they just had a big guy on it. “They’ been playing us the whole game like that and we’d been getting passes over to Ryan [Boatright] at top of the key Trying to run same play but they got a piece of it.”

“I thought it was goal-tending [on Boatright], they thought it was different. Let’s go on to the next play. I wanted three ponts, I wanted the bucket and one free throw. They saw it other way. So be it.”

[Napier] was a game time decision. We went down there [to the locker room] and he couldn’t play. We were prepared for it, anyway, the last practice without him. The guys that played the game played well. You can’t fill in the slack for Shabazz, he is one the best p layers in the Big East, you’ve got to play your game.

“We just played with heart. I keep telling you, I we play with toughness, play physical, rebound, we’re going to be in the game, and that’s what they did. We’re not the prettiest team in America, we’re not going to make every shot, but we’re going to play defense, play with heart . I don’t care who is out there, a walk-on could be out there, as long as they’re playing with toughness we’re going to be there. That’s who I want to coach, best attitude team in America is in there. So nobody filled in for Shabazz, they just played with heart. That’s what I want to coach.


The comeback was just playing with energy, getting stops, got out on three point line [to defend], Boatright started penetrating, making plays, got on the free throw line 14, 15 times. Great job by him. We had a tough night with Tyler [Olander], Omar didn’t have his stellar game.  DeAndre [Daniels] played well, we played good defense. We couldn’t shoot well, they couldn’t shoot well, we had an opportunity at the end of the game, we just didn’t execute.”

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13 thoughts on “Cincinnati 61, UConn 56: Kevin Ollie’s Take

  1. Mike McManus

    I’m proud of the team…they played hard despite being w/o their leader and top scorer. I’m sure that Boatright was dead tired, but he still tries to do too much too often. He must see the double-teams coming at him, everybody else does, but he continues ahead and gets trapped and then coughs up the ball. It happens much too often just like it did on the last possession. This game was winnable but the last two turnovers killed them. KO tried to not blame Evans but in reality, he should have inbound the ball to the back court where Boatright was located…just a poor decision. Still, kudos for a great effort.

  2. Rev Kevin R Loughran

    Totally agree with Mike’s comments – just a great effort, couldn’t be prouder. I think that Ryan will learn lots from this season and it’s great to see DeAndre start to realize his potential. This team will be a tough out next season.

    According to the announcers on ESPN 3 the officials admitted that they were in error over the non-goaltending call – it was bad, really bad – that’s two incredibly bad calls against UConn this season in games involving teams that needed to beat them for tournament status – just saying.

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    KO lets another slip away. Looks like Cincinnati will rule the conference after all the good teams leave us.

  4. ray-ray


    1. Pete

      This is the problem with “fans” like you, you want to blame with knowing any facts. I guess you feel foolish this morning about your Giffey comment once you learned he dislocated and fracture a finger. Which is why he wasn’t playing! Oh BTW, Omar’s wrist is hurting, has been for 10 days.

  5. masnalpak

    to all you fans and fannies who love to bash a team that has gone above and beyond – kudos to KO!!, me thinks it’s time for you to leave the Big East as well and you won’t even be assessed an exit fee. Just go!!

  6. Gus

    For so long I think we all wondered what was going to happen to UCONN basketball after Calhoun retired?

    But now I think we know…and couldn’t be more proud of Kevin Ollie as our coach…he has really made this season one of my favorite because we have had nothing to play for and still come out fighting every game.

    Thanks coach Ollie…thanks for coming back to UCONN !!

  7. Bob H

    It’s time to dock the BOAT.Two games in a row-he has lost his cool at the end.He should watch and learn from Shabazz.

  8. ray-ray

    let me know which statement hadno what giffey had a fractured finger,they had no problem playing bazz with one ankle?this was a poor ball handling team all year—–it cost them games—-ollie did a great job with what he had.if you dont think thats accurate,you dont know shit about basketball.

    1. UCONNFB

      With each new post you demonstrate greater stupidity; then when you are called out for your obvious ignorance you back pedal like the spineless fool your posts show you to be.

    1. UCONNFB

      HaHaHa…..Phoney tough guy hiding behind a fake name he posts with. Better not let your mother see this bad language, she may wash your mouth out with the strong soap.
      When you finally grow up enough that you have your first facial hair maybe you will want to try that bad language man to man. I am easy to find. At every Uconn home game. Happy to meet you Sat at Gampel.

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