ESPN’s Seth Greenberg on Kevin Ollie’s Performance

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BRISTOL – Spent the day Thursday in ESPN’s NCAA Tournment “War Room” talking basketball with its analysts for a story to come in The Courant.

Seth Greenberg, former Long Beach State, South Florida and Virginia Tech coach, was most impressed with, and effusive about UConn’s Kevin Ollie, saying he should be in the conversation for national coach of the year:

“There’s no manual for the situation he came in to,” Greenberg said. “He’s replacing a legend [Jim Calhoun], and he has the legend sitting there every game. He handled it with so much grace.

“… I watched a practice. He didn’t run a good practice – he ran a great practice, the attention to detail. But it’s not just the X’s and O’s, it’s how hard you get the kids to play for you. No postseason to play for, and they played hard for him all the way through, they played for pride in the university because they saw his pride in the university. He was able to get his love, his passion, his pride across to them.

“What stood out for me was after they beat Syracuse, and he was being interviewed, and Shabazz Napier was next to him, and [Ryan] Boatright, I think, and then the whole team was there, standing behind their coach. That was vivid to me. Vivid. As a coach, that’s what you want is for your team to be behind you. I don’t think I’d ever seen that before in a regular season game. But he has a love affair with UConn, and everyone who plays for him is going to have a love affair.

“And don’t forget, he had a staff of [former] head coaches, and yet HE was the head coach. That’s not easy, either. Impressive. … Impressive.”

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33 thoughts on “ESPN’s Seth Greenberg on Kevin Ollie’s Performance

      1. Hip Hop Halfwit

        Get back to class, Hip Hop! Time to repeat 8th grade for the 15th time.

  1. fishpaw31

    Kevin’s THE BEST!!!
    I know this is not the place for this, but I can’t help it: it was great to see that Mass Casualty Oriakhi & his Mizzou Tigers get bounced from the Big Dance last night in the FIRST ROUND! This after going nowhere in the SEC tournament. Hope you enjoyed your post-season, AO!

    1. revkev

      I have to admit that I wondering whether or not Alex would have prefered being at UConn or Mizzou this year – his numbers were no different from last season really. I have no issue with him but am wondering what his Dad who was so vocal here in his criticism of Jim Calhoun is thinking.

      Certainly Alex was force inside in the championship run but he would always seem to come and go.

      I continue to wish him well.

    2. ProudDad

      I have to admit that it felt good to see both Mizzou and UNLV go out in the first round. AO went from the opportunity to be with a coach that does more with less to one that does less with more than anywhere else in the country. I’ve always felt it was a baffling hire to begin with at Mizzou. You plug a real coach in Miami (Larannaga) and look what happened. On another note, Thompson may be coach of the year in the BE – but he is a terrible tournament coach, losing to double-digit seeds every single year. I feel fortunate to have KO.

      1. Hip Hop Hood

        So you’re happier with a coach that can’t get is into the NCAA tournament?

        1. ProudDad

          Yep. I’m much happier with a coach that instills a work ethic and passion for the game (despite the post-season ban) then one that can’t perform under tough circumstances.

  2. Hip Hop Hood

    Another of KO’s players arrested. Way to go KO. You’re a total and complete embarrassment to UCONN, its fans, and its alumni.

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    By the way, if KO is such a great coach then why didn’t his team make the NCAA tourney or even the NIT?His failure to get the team into the post-season speaks for itself.

    1. fishpaw31

      You can’t be serious! You don’t know what you are talking about! Your statement makes ZERO SENSE to those of us (every one who follows Div.I college basketball) who know the facts. If you knew the facts you would know Kevin Ollie had nothing to do with getting or not getting his team into the post-season this year.

      1. Hip Hop Hood

        It must be amazing to have a job like KO where there is no accountability and no goals for him to reach to get paid.

      1. dmize

        It should be obvious by now that this guy is a complete troll, a bad one at that.

  4. Hip Hop Hood

    Today’s going to be a long one. I’ll probably be posting on blogs for 14 straight hours! Mom’s visiting her sister, so I have the computer to myself. Plus, she won’t wake me up in the basement by walking so loud on the floor. Boy, she’s annoying. Going to pop some zits then go talk trash on Duke and Syracuse blogs. Wish me luck!

    1. Hip Hop Hood

      I feel bad that KO wasn’t able to get us into the NCAA tourney. Why does he still have a job? When did we start reward failure?

  5. buddy

    G’Town and Pitt get bounced in first round. Those two conspired and succeeded in destroying the BE by voting against the ESPN initial offer. Nova too! Their representative voted against UConn in the APR fiasco. Karma, Karma, Karma.

  6. Ghost of Antric Klaiber

    I must admit I am having a bit of schadenfreude in celebrating the finality of BOTH of the Tilton Two’s careers. A.O., I felt no ill will toward you (just toward your crybaby dad) for bailing on us UNTIL you blamed calhoun for all of your basketball shortcomings in that Jeff Goodman piece last fall. Now I can’t stand you and hope you enjoy your short career in Sweden. What a waste of an NBA-ready body. Coward in the paint. Two rebounds last night. Sums up his college career. Oh, that other finality.. heading back to Dorchester, baby! JCM gets busted in Brooklyn last week with a half dozen fatties in his car’s cup holder. Never played a game at Hofstra this year. No wonder Coach Mo was $^!tcanned today. Good riddance.

  7. dave

    Ollie’s coaching job at the Providence game was the best I have ever seen. ON paper there was no way for five healthy scholarship players plus Napier on one leg to beat a talented and motivated team. JC at his hall of fame best could not have pulled that off nor could any other active coach including Mike K or Jim B. a friend talked me into going and it was better than seeing UCONN win a final four live. JC ha given us one last great gift after countless great teams and championships so let’s enjoy his gift for as long as KO is ours. he is clearly so good that the NBA will some day reach out for him. Show him the love he deserves and perhaps we can keep him for decades. Please also ignore he who shall not be named who continues to act as the troll on this blog and who will not slither away until we all agree to ignore him.

    1. Hip Hop Hood

      Wow, it doesn’t take much to make us happy. Expectations have really dropped since we were left in a second rate conference.

      1. The Soul of Soulemane

        You need to never use “we” to refer to UConn ever again. You’ve made it perfectly clear you are the opposite of a fan. Take a seat under your bridge, troll

    2. Bruno

      Great post Dave, thank you. As KO starts bringing in his own recruits and rebuilds the roster, I see many Top-10 finishes, no matter the conference.

  8. Tom Bean

    Hip Hop should/must be ignored. He throws out poison and the least intelligent posts. Thank you Hip Hop for providing direct laughs at your posts.

  9. Adam

    Welcome to Olliewood! Definitely should be National COY. Very exciting times ahead for UConn basketball. The excellence continues! Go Dahgs!

  10. steve

    i’ve been a husky fan since the yankee conference, tony hanson, al weston, joey whelton… the impending change, the end of the calhoun era, has always loomed large, a proverbial sword of damoclese. kevin ollie has proved to be a great head coach and i’m relieved. now, he has to be able to recruit the way calhoun did. remember the team with LA, Israel, Penn.? nationwide, even worldwide.

    i had wondered about stevens, smart, all the trendy tournament overachievers. now, i’m all in on ollie!

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