Georgetown 79, UConn 78 in Double OT: Kevin Ollie’s Take

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STORRS – Highlights from Kevin Ollie’s remarks, following UConn’s double OT loss to G’town:

“I thought I had seen it all, but I guess I haven’t.  Just a great effort from both teams.  Georgetown stayed with what they were running.  The first half was not good basketball for both sides, offensively, but I think we gave everybody in the building a great game in the second half and those two overtimes.”

“In overtime, we had some crucial shots, but we just didn’t take away the three when we were up seven. Then [on Porter’s shot] We just didn’t cut him off.  We let him get all the way to the lane.”

“[Ryan Boatright’s last shot] … We weren’t looking for that shot, but Otto Porter got to the rim with seven seconds on the clock….Ryan got the ball.  You try to push it and get to the rim, see if we can get an offensive rebound, see if we can get a kick-out.  They played good defense, they bottled him up in the corner and he just had to make the play.” 

“I’m very proud of my guys.  They fought….Down 12, they just kept battling, kept fighting, showed character, showed perseverance and showed heart.  And that’s what our team is all about.  Our team is all about heart.  You can say we’re small, we don’t rebound.  You can write whatever you want to.  But I hope you all write that we’ve got heart….I will go to battle with them any day.  All of them, including the walk-ons. “

“The crowd was terrific once again.  They kept giving us energy when we felt like we were dead in the water.  Energy, energy, they kept giving it to us.  Love them.  Wish we could have pulled it out for them.”

“Everything happens for a reason, and this reason is teaching us another life lesson through this book that we’re writing.  Another chapter.  We’re going to go to Cincinnati and we’re going to play with heart up there.”

“Adversity is the intersection between character and opportunity.  This team has character and we had a great opportunity.” 

“DeAndre [Daniels] had a great game.  Our first double double of the year….He was everywhere.  He played like we know he can.  He fought.  He took the challenge of Otto Porter and he passed it.  Now, again, it’s not one game.  Now let’s do it the last three games, and you come back next year and do it again…He did a phenomenal job rebounding, blocking shots, diving on the floor, playing with the attitude we want to see him play with.  He fought tonight, and I’m very, very proud of him….Now we’ve got to see it consistently, and it has got to be a ‘must.’  It can’t be a ‘should.’ Because we know what he can do.”

“[Shabazz] played well. I don’t know what’s going on with the foot, I’m going to talk to James [Doran] after this press conference is over. Hopefully he didn’t aggravate it too bad, and he can play. We have a great training staff, and I know ‘Bazz, how disciplined he is, he’s going to do his treatment and do his best to be out there Saturday in Cincinnati.”


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6 thoughts on “Georgetown 79, UConn 78 in Double OT: Kevin Ollie’s Take

  1. ray

    I love this team. They have given us so much enjoment this year.

    It did sting to lose the way we did. My only wish we would not wait until there is 10 seconds left on the shot clcok to do something. Kemba is long gone.

    1. MY Uconn

      This team was susposed to be an also ran. Now look at them, the games lost this year Uconn was in all of them.
      Congratulations to every member of this team.And expecially Kevin Ollie, wonderful, just wonderful.

      1. Dribbles

        Coach KO is King! What he has led this team to accomplish is almost beyond belief. Wonder if Ward yet realizes what he almost lost.

  2. ray-ray

    ollie and guys like giffey,bazz,calhoun and daniels deserved better.nolan will get better.olander is a 6-9 waste of a scholarship.boatright should take his driveway game to sri lanka next year.he stinks.

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    This Georgetown win was so easy to call. As usual, Calhoun is overrated and Boat blew the game.

  4. Hip Hop Hood

    ESPN just posed an article that says the Catholic 7 will get the Big East name. Also, the basketball portion of the TV contract will decrease significantly because all the good schools are leaving.

    The good news never stops!!!!

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