How The Huskies Fared Against Tournament Teams

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This will be in the Monday Courant, but here is a look at how UConn did against teams that made the NCAA Tournament. The Huskies were 5-8 against tournament teams, including one win and two losses in overtime. Just about all the  games were close.



Vs. Michigan State (No. 3 Midwest). – UConn won 66-62 on Nov. 9 at Ramstein Air Base.

Vs. New Mexico (No. 3 West) – UConn lost 66-60 on Nov. 19 in Virgin Islands

Vs. North Carolina State (No. 8, East) – UConn lost, 69-65, at Madison Square Garden Dec. 4

Vs. Harvard (No. 14, West) – UConn won 57-49 at Gampel Pavilion Dec. 7

Vs. Marquette (No. 3, East) 0 UConn lost 82-76 (OT) in Milwaukee Jan. 1

Vs. Notre Dame (No. 7, West) – UConn won, 65-58 at South Bend Jan. 12

Vs. Louisville (No.1 Midwest) – UConn lost, 73-58, at XL Center Jan. 14

Vs. Pittsburgh (No,. 8, West) – UConn lost, 69-61, in Pittsburgh Jan. 19

Vs. Syracuse (No. 4, South) – UConn won 66-58 at XL Center, Feb. 13

Vs. Villanova (No. 9, South) – UConn lost 70-61 at XL Center Feb. 16

Vs. Cincinnati (No. 10 Midwest) – UConn won 73-66 (OT) at XL Center Feb. 21, UConn loss 61-56 in Cincinnati March 2.

Vs. Georgetown (No. 2, South) – UConn lost, 79-78 (2 OT) at Gampel Feb. 27.

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16 thoughts on “How The Huskies Fared Against Tournament Teams

  1. Kenny

    Too bad Calhoun got us banned for the tournament this year. We really could have gone far, maybe even winning naother championship.

    1. revkev

      Highly unlikely we were making the Sweet 16 with the injuries we had much less the National Championship and once and for all the last I checked Jim Calhoun wasnt’ the one failing the tests or not completing the class work. Does he get a share in the blame – you bet – but ultimately isn’t an adult who is a student and not doing his work more than somewhat to blame?

    2. Chris

      Kenny, Calhoun did not get UConn banned from the tournament. UConn’s academic short comings were a result of poor oversight by the institution, and yes Calhoun did play a role. Keep in mind that UConn has had a number of players leave early for the NBA and the school takes a hit for that. The NCAA APR system has flaws. Syracuse’s coach Boheim spoke about this recently.

    3. Stephen

      Yah….. Too bad Jim Calhoun won us 3 National Championships. You are an idiot. Without Jim Calhoun UConn wouldn’t be where they are today. People like you shouldn’t call your self a UConn Fan.

  2. Al

    It also should be noted that UConn got in trouble with the APR because for some reason they don’t follow other schools and actually are honest with NCAA.

    I am still wondering how Southerland from Cuse was ruled academically ineligible after the 1st semester but then before new grades were out for 2nd semester he was magically ruled eligible again. Were grades changed to make this happen?

    Also any system that views Kentucky basketball as a solid academic program is flawed to begin with. They have numerous guys leave early for the NBA every year but somehow have a good A.cademic P.rogress R.ate.

    Just doesn’t add up to me. Also don’t get me started on the fact the NCAA has 3 sets of rules for APR depending on your school and how they also approved a smaller schools waiver but not UConn’s even though we were in the exact same situation as them.

  3. Al

    FYI….Mark Emmert(head of NCAA) worked at UConn for 5 years and rumors are the seperation was not smooth.

    Puts the NCAA witch hunt of UConn and Jim Calhoun into a little more perspective.

  4. UCONN Pete

    Keep the excuses coming – they are hilarious.

    We need to admit that Calhoun is a loser and acheater then move on to make sure it won’t happen again. Make excuses to cover up for Calhoun just makes us look pathetic.

    1. Chris

      UConn-Pete, Your comments are unfair and nasty. There’s not one constructive thought in the whole rant. The tone of your comment suggest you simply don’t like Calhoun.

    2. UConn Peter

      UConn Pete-without Jim Calhoun we woud be getting the press of a U of H, UMASS, URI, Quinnipiac or Fairfield. You are extremely shortsighted if you believe that Calhoun was more of a detriment than an incredible benefit to the BB program and the University as a whole.
      Please change your name-it is embarrassing.

  5. Hip Hop Hood

    Why are the Calhoun apologist coming here to defend the bum that got up put on probation? Calhoun should be banned from campus and from all UCONN games for the rest of his life.

  6. B

    These guys are clearly trolls. The APR is a flawed system, and so is the NCAA. Anyone that reads about it’s institution would know. No UCONN fan would give back 3 championships for 1 banned year, let’s be real. Calhoun is a legend, and it all boils down to 1 unfortunate year ( 2009-2010) with several dubious transfers and absentee students (Mandledove)- all of which would have been reparable had it not been for the unreasonable implementation of the new APR guidelines. Calhoun isn’t a saint, but he built UCONN from the ground up and did his job with conscience and conviction, so have some respect. And, At least have the stones to say you root for the competition.


    Jim Calhoun accomplishes more in any given day then these two loser-idiots have ever done in their pitiful lives.
    Still living at home in your Mother’s basement. It’s ok to come upstairs and see the light of day once in a while.

  8. Hip Hop Hood

    Sorry everyone. I am Kenny and UConn Pete. I’m a real loser and live in my parent’s basement. I like to come on here and make comments just to be funny.

    1. LateTateGreat

      “the bum that got up put on probation”

      I see Hood has resorted to the drink to deal with his feelings about JC.

  9. Rlyon21

    The NCAA is just as corrupt and inept as Congress. Both hold and practice primary interests in favor of themselves and not their constituents. Pathetic organizations … The both of them.

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