Iowa State’s Coach ‘Sizes Up’ UConn

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Fred Hoiberg, the Iowa State coach, was available for a few minutes this morning on a Big 12 teleconference. He and his staff began watching UConn  games Sunday night, and he offered a few observations:

“Well, first of all, they’re huge,” Hoiberg said. “With [Alex] Oriakhi and [Andre] Drummond, it’s tough to score against them in the paint. And then you have Roscoe Smith at 6-foot-8 starting at the three. They’re the biggest, longest front court we’ll play all year. And then you have Lamb, who is an unbelievable talent. They’re playing their best basketball of the season right now.”

To counteract Iowa State’s perimeter game, UConn coach Jim Calhoun said he would be considering smaller lineups, which would mean Smith playing more at power forward, and perhaps more Niels Giffey minutes. But if the Huskies can get more consistent scoring inside, perhaps they could force Iowa State to adjust to them.


Hoiberg and UConn assistant Kevin Ollie were once teammates in the NBA. “He’s such a good person, he’s about all the right things,” Hoiberg said. “He got the most out of his ability. … He’s a friend and I’m proud to consider him a friend.”

We’re just getting started … going to be a big week.




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11 thoughts on “Iowa State’s Coach ‘Sizes Up’ UConn

  1. teo

    I am pretty sure that we’re just finishing — a pretty lousy season. Iowa State looks good and they’re filled with kids who are ready to play. We’re loaded with super talented kids a la 2006. And we’re not able to beat Providence.

    1. Clip Saunders

      God why don’t you go cry in your bedroom, why do you wake up in the morning? Just to ruminate on all the negativity you can come up with?

      Please stop rooting for UConn, don’t consider yourself a fan. The ‘fans’ who do nothing but constantly doubt and question the local team are so utterly pathetic. Rather than rain on anyone else’s parade, why dont you find something that you care about?

  2. Dex

    So, Teo…is your glass half empty or half full? I’m thinking the former! I think Coach said it best….all you can ask for is an opportunity and UConn has one (and that wasn’t always a sure thing in January and February)!

  3. Michael K

    I agree with Dex; what other choice can we have (IF we are Uconn fans) but to wish them well and have confidence their ability to beat Iowa State. They certainly should be prepared (for example, they know the Cyclones LOVE to shoot it from downtown) and I believe they will come mentally prepared and emotionally charged. I can’t imagine them NOT- if they lose, it’s see you next year! They have all the incentive in the world. The fact is the Huskies CAN beat the Cyclones. They have to play hard and play smart, but they can certainly win this game, so why should we do anything except urge them on to play with great teamwork, focus and determination? LET’S GO HUSKIES!

  4. mtnhawk53

    Time to take away the three for the first time this year. New season! Oh yea and time for the Nadav Henefeld press of old, let’s do some work Huskies, we have the horses go get it! Think Kentucky wants us or the Cyclones?

  5. ray

    Coaching from Knoxville!

    Shabazz, you are a great player. Do everything you do except do not ever think you are Kemba and can let the shot clock go under 10 seconds and go one on one or three.

    Jeremy, watch film of Rip Hamilton. He was “perpetual motion” out there utilizing great picks. I would rather see you do that and play a few less minutes than to play 40 and stand around. We need you to free yourself up. We need you to shoot.

    Andre, don’t be thinking about the Davis match-up against Kentucky. He is way ahead of you. Plus he can make foul shots. Worry about Iowa State, play hard defense and the rest will come.

    1. G in CT

      Ray you hit it on the head. Your advice plus some strong team rebounding and UConn can play with anybody in the country.

  6. ray-ray

    iowa state best bet is to make a run when ROSCOE(MY HEART PUMPS KOOL-AID)SMITH and TYLER(THANKS FOR THE FREE EDUCATION)OLANDER are in the game.

  7. KB

    What have they done so far this year to make any UConn fan think they will show up, they have no heart or passion, they just go thru the motions

  8. JD

    I would say this team didn’t even deserve an opportunity. They are living off that Florida St win..what else? WV at home, ND, SF on the road. That is about it.

    I’m about as passionate a UConn fan as you can be, but it’s hard for me to get behind this team at this point.

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