Jim Calhoun Interview on Sirius XM

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STORRS – Jim Calhoun spent his first day of retirement in or near his office at Gampel Pavilion, where he does a lot of his rehab work for the fractured hip. He’s still using crutches.

During the day, he did a radio interview with an old sparring partner, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo on SiriusXM. He gave Russo what is becoming a slogan for him – he needs to manage his shadow now that he is the former coach. Calhoun said the same thing to me as he walked out.

Here’s a full quote to The Dog:

           “I’ve got to watch my shadow.  I don’t want, necessarily, the first exhibition game to be

            seen down at courtside, having everybody look if the team’s not particularly playing well.

             “No, I don’t need that.  But, in turn, I’m going to be there for my players because I recruited

              all these kids.  I’m going to be there for Kevin [Ollie].  I’m going to be there for our staff

             who I love.  …  I don’t want to rain on [Ollie’s] parade, I don’t want to cast a shadow at

             any point in time.”

Click here to download and listen to the entire interview, about 20 minutes.

I spent the day tracking Kevin Ollie’s first day on the job. Hope to get that story up on the main website soon.


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3 thoughts on “Jim Calhoun Interview on Sirius XM

  1. Mike McManus

    Don, my comment doesn’t necessarily relate to this blog, but why do all the articles including those by Jeff Jacobs, and even comments from the UCONN AD keep belaboring the point that Ollie has never been a head coach? So what? Robin Ventura was chosen as the White Sox Manager and he never had been a Manager…but his White Sox have been in 1st place most of this season. Jim Calhoun more than anyone must know what he’s doing….I’m worn down my the “talking heads.”

  2. Michael K

    Anyone read the Yahoo article by Les Carpenter on Coach Calhoun? It’s atrocious. He basically spends the entire article tearing him down. For the most part, he chooses to singles out the Nochimson/Nate Miles mess and uses it to throw Calhoun’s entire career and accomplishments. The coach never said he didn’t make some mistakes along the way, but my goodness. It doesn’t shock me coming from Yahoo, what with Dan “All Wet” Wetzel and Chris “Space” Chase and their heavy-handed and slanted editorializing, but it’s very, very sad nonetheless. That Carpenter and Yahoo would choose to paint such an ugly picture of a man who accomplished so much for the good of student athletes and a university is sickening. If you haven’t read the article, here is the link: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ncaab–jim-calhoun-s-conflicted-legacy-at-uconn-includes-plenty-of-wins–controversy.html

  3. Sven Svenson

    Sven’s not surprised by Yahoo’s take on Calhoun. They spent months grinding an axe on the phone calls and texts issues. An issue that the NCAA crucified UConn for and now has decided is just fine.

    Yahoo is irrelevant in the world. They are the company that managed to screw up being first to the market, they are the Friendster of tech companies. A place where bitter journalists and bad tech people go to die a slow death.

    Jim’s legacy is secure. 3 National Championships in the modern era of basketball guarenteed it.

    Sven loves all the focus on how much Jim hated to lose.

    We are UConn – Bad losers and even worse winners.

    And we sure did win a lot under Jim.

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