Jim Calhoun’s Center Stage Airs Dec. 25 at 3 p.m., Dec. 27 at Noon

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Guess who they’ve stuffed in your Christmas stocking? Jim Calhoun

All right, that’s a paraphrase from Mel Brooks’ “The Producers,” but it fits here. The former UConn coach is Michael Kay’s guest on the next Center Stage, the YES Network interview show, and it will premier on Christmas Day at 3 p.m.

If you miss it, it will be re-run on Dec, 27 at noon, and probably several more times after that.

I was at the taping of the show on Broadway on Dec. 3, though I was not allowed to tape or take notes, because they did not want the cameras to pan the audience and see me writing things down. But I blogged and wrote of it at the time. It was an entertaining show, the coach was very relaxed and in great form, and he recounts the story of his life which, as UConn fans well know, is an interesting one. If you’re a Husky fan, it’s a must-watch. Check your cable listings for YES’ channel on your system.

This, for instance, was his take on Kevin Ollie:

“Well, I think Kevin Ollie epitomized everything we wanted in a basketball player. You know, he had been a four-year starter, came from South Central L.A. He went on to have a fourteen-year NBA career, playing with ten different teams and had seventeen ten-day contracts. Now, you talk about a man with perseverance. He is also a man who understands the deal of life. And, so therefore, after being with me for two years, I felt Kevin was the right pick for UConn.”

Here is more from the YES website.




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7 thoughts on “Jim Calhoun’s Center Stage Airs Dec. 25 at 3 p.m., Dec. 27 at Noon

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    Did he answer questions about how he sold out UCONN and got us put on probation?

    1. Tom

      This isn’t a time for ignorant comments from a hater. It’s never a time for that. Why don’t you crawl back into your demented hole.

      UConn basketball was built and sustained by Jim Calhoun for 26 years. What have you done?

      1. Hip Hop Hood

        It took Calhoun just 3 years to completely destroy all of our sports programs. His team’s probation (and his big mouth) was the major reason why we are not in the ACC today.

        1. Tom

          You obviously know nothing about sports, coaching or UConn. Are you 8 years old?

          1. Hip Hop Hood

            If the players Calhoun recruited knew how to read, we wouldn’t be on probation now.

            And if we weren’t on probation, we’d be in the ACC.

            Thanks Calhoun – you ruined UCONN sports!

  2. Andy Rezen

    Ruined UConn sports? Get a life Hip Hop and stop being a troll.

    I for one am glad UConn didn’t end up in that stuck up snot nosed pansy conference known as the ACC.

    Jim Calhoun is a living sports legend who put UConn on the map and has seen fit that it stay there. Kevin Ollie is the real deal and a true and worthy successor. UConn will be lucky to keep him around for a few years and another national title. :)

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