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6 thoughts on “Replay: Thursday’s UConn Men’s Basketball Chat

  1. Eric

    How do things stand with recruits for next year? Any good big men looking to come to UConn?

  2. PSZ

    I don’t think that ANY coach in the country could have gotten more out of these players than Ollie has done. Can someone convince Boat that a good pass is better than dribbling between his legs?

    1. Mike McManus

      Agree with PSZ. I read through the chat and agree that we never would have had a great year w/o Boat and Bazz….but to be honest, they both have had too many turnovers at crucial times because they’re dribbling way too much and getting themselves stuck in double-teams in the corners. They are both experienced enough to know better, and they both have shown that they can be great passers, but they need to do more of it. They need to do a better job of distributing the ball to their team mates and become less selfish. Neither are NBA-ready and they both need to demonstrate that they can play the point and not just dribble & shoot.

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    ESPN just posed an article that says the Catholic 7 will get the Big East name. Also, the basketball portion of the TV contract will decrease significantly because all the good schools are leaving.

    The good news never stops!!!!

  4. the1mrt

    Another game that became an L which should have been a W. Thank You Mr. Iright/Meright. A game that should have never been a second overtime. Daniels and Giffey all alone in the key and Iright/Meright wanted to be a hero! Agree with other comments about the dribble. To much show boating in the front court and then to the sidelines and picking up the dribble. Then here again if they got have the free throws they missed then there wouldn’t have been an OT to begin with. Calhoun didn’t seem to get too many touches thanks to I/Meright. Glad the season is nearly over and tired of the I/Meright show!

    1. say what?!?

      what the h$ll are you talking aobut? iright? meright? you are a dope. yeah it would have been great if he had seen and been able to make a pass to daniels, but he didn’t. relax, jerk. the team is 100% beter than last yearswith 50 of the talent.

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