Kevin Ollie On Enosch Wolf’s Future, Tyler Olander’s Arrest

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STORRS – Enosch Wolf’s future with the UConn men’s basketball team is still uncertain, though coach Kevin Ollie was a little more willing to talk about Wolf than he has been since his arrest on Feb. 11. And he spoke about Tyler Olander’s misadventures in Florida.

On Wolf, who is still suspended indefinitely from  the team:

“He is getting treatment for the problems he is dealing with,” Ollie said, following the groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday. “He has been doing an exception job of getting studies done, bringing his [grade-point average] up. We are all monitoring his progress, the president’s office, community standards and the AD, so it is not just my decision [whether he returns].”

Wolf, the 7-foot-1 junior from Germany, was having his best season at UConn before his arrest. Early in the morning of Feb. 11 he was arrested and charged with third-degree burglary, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct after campus police arrived at the apartment of a female student Wolf had been dating. According to the police report, Wolf grabbed the victims hair and slapper her, knocking her glasses off.

Wolf’s case was referred to family relations, a department within Rockville Superior Court, and ordered to begin its domestic violence diversion program.  His next court date in April 24. If he completes the program and charges are dropped, he is then subject to the University’s review process.

“All the different [reports] I’ve been getting say he has been doing a tremendous job getting to his appointments on time, staying there and completing them, ” Ollie said, “and showing true maturity.”


Ollie expects a decision could come after the end of the spring semester.

Tyler Olander, meanwhile, was arrested in Florida during spring break at 2 a.m. on March 21 for trespassing, after he refused to leave a hotel when asked by security and the sheriff’s deputy. Olander could not produce the wrist band required for staying on the property. Olander had surgery to insert pins in his fractured left foot shortly after the season ended March 9, and it’s no secret that the coaches did not want him to go to Florida at all, so soon after surgery.

“You have concerns,” Ollie said. “I know he sat down with his parents – I’m not his parents, I’m his coach – and he made a decision that he wanted to go to spring break with some of his teammates. He made a bad decision [in Florida], and can make a bad decision here on the campus at Storrs.

“Unfortunately, he put himself in a bad situation and I think he has learned from it, grown from it and is going to be a better person from it.”

Olander was later accepted into a pre-trial diversionary program, which involves a fine, community service and passing an on-line test.

Ollie said Olander’s foot is healing as expected, according to the latest X-Rays.

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24 thoughts on “Kevin Ollie On Enosch Wolf’s Future, Tyler Olander’s Arrest

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    KO is really being a bad influence on these kids. As much as a scumbag as Calhoun is, he managed to keep his kids clean (or at least cover up their transgressions).

    1. Sam Lang

      Either that’s bad sarcasm or you’re a moron.

      I love Calhoun, but ever hear of Ben Gordon, Doug Wrenn, Doug Wiggins, or Jamal Coombs-McDaniel?

        1. Sam Lang

          ……and I should probably have read below to see that you’re just trolling.

          Walked right into that one.

    2. Donald Wilson

      That’s a bad, very bad statement to make these are grown men. Their decision making is what is in question not KO coaching or leadership. These player are not confinded to campus, they don’t live in isolated dorms. These are college students and they make mistakes.

  2. ray-ray

    i know olander ddnt get arrestd for assault.if he threw a punchtheres a great chance he didnt connect

  3. sandman

    Hip Hop, you’re such a d—-bag that it’s almost laughable that a troll, a hater, a scumbag like you, is allowed to express an opinion on any forum, let alone this collum, is indeed a sign that ther really is free speach in America. I so wish you lived in Cuba! You and Fidel could share a cuddly moment together…

    1. Hip Hop Hood

      Dude, I just say stuff to get a reacton. If I had any real insight you think I’d be wasting it on this board? I’d go on twitter and have mre than the five followers I currently have (which includes my momm).

  4. Maximum

    @Hoody boy, How soon we forget the lap top incident on Calhoun’s watch..
    No coach can be held responsible for every transgression one of their players commits!

    1. Hip Hop Hood

      I stand corrected. Calhoun is just as big of a scumbag as KO. Thanks for setting the record straight.

  5. bahmi

    Special K lends a tremendous amount of maturity and understanding. Unlike Calhoun, Coach K says the “right things” at the right time. It’s why we are lucky to have him. Very lucky.

    1. UCONNFB

      Please don’t call our coach Special K. It makes it sound like he’s mentally disabled.

  6. Lynne

    Anyone who uses the on-line name “Hip-Hop” tells you all you need to know about the writer.

    There will always be UCONN-hating trolls who obtain some perverse satisfaction from posting venomous comments on the UCONN blogs. Pathetic…and unfortunately, they get some twisted “high” from comments that combat their hatred. But scumbags like this individual need to be vilified for their ignorance.

    Go troll elsewhere, you LOSER!!

  7. Marcus

    Hip Hop Hood is actually “Sally Dogs” and “Frankie Five Fingers” from yesteryear. Still boring as all hell.

    Anyway, I am not a fan of Enosch returning. You grab/slap a girl, you should leave school. But that’s not for us to decide, unfortunately.

    1. TZToronto

      I agree about the slapping part. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that no one should slap anyone. On the other hand, sometimes people react inappropriately. If you remember Ben Gordon’s slapping incident, I think the girl involved slapped him, too. That doesn’t make it right–especially when Gordon was probably much bigger than the girl–but things sometimes are not as clear-cut as they appear. Did Wolf actually slap this girl (perhaps he did), or was the slap inadvertent, meant to be something else? Regardless, he hit her in some way, which is inexcusable. He is doing what he’s been ordered to do, and I’m sure (except for HipHop) that we all hope that he is able to move forward happily in his life and career. If he returns to the team and has no more such incidents, I would have no problem with that. Olander? Well, he acted stupidly, not violently. He’ll be back, I’m sure, and maybe learn to use his size and skills constructively.

  8. Jax

    We really don’t need Wolf. Even Olander, doubt he will be much of a factor. I believe either Facey or Nolan will take his spot at the 5.

    1. Marcus

      I would think Olander still starts next year, and he’ll be in great shape because KO will have (hopefully) run his a## into the ground. Spring Break Ty needs to remember he’s not your every day drunky college kid in Panama City like most of us were.

      Nolan may even be ahead of Facey next year, either way, they’ll bring hops and speed off the bench at the 4-minute TV timeout. Olander, to his defense, showed glimpses of post moves this year, maybe the contrast to Nolan/Facey is a plus.

  9. Donald Wilson

    I go back to the 60’s and every Uconn coach has had problems with star players from Greer, Rowe, Perno, and Calhoun. So check your history.

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