Kevin Ollie On Jason Collins’ Revelation

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STORRS – Was up at Gampel today doing some interviews and had a chance to ask Kevin Ollie about Jason Collins’ revelation. On Monday Collins, 34, in a essay for Sports Illustrated, became the first active athlete in one of the major American team sports to reveal he is gay.

Ollie played 13 years in the NBA for 12 different teams; he and Collins both played for the Timberwolves during the  2008-09 season.

Ollie was supportive:

“I imagine it will impact other people’s decisions,” Ollie said, “if you have one person come out, it helps other people who might have a question in their mind – should I go out or should I cover it up? – to live their life and be who they are. You can’t live a double life. If this gives other athletes an opportunity to come out, I think that’s a good thing.  

 “… I have no idea [how it will be received in the NBA]. There’s probably going to be some resentment [at first], like with anything else. When Magic Johnson came out with the [HIV], people just didn’t know, there were people saying ‘I don’t want to play with Magic.’ But once everybody understood, once you got all the feedback, you got all the opinions out of the way and you really looked at him as a person, he became accepted. Hopefully this shall pass and we accept it as, ‘everybody has their right to their opinion and how they live their life.’”

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12 thoughts on “Kevin Ollie On Jason Collins’ Revelation

  1. YankeeI

    Here’s a thought. Do you reporters actually believe that the average sports fan cares if this guy sleeps with sheep? If you all would just ignore this garbage, the sensationalism of it would go away. Be real. These guys, as those in most other sports, sleep around like it was a simple trip to the bar for a drink. You are the one’s who make these people heroes. To most of us they are just a bunch of overpaid thugs whose job it is to entertain those of us born with little or no athletic ability. Most of the time they do it well. They are not heroes, role models or saints. You make them super human!

    1. Terry

      Bout it YankeeI. Hero, genius, role model, are the most abused words in the english dictionary. Particuarly in sports.

  2. Mike McManus

    Another anonymous blogger…and what is your name sir? What a hypocrite!


    Nothing wrong about being gay. I came out last year and told KO how much I loved him. KO said he loved me too.

    1. UconnFan

      The “thug” would never have made it into Stanford if he weren’t black.

  4. Matthew Craver

    Oh, and on what basis do you make such a statement, I wonder? You have access to Collins’ high school transcript, maybe? Or you personally processed his application to college, perhaps? Or maybe, just maybe, you see nothing beyond Collins’ race and orientation and make your own assumptions about his intelligence. No, I must be mistaken. No self-proclaimed fan would ever be so bigotted, would they?

  5. p. hofperson

    YankeeI, you are so wrong in your statements. You are making so many false assumptions, you are wasting your time on your computer. He is both a role model and a hero to admit to the public his sexual orientation. This may be a chance for others to take the opportunity to also feel free to express their own sexuality once they realize it’s not going to affect their careers. To you, not all of us, think of them as overpriced thugs, though we would like to earn their salary. They are not thugs, they are human beings earning a living doing what not many people can do.
    Uconnfan: if you don’t know the facts then leave your keyboard alone and don’t make statements you have no facts for. Leave your racist ideas at home.

    1. UconnFan

      Being gay doesn’t cover up the fact that he’s a lousy player – sort of like KO, including the gay part.

  6. Uconn grad 1972

    I have nothing against Jason or any other person, we are all sinners. But I do stand on the Bible either it is the Word of God or it is not and either the God of the Bible is sovereign or He is not. I do not understand it, and frankly the whole issue will be one of my questions when I get to heaven. But until then the Bible and the sovereignty of God are clear.

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