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… Spoke to someone with knowledge of Alex Oriakhi’s thinking in the search for a new school. He’s looking for a place that promises 30 minutes per game. (This, of course, would be hard to guarantee anywhere, especially at a power-conference school.)

The family is talking to Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio State, Missouri, Southern Cal, UCLA and NC State, and plans to take its time making the decision. To play at Kentucky or Missouri, Oriakhi would have to go for an academic program not offered at UConn and obtain a waiver from the SEC.

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27 thoughts on “Latest on Alex Oriakhi

  1. Kyle

    30 minutes a game? What a joke. He barely played that much as a sophomore. My guess is he ends up at USC or UCLA once he realizes none of the big boys want to use him as anything more than a role player (yes, I realize UCLA is big time, but not lately). Unfortunately for Alex, it seems his dad has really given him this ego that has him believing he is a much better player than he actually is. Best of luck to Alex, but I hope he is realistic.

    1. mtnhawk53

      If all of those schools are seriously after him, they weren’t watching the same thing we ALL were watching. I still find it difficult to believe that his Daddy is puppeteering this malcontent. We definitely don’t want him back, but did he have friends on this team? Loyalty doesn’t seem to run in the Oriakhi family. Their credo is if you don’t get what you want run, just runaway from challenges. Senior is such a joke, he still spews his bs all over twitter and UCONN sites. Get to steppin will you? God what an annoying bunch the O’s have become. Good riddance you stink!

      1. Clip Saunders

        The mere fact that he won a title with UConn as a Soph makes him a total baby for leaving for any reason other than to play for a much worse team with much worse competition to try to earn a NBA draft spot. If he just wants to be on a good team with a chance to play in the postseason, he has zero loyalty to the school that got him a championship and gave him a scholarship for 3 solid years. He’s as weak as his play on the court has been. Good Riddance Alex, I hope coach Cal takes you for a ride and promises you 40min a game at PF… and then picks up 4 top recruits and sits you on the bench all year

        1. bigwhody

          If he goes to UK, he will play, maybe not 30 minutes but he will play. And he will then get a championship and get drafted. You UCONN fans are just hating the fact you have a whole year of doing nothing and expect him to be loyal because the dummies on his team couldn’t go to class. Yeah right.

          1. Jason bowen

            If you think UK is winning it again next year your wrong there were good 2nd year and 4th year players on that team like miller lamb an jones it won’t happen again an alex sure won’t be of any help to them he’s a weak player with no heart who doesn’t know how to be a man an tell his punk daddy shut up an back off.

      2. beans

        I love your comment he made us lose all season he sucks a big for nothing they dont want him at duke or any other school his father see that he might not go pro so thats why he is moving. drummond taking all his spot light

  2. Doug

    Mizzou will definitly give him 30 minutes a game.

    Also, if you’re gonna blog about this and act like you know what is going on. At least know what you’re talking about. Mizzou would not need a waiver from the conference for Oriakhi to play. They dont join the SEC until summer.

    1. damore Post author

      They probably wouldn’t want to offend new conference by circumventing rule, though. for all practical purposes, they are in.

  3. Will

    If you are a college student and your parent continues to be involved in resolving your conflicts and fighting your battles, then you are a BABY! Now it makes sense when he was seen whining on the court every time a call didn’t go his way.

  4. tommy duke

    I’d only see him as consolation for teams who miss on Tony Parker, Amile Jefferson, or Anthony Bennett.

  5. BE Hoops

    I hope he goes to PUKE and brings down their academics average. I just can’t wait to hear AO sr rip into Coach K…byebye Alex.

  6. kevin

    I look forward to his twitter followers dwindling, obviously he has some maturing to do. Good riddance, no one at Uconn will miss him, or his terrible side kick JCM.

    We need to do a better job recruiting character people, this twitter crap is absurd.

  7. Paul

    With Drummond likely leaving as a lottery pick (not that he bothered to man-up in the paint anyway) – Alex’s best shot at 30 minutes per game is stay at UCONN.

    I think he acted fairly well for a 20-year-old given that Drummond just showed-up on day one and was annointed.

    Stay Alex and play. Be a man in the paint – we haven’t had one in a very long time.

  8. George Syms

    Please come to UMASS Alex, we will be bound for the NCAA tourney next year. We are number 1 in New England, @2 B.C., # 3 Providence #4 URI # 5 Uconn. enjoy the ride

    1. Lisa

      This is meant to be funny and not serious, right? Keep wishing. UConn rules New England and has for a long time…and Harvard belongs in that list over everyone else except UConn.

  9. Luis

    This is really sad. It also confirms the fact his transfer was not about getting to play in the tournament next year. He is quitting on our school and basketball team the same he quit this season, when Drummond got here. Alex has had the worst body language of any player I have seen at UCONN the past 20 years. We will not miss his pouting. He is just not tough. Considering how highly regarded he was coming out of high school, he has been a bust. Based on his physical abilities, there is no reason he should not have easily averaged a double-double for his career. He has always lacked the heart. Good-bye Alex, you should go join JCM at Hofstra. Look at how well he is doing. Good luck with getting “promised” 30 minutes per game. How about earning them?

  10. Big Bear

    It is obvious that Alex’s peopLe didn’t pay attention to Calipari comments on recruiting. I don’t think Cal is going to make promises on playing time. I would think that a coach would have to be really over a barrel to make such promises for a one year front court fix. Maybe UCLA if they don’t get their recruits

  11. post move

    whatever you do – try and work on the power spin move in the paint where you run over the guy guarding you and draw the offensive foul. maybe just explode straight upwards and throw it down. will always love your big smile.

  12. Sore losers

    Alex, deserves to play at a school that may play for the championship. The thing is Calhoun went Miles and Miles away from rational thinking when he recruited a problem person. Ok the kid could drill the basketball. But I hope UConn is more about decency than shooting the ball. Give back the Dee Rowe day, when decency, honesty, character were important. No national championships, no big east titles—NIT (it was big then) and Uconn played in them. Beat Umass, Vermont, R.I. (oh how I loved to jam the Rams). It was a fun game, and the Field house was full and loud, but real fans who sat on benches, but didn’t sit much after the opening tip. Take your Miles and all those guys that lost to Geo Mason and lets have fun—and the coaches, coached and didn’t yank, shove, scream, curse, insult, and “hook” their players.

  13. rev kevin loughran

    Wow 30 minutes a game? Coach Cal guarantees nothing so that’s a pipe dream to think Kentucky. I checked and Alex has averaged 23, 29 and 21 in his 3 years at UConn. For a non-dominant big to think that he might average 30 minutes a game anywhere other than a mid major is pretty hard to fathom. Play at a quality program – absolutely. Start at a quality program – more than likely. Average 30 minutes a game? Good luck, I hope it works for you but I’d check the coaches record of promise keeping before signing on any dotted lines.

  14. Mike

    Cal has already said he doesn’t promise playing time, and he doesn’t want recruits that ask for it. So thanks for playing, AO…but you’re not wanted. Once we get Noels and Muhammed, you will be irrelevant to our goal of back to back ‘ships. GO BIG BLUE!!!! #BBN

  15. Terry

    30 Minutes as practice fodder on a contender is doable. 30 minutes in games at USC, might work. Might be better off going to the A10 or maybe a Division II where he could get assuarance for minutes. Seriously, what contender is going to garuntee minutes to anyone? Doesn’t happen, not with Calhoun, K, Williams, Self, Calipari. What could he possibly be thinking?

  16. jay reis

    Alex has a great smile. Unfortunately, that don’t mean crap in the (old) Big East! To bail like this means there is no Husky in his Heart – give me Jeff Adrien any day.

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