Mailbag 2/11: Can Huskies Be Final Four Contender Next Season?

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Q: If Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright return next year, do you see UConn as a serious Final Four caliber team?


Mansfield, CT.

A: Hey, Willie. …  If both come back, I would have to think UConn will start the season in the rankings. That would certainly make them Final Four contenders, at least by perception. The newcomers up front, Amida Brimah and Kentan Facey, will both need work and time to develop, but their size alone should make them a presence and an improvement to what the Huskies have there now. The current front court will be a year older, too, so presumably somewhat better. And the Huskies would have a lot of juniors and seniors overall. And experienced guard play can be so important in March.

So if Final Four caliber is pushing it a bit, one would have to believe UConn would be a very good and exciting team  in 2013-14 if the team stays intact. If they can win 19 or 20 this year, they should win more than that next year.

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7 thoughts on “Mailbag 2/11: Can Huskies Be Final Four Contender Next Season?

  1. graybeard

    Dom, do you see Wolf as a factor next year and wouldn’t some additional minutes be a good investment for rebounding and some easier points?

  2. ray-ray

    if both bazz and boatright return and daniels gets stronger maybe.i dont think facey and behmidi will contribute.the keys are wolfe and nolan.

  3. Rev Kevin R Loughran

    If they return this will be a nice team next season. Final four?

    I think that’s a stretch but stranger things have happened.

  4. bmo22

    Final Four “caliber” is a bit of a stretch. Could they get there? It’s possible. I think they’ll have good enough guard play to go on a tournament run, but it’s too early to start projecting these things. There’s still a month left in this season. Not to mention you have to wait and see what players leave on some of the other teams that are already highly ranked this year. Bottom line is UConn fans need to appreciate the team we have THIS YEAR. If Kevin Ollie can keep the program on track and continue the winning tradition, a ton of credit needs to be given to the guys who stayed this year (Napier, Boatright, etc.). The way this team plays and finds a way to win is a great look for UConn, even in a year with no postseason.

  5. Terry

    Highly doubtful, this team’s front court is 2nd tier BE at best. Been a while since UCONN had an elite team, and this team is far from anything resembling elite. I’m wouldn’t bet on it replicating the 2010 hope and a prayer run of 2010 and that is what it would take to get out of the 1st round.

  6. RobertBorofsky

    Don’t get to excited we still have to see how many get arrested in the off season and better yet how many flunk off.

  7. ProudDad

    Based on the parity that exists in CBB today combined with the importance of guard play in the tournament, there is no question that this team has the potential to go deep in the tournament next year (assuming Facey, Brimah and Daniels can provide those necessary intangibles – rebounding, blocks and toughness down low).

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