Mailbag 2/20: Anything Planned to Mark Jim Calhoun’s Retirement?

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Q: Dom, are you aware of anything the University may be planning to commemorate or celebrate Jim Calhoun’s retirement?



A: Hi Jack. I ran this by a few people at UConn. There are no plans at the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something at one of the last home games this season, but at the moment, I am told, nothing is planned. 


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7 thoughts on “Mailbag 2/20: Anything Planned to Mark Jim Calhoun’s Retirement?

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    Jim Calhoun is the buffoon that put us on probation. The faster he gets lost the better it is for the program.

  2. Jay

    Coach Calhoun brought Uconn from the dregs of the Big East to the most successful team in the BE. Three national Championships a forth final four. It has been a great ride. The “violations” were minor but just lake Coach Tarkanian at UNLV when the NCAA doesn’t like you they go after you with an overkill. the previous writer should look at Miami and concentrate his anger on a program with MANY violations over 20 years.

  3. bdublu

    Like all of of us, Coach Calhoun has flaws. No bigger flaw was his taking his eye off the ball regarding academics. But without Coach Calhoun I am convinced that UCONN basketball would have been mired in the middle of the Big East to this day. There would have been no Big East Championships and certainly no National Championships. I believe that the NCAA was on a witch hunt for UCONN. But it all happened under his watch and it’s his responsibility. There are no “do-overs” in life but if there were I know he’d love to take a mulligan and make the current situation go away. He cares too much about the kids and program.

    I’m not sure if a special night is in order just yet under the circumstances. But let’s not wait too long to allow the fans to recognize the guy that got the program where it is today, left us with so many remarkable memories and left behind the years of struggling through the Yankee Conference many of us remember.

  4. Ray

    Cut corners and cheated all these years…………..It is safe to say that academics and going to class were never thought of very much. Giving him a great sendoff cannot happen soon enough as long as he is long gone. What has he done since early September to “earn” what he has been paid to date.

  5. nate

    Such silly little comments from some, “Hip Hop…Ray ” are a few that come to mind.. which reminds us how the planet is populated by silly little people as well as well intentioned and thinking folks too…

    Coach C also did U-Conn a favor of the last ones as he moved toward that retirement door. I believe he talked Ozzie to fore go a year or two of continuing playing at the NBA level and $ earned..he was a plus million doller player by this time and still was wanted..but by convincing him to turn in his sneakers for a whistle he was able to get two years on staff and then by putting off retirement till the last minute..the last accident of his, Calhoun’s , also rushed that one along I believe..he, Ollie, was in a position to be given the job, pick up the reins..which Coach felt was the best thing for the University… Home boy , right attitude , U-Conn pride. No new comer to the scene could give the team, school that no matter their credentals and even the new AD had no clue as to what that U-Conn pride meant IMHO…New AD to pick a unknown ,even if he felt it was a good pick..would still be asking a lot, to much and Coach C new that..especially for a storied program like U-Conn’s..a neophyte, unknown..credenial wise as a coach that is? Wouldn’t have happened..see the seven month temporary contract to see that..AD had to cover his butt..can’t ble him, especially after the end of the last AD..Pressure to need to do a national search ..big name coaches yadda,yadda..yet is anyone wondering about the pick now…even nationally it’s considered a perfect feel good story , just listen to these outside commentators who are broadcasting the games..Yep, even at the end Coach C knew what he was doing and if the scenario I suggest ddn’t play out esxactly like that..I bet there are parts that are right on..

  6. sam

    Hip hop hood & ray: go find some other team to support. Calhoun is the Huskies; the Huskies are Calhoun. They are one and the same. You cannot like one and hate the other. Don Amore wouldn’t even cover the Huskies had Calhoun not coached Uconn. They wouldn’t play at the XL Center if Calhoun not coached the Huskies. You wouldn’t be able to name a single starter today had Calhoun not coached the huskies. There would be no Ollie. Shabazz Napier would be some star on some ACC team if Calhoun had not coached the Huskies. There probably wouldn’t be very many college basketball fans total in Connecticut at all. The only sports allegiances in CT would be for New York and Boston teams. I discovered college hoops in elementary school, because of the Uconn Huskies Calhoun created. I love Calhoun for giving me Uconn Basketball. I love him for all the memories. I love him for introducing me to college basketball. Thank you Jim Calhoun.

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