Mailbag 2/25: Stand And Say ‘Thanks’ To Huskies On March 9

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I received this e-mail from reader Robert J. Marino this morning. I pass it along, for your consideration …

The men’s basketball season will draw to a close March 9th at Gampel.  I have been impressed by Coach Ollie and the players.  Under incredibly difficult circumstances, the retirement of Hall of Fame Coach Jim Calhoun, the APR post season sanctions, and the transfers it prompted, this team has remained focused and played hard.  I would like to recognize that effort. 
… Win or lose, these young men and coaches have given us something special this year that ought to be recognized.  We can’t give them a post season, but we can let them leave the court to an outward show of affection and respect for our team. 

The proposal is simple enough: (I) just ask everyone to stay until the end of the game and have everyone stand and clap until the team leaves the court.

Robert. J. Marino

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11 thoughts on “Mailbag 2/25: Stand And Say ‘Thanks’ To Huskies On March 9

  1. Gary

    I completely agree with Mr. Marino. This season’s edition has been fun to watch. Thanks for the entertaining season Huskies!

  2. Jay

    Don’t ask the students as they don’t show up to the games and support their team and school! PATHETIC showing by the students this year!!!

    1. Andy

      Jay, perhaps your point would have some merit if the student section wasn’t made insufferably tiny (in comparison to other big name basketball programs) in the administration’s desire to squeeze as much money as they possibly can out of the rest of the attending public.

      In case you are unaware, student tickets are not sold for individual games. There is a lottery at the beginning of the year that gives students a chance to buy a season ticket package for either Gampel or Hartford. Many more students want to go to games than actually win the lottery.

      In addition, were all games played on campus at Gampel Pavilion, I think you would find student attendance to be much higher. Many students don’t want to deal with going to Hartford for “home” games for reasons including: students in Freshman/Sophomore years can’t even have cars on campus and the fact that students have classwork and other responsibilities to worry about without adding an 90 minute plus total commute time to and from Hartford after traffic, parking, and travel times are taken account.

      If you ask me, all home games should be played at Gampel. The atmosphere is leaps and bounds better, but alas, the administration only cares about money and there’s more to be made from the additional seating capacity in the XL Center!

      1. Midtown Pete

        All games should be at Gampel for the foreseeable future since attendance is down(XL and Gampel). I don’t think is all about money either, I would think 10K at Gampel has to net Uconn more money than even 16K at the XL. They get the parking and concession dollars at Gampel and don’t need to pay the $50K shakedown to the XL. It feels like Uconn is obligated to keep that awful arena afloat.

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    And while standing at the end of the game, make sure everyone wears a paper bag over their head to show Calhoun the shame he brought to UCONN by getting us put on probation.

    1. Uconn Fan

      Yep you are so right Hip Hop Hoood- the shame of 3 national championships.
      Calhoun has done lot more for the University of Connecticut, putting us on the world map, than any of the other alumni members have done collectively. Calhoun will be an inspiration for future generations. Calhoun is a legend and if you don’t see it or appreciate everything he brought to UConn fans – you either are a Puke fan, who are still cursing us for the two they missed out on, or you are deserving the idiotarod ride.

      1. KKKKemba

        well said Uconn fan.
        Ollie would not be who he is without having Calhoun as a mentor.

        Love this team, thank you for a GREAT season.

    2. J. Shuttlesworth

      You going to watch this one, Hood? Or is it going to be like the Cincy game? Don’t worry, I’ll let you know who wins. You don’t need to stay up past bedtime.

  4. Rev Kevin R Loughran

    Great idea – I think our party will start the trend next week at the Sundome.

    Go Huskies!

  5. LateTateGreat

    “KO loses again – anyone surprised?”

    ~ Hip Hop Hood in response to a blog post titled, “UConn 73, Cincinnati 66 (OT): Wrapping Things Up From XL”

    We’re not talking about a rocket scientist here, guys. Chill out.

  6. Uconn Fan

    LateTateGreat…well said…that reminds me of the turn around SWISH…Burrel to Tate. The rest is history.

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