Mailbag 2/28: Latest on the Training Facility

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Q: Dom,  Is UConn still on schedule to break ground on the basketball facility this spring?  Has UConn raised the all the funds necessary for construction? 



A: Chris, UConn has the funds it needs, by law, to begin construction and that is supposed to happen this spring, when the weather permits. I’ve heard it could be ready – if not totally completed – ready for some use as early as the fall of 2014, or about a year and a half, if things go on schedule. I doubt they have actually raised all the money needed to finish it just yet, but once they start construction, it means no one is worried, at that point, about getting the funds to complete it. So, at this point, it’s all a ‘go.’



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9 thoughts on “Mailbag 2/28: Latest on the Training Facility

  1. Ray

    I thought the old arrogant coach was going to contact the Husky NBA stars for donations as part of his job description since retiring. Maybe I missed it but has there been any announcements about donations to complete the project. Or maybe he has been making bank deposits for his pay that he has basically stolen from the school since last September!

    1. Chris

      Ray, I would also like to see UConn NBA players make a donation towards the practice facility. It would show unity with former players and create a bridge to current players. One question: Can you lose the negativity towards Calhoun? You have the right to disagree with his pay but he did not steal anything – the school agreed to it. You’d probably look for the same deal if you were in his shoes. And if you do some research you’ll probably discover that Calhoun’s compensation deal is in line with what other coaches receive. Some schools give lifetime benefits to retired coaches. Whether this is right or wrong is another discussion.

    2. BearJWS

      Oh stop, if you don’t think former players are not donating to UConn, you are crazy. Just because they don’t publicy clamour for attention for it like Carmelo Anthony did, doesn’t mean they aren’t. These guys have given plenty. There is no need for them to make a public announcement. And they are under no obligation to give either. If you are so bent over it, then I think you should make a generous donation & then scream to the world that you done so… like Robert Burton.

    3. 1 Husky


      You may not remember the program before Jim Calhoun arrived. If you did, you would realize how much the program has grown and how much revenue it generated for the university. Not to mention what those three NC’s brought to UConn. It’s called leverage, Ray. He is worth every “dime” he earned, and if he gives off an air of arrogance in your opinion, well then he deserves it. I’m sure Calhoun is working behind the scenes to ensure the program and the legacy he built will prosper…in spite of the conference realignment. Jim Calhoun put our men’s BB program, and quite possibly UConn, on the national scene. For that, I am thankful. Wake up and smell the roses! Stop hating because he is successful.

  2. Frankie/Stamford

    Dom, just read an update by espn about the Catholic 7 taking the BE name with them. Apparently Mike Aresco was bought off. I also believe we are in deep trouble especially now for our basketball and football programs. How can our basketball tradition not be related with the Big East? Don’t think that our recruiting efforts will not be adversely affected. This new league tie-in is lousy on all fronts. The teams are lousy and so is the new monetary deal. Our super star AD and President better come up with some alternatives that are positive before our athletic programs become completely insignificant.

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    ESPN just posed an article that says the Catholic 7 will get the Big East name. Also, the basketball portion of the TV contract will decrease significantly because all the good schools are leaving.

    The good news never stops!!!!

  4. dave

    UConn carried the big east basketball conference for years. UConn has as many NC as the rest of the BE combined. Maybe the “good schools” left, but the best school is still in Storrs.

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