Mailbag 3/1: Any ‘Bad Losses’ For Huskies?

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Q: … I have a couple of questions. You know when ESPN does a team’s resume during a game and they list “bad losses”? Do UConn men have any “bad losses” this season? Also, I am wondering if the team is also barred from the NIT. I am assuming they are, but I don’t ever remember it being talked about, only the Big East and NCAA tournaments are constantly mentioned (and rightfully so).



A: This is a pretty good question, Samantha, thanks for asking it. … What has made UConn’s season successful is that the Huskies really don’t  have any “bad losses,” IMO. They’ve beaten all the teams they should have beaten. They’ve had some close calls, like Quinnipiac in OT – a good team, but UConn can’t lose to an in-state rival – or South Florida at Gampel, also in OT. But they won those games. The closest thing to a “bad loss,” I’d say, is Villanova, because the ‘Cats weren’t expected to be great and lost to Columbia early in the season. But even here, by the time Villanova played UConn on Feb. 16, it had beaten Syracuse and Louisville, so you can’t necessarily call that a bad loss. Other UConn losses most, I think, would have anticipated – Louisville, Georgetown, at Pitt, at Marquette, NC State. … New Mexico was ranked right after that game. And these games were all close or in OT, except L’Ville. UConn, on the other hand, has had some great, perhaps unexpected  wins, Michigan State, at Notre Dame, Syracuse. … So I would say no, they really don’t have any bad losses, just some disappointing ones.

On the other front – this has come up here many times. UConn cannot play in any postseason tournament. The NIT is run by the NCAA, the others, the CBI and CIT, are sanctioned and/or run in consultation with the NCAA. So UConn will not be invited and, in any event, there wouldn’t be much point to playing in them.


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8 thoughts on “Mailbag 3/1: Any ‘Bad Losses’ For Huskies?

  1. ray

    Don, if the catholic 7 keep the Big East name where will the basketball tournament for this new named league be????

    How abour Brookynn?

  2. Hip Hop Hood

    ESPN just posed an article that says the Catholic 7 will get the Big East name. Also, the basketball portion of the TV contract will decrease significantly because all the good schools are leaving.

    The good news never stops!!!!

    1. Steve

      The basketball portion will only decrease $10 million next year, which would have all been split among the 7. It has no long term, or short term affects for that matter, on the remaining teams. Not to mention the money that will now no longer be split among those teams from all the exit fees, plus the fee they will pay to retain the Big East name. Them leaving early on the money side is actually a good thing for UConn and expedites the process at the same time.


    Loss to St John’s would be listed as “bad loss” on ESPN graphic.
    If they could play in NCAA tourney, what seed would they have? Five? Six?

  4. Tom

    In the RPI their record against top 50 tems is 3 -eams 6, against the 51-100 they are 5 – 2, and they have beaten everyone else. None of those losses could be considered bad losses. Their strength of schedule is no. 17.

    1. Hip Hop Hood

      Strength of schedule is high because of the Catholic 7 and ND. It will be pathetic after all the good schools leave.

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