Mailbag 4/11: What’s To Come of UConn’s Tournament Revenue?

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Boy do I hate all those teams leaving UConn in the American Conference and Louisville winning the National Championship definitely hurts.  My question is – does this at least increase the pay that UConn gets by a substantial amount?  Is the prize for winning the national title substantial or is it the same for the runner up?


West Hartford


A: UConn’s share of the Big East’s NCAA Tournament take will be whatever it would have been before. It’s based, our conference realignment guru Paul Doyle explains, “on the number of teams a conference places in the tournament and how far they advance. And it’s calculated in six year increments.”

So Louisville and Syracuse making it as far as they did will eventually translate into a more money for all teams that played in The Big East this past season. If you remember, UConn proposed forfeiting its tournament revenue as an alternative sanction for its APR shortcomings. That was rejected by the NCAA. UConn is faced will declining TV money, and probably declining tournament revenue in the American Conference, though for the short term that will be somewhat mitigated by the various exit fees, the compensation for the Big East name, etc.

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14 thoughts on “Mailbag 4/11: What’s To Come of UConn’s Tournament Revenue?

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    Dudes, while it pains me that we no longer play in a conference called the Big East, lets at least get the new name of our conference right. its not the American Conference (as you both called it), its the American Athletic Conference, aka the AAC,.

  2. Frankie/Stamford

    Dom, I’m sure the athletic department is keeping a lid on the actual decline of revenues for each year we are in this lousy conference. Thats why we have actuaries. The growth of the fan base and boosters, monetary wise, will take a big time hit. By the way, Hip Hop Hood is right.

      1. UCONNFB

        Nice try “Nit Wit” but it won’t work as I did not post the comment you try to attribute to me. Declining revenues are troubling but there is no way this will “kill the sports programs” at UCONN. There will be a sort term “windfall” as UCONN shares in the large exit fees paid to the Conference by schools jumping ship. That plus revenue from Mens and Womens Bball post season tournaments and Fball Bowl participation can yield a net plus for the next 12 to 24 months. After that, the reality of a poor conference position sets in. So you see, Hip Flop, when you actually think; and not just throw pout some ignorant comment, you can sound intelligent.

        1. UCONNFB

          Sorry, my retarded brother got onto my computer and made the last post. Ignore him.

  3. joesimsbury

    After the BE is completely buried, the revenue decline will be dramatic and will put UConn at a severe disadvantage versus the ACC and B1G members. Have you guys looked at the woeful numbers on Aresco’s TV deal for the AAC? It’s a joke! The only positive to take from this disaster is our share of exit fees from the old BE. ($30mm?)

    If UConn is stuck for any length of time in the dreadful AAC conference, the UConn brand will be harmed. It’s time for the UConn leadership to stop sugar-coating this fundamental fact. UConn deserves better and Manuel has to step up his efforts to solve this conference mess.

  4. andy

    so does this new league…american athletic …have an automatic bid for the regular season or conference tourney??? is there a waiting period for getting into the tournament??

    1. Hip Hop Hood

      We don’t deserve an automatic bid with this roster of pathetic programs.

  5. tom

    hip hop hood your a clown. I read theese stories and you post on EVERY SINGLE Uconn related sports story. Nothing better to do? Is your mothers basement really that boring? You constantly talk crap about everyone and everything Uconn related. Your probably a Cuse fan or something. Your rambling is old. Get out of your moms basement its nice outside.

  6. Frankie/Stamford

    Dom, I just posted a comment on the women’s blog about whether there has been any congratulatory statement from the men side by the players or coaching staff? I haven’t seen any in the papers or online. Is there still a simmering jealousy from the men’s side? Please tell me a big NO.

    1. Hip Hop Hood

      Of course the men’s team is jealous. KO couldn’t even get the team into the NIT. The women’s team is far more manly than the actual men’s team.

  7. hjoerring/DK

    Wow’ It would be nice to stop crying over spilled milk and look ahead. We cannot will ourselves into the ACC, Big 10, 12 or PAC. The truth is we are not a powerhouse when it comes to FB. And we will not be, if ever. At best we can have a 10 year plan for FB. Do we really believe that we can play with the likes of TX, Ok, ND, Mich., etc? Yes, MBB is rebuilding and it had a good year– all things considered. But time will tell on that too. The BE ‘became’ a power after some years. Why not the AAC? Nostalgia aside, and a reality check of our EGO, we are not all that much better than some of the teams in the AAC. Temple can be good, Memphis can be much better, Houston is a sleeping giant, Tulane has money, etc. If these presidents and their AD’s are willing to invest and build we could in 10years have something to sell. The Catholics/BE are doing it.(Perhaps we should beg our way (back)in? Lu’vil got in the ACC over UCONN because they were a better fit: better BB,FB,better Olym sports, more money, facilities, etc. Even a UCONN fan would agree to that. As the tables are stacked, UCONN brings nothing new. We can continue to hold onto our delusion about the ACC- indeed, if the dominoes begin to fall they will call us. But come on. We will end up like BC- there but not there in any interesting way. At least in the AAC we will be in a position to decide things, and also help to build other programs. Butler did quite well in BB even though it was in a 3rd level conf. Stanford athletic program is 2nd to none, even when the Pac 10 was hardly a competitive place.And other schools could be listed. So, let us pull our trousers back up, butten up and attack the work ahead of us. I have no doubts about our present and future excellence in M & WBB, hockey, and one or two other sports that are emerging, but we will never field a FB team that can play with the powerhouses like TX, Mich, OK, Fl, Miami, etc. Those big boys do not come this far north. We will get some good players from TX and the South because of the likes of Houston, Memphis and Tulane being in the conf. I am excited about these sleeper schools and the others that we can attract.

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