Mailbag 4/11: When Does UConn Get Its Scholarships Back? [Update]

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Question: What is the programs scholarship situation for 12-13, and 13-14.  Will we get back either of the APR scholarships we lost, and when do we get back the third lost one from our recruiting violation?



A: There was some misunderstanding, and UConn has clarified it. Dave, here’s what I got: They figure to get two back for 2012-13, so they will be at 12 for next season. They will get back the scholarship lost due to NCAA violations in 2013-14. With Jeremy Lamb and Alex Oriakhi leaving, and Omar Calhoun coming, they could have three scholarships available for next year.


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8 thoughts on “Mailbag 4/11: When Does UConn Get Its Scholarships Back? [Update]

    1. d

      Cliff Robinson was not a Calhoun recruit, he was already there when Jim arrived. I lived on the same floor at UCONN.

      Thabeet should not be on the top 10 list ever… Chris Smith, Nadav Henefeld, Burrell and/or Adrien should be there before Thabeet.

      1. PG

        d, I was never a big-time Thabeet fan myself. And if your definition of “greatest” is based primarily on talent then you’re right, no way Thabeet makes the top 10. But if your definition of “greatest” is based on importance/value to their team and overall impact on the UConn program (as ZP discusses in his blog post), then you just cannot leave Thabeet off the list. Why not? Well…

        Besides Okafor (and even that would be debatable), has there ever in the history of UConn basketball been a player who had a greater impact on the defensive end of the floor than Hasheem Thabeet? (especially during his soph. and junior years) He changed the game just by stepping on the floor. Combine that with the fact the he was the leading rebounder (11), FG% shooter (65%) and was essentially in a 3-way tie for leading scorer (14) on a UConn team that made it to the Final Four (which only 3 other UConn teams have ever managed to do). What it all adds up to is this: he was the most important/valuable player on one of the top 5-6 UConn teams of all time (as measured by total wins and post-season accomplishment, not talent). Like or not, I don’t think we can leave him out of the top 10.

        1. TZToronto

          Perhaps some think of Thabeet as the player he was when he arrived at UConn. He was basically unskilled. How many times did we hear that “he only started playing basketball three years ago,” or something like that? His natural talent plus his height combined to make him a force at both ends of the floor. When you think of other players who came to UConn with more hype and were of little consequence to the program, Thabeet stands out as a diamond in the rough who actually contributed beyond expectations.

  1. Dan

    Dom – you and the CT Post are conflicting on the number of scholarships for 2012-13. You say 10 and they say 12 and you are both saying you are getting your information from UConn… who’s right?

  2. Clip Saunders

    probably not Don Love, he seems to be apathetic and not really all that into his job as UConn source

  3. Terry

    How anyone claiming to be a UCONN fan would not know Chris Smith/Donyell Marshall was the most significant recruit, Cliff Robinson/Ray Allen the best athlete….hmmmm, maybe someone on the outside looking in.

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