Mailbag 4/16: Anything New on Jim Calhoun’s Status

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 Question: Hi Dom,  What’s [Jim] Calhoun’s status? Has he even hinted as to what he is doing?  It appears he is staying, contract in all, but it would be nice to actually hear it. so maybe we can land a decent big man or two.  The uncertainty can’t be helping the program.  I do [like] the the R.J. Evans signing, we need some solid leadership on the court.

David Poho

Waxhaw, N.C.

A: David, I last spoke to the coach on April 6 and at that time he gave me every indication he is going to coach next year, though he would not say 100 percent for sure. He clearly doesn’t like the idea of leaving the program in chaos. He and the new AD Warde Manuel have been having continuous discussions about the future of the program and, I was told last week they are going well. Calhoun would like to have a designated successor, to help with recruiting, since it is hard to get players to commit to the uncertainty inherent with a coach his age. However, he understands that Manuel just arrived and appears willing to give the new AD time to get to know Kevin Ollie and the rest of the staff and not force that issue just now. So my best guess is that Calhoun will coach next year, some kind of confirmation of that will come this week, and things will evolve from there.

As for recruiting and landing a “decent big man,” don’t be surprised if UConn, with no tournament eligibility next season, keeps scholarships open rather than tie them up on what could be second-tier players. Save them for next year and really get after it for 2013-14.

 …  Trying to get to some of these questions this week, folks. Keep in mind, I’m looking for short questions on one topics, not comments or rants. You can leave those yourself on the end of posts. Also, I avoid addressing questions that have already been addressed.

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5 thoughts on “Mailbag 4/16: Anything New on Jim Calhoun’s Status

  1. TZTorobnto

    I really don’t see Jim Calhoun bailing on his players. If they have to suffer through a season with no post-season eligibility, he probably wants to be there with them. Leaving now would be like saying, “The program messed up (me included), but you’ll have to take the punishment on your own because I’m outta here.” The only way I see Calhoun leaving would be for health reasons. As for recruiting, if there is a big man who can help the program in the long term–an under-the-radar type–and who’s willing to play a year to learn from Calhoun, then that might be a possibility. Otherwise, look for a small, fast team next season with a bunch of very talented freshmen for 2013-2014.

    1. Deb

      TZTorobnto, you don’t see Jim Calhoun bailing on his players……well his players are bailing on him. And for good reason!!

      The UConn program is the only, I repeat, only basketball program in the NCAA who failed the academic eligibility rule.

      Calhoun is a disgrace to the program, he should be fired!!

  2. ZP

    I can’t imagine Calhoun leaving the program that he created in the middle of a period of uncertainty. I see him coaching next year through the bogus NCAA nonsense, and one more year after that, re-establishing our elite standing in the college basketball landscape. I’d hate to see Jimmy leave on anything but a high note.

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