Mailbag 4/28: Will The New Conference Have Automatic Bids? Is Hartford A Tournament Destination?

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Q: Will the new league have a automatic bid to the NCAA tournament for next year or will they have to wait? Also wht do you think the chances of holding the tournament in Hartford in the future will be?


Lebanon, Conn.

A: Yes, Mark, the American Athletic Conference, AAC or Americon, will have an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. It has a new name, but as far as the NCAA is concerned, it is  the old Big East and inherits that slot, with all the automatic bids in all sports. The “new Big East,” the league with the non-football playing schools, et al, is the new entity. It will have automatic bids, too, but has to go through a process of applying for them.

So for UConn, nothing changes as far as automatic tournament bids.

The XL Center, I have been told, is working on a proposal to host the AAC men’s Tournament. I would think its chances are fairly good, so long as UConn is staying in the league. This league does not have a natural “capital,” like New York and MSG were, so the process of locating the league tournament will not be as cut and dry. It is likely to be rotated, and cities like Memphis, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Tampa, that have NBA-caliber arenas are also viable sites and I am sure some of them will make bids, also. But I would guess Hartford is as good a place as any to have the tournament, it would probably draw well because of UConn, so if it doesn’t happen this coming season, I have to believe it will come here eventually.


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17 thoughts on “Mailbag 4/28: Will The New Conference Have Automatic Bids? Is Hartford A Tournament Destination?

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    We all know the AAC doesn’t deserve an automatic bid. All the good schools are gone and the puny leftovers are weak.

  2. UconnFan

    As the ultimate UCONN Fan, even I would not ever believe the new conference would be stupid enough to choose Hartford as a site. Remember how we whined about providence being the center of the Big East? If Hartford is chosen, all the other teams would whine like we did.

    1. UCONNFB

      Harford is the center of college basketball!

      Seriously though, we are in a second rate conference so we might as have the tournament in a second rate town.

      1. Hip Hop Hood

        hey football, dude. its because of your preferred sport that the basketball team is now in the AAC. put a lid on it.

  3. Marcus

    It has to be Philly. These not-so-relevant teams need a hoops town to play postseason games, in the classic/college sense, not Memphis and Houston, etc.

    1. TZToronto

      Good point. It has to be a basketball town, and these tend to be in the northeast.

  4. Eddie

    My concern about Philly is that the tournament may have terrible attendance in any year in which Temple and/or UConn are not strong. Not sure what the best option is, though. Seems like the answer would be the same for NYC, and I am not loving a rotating schedule.

  5. Terry

    So, ninty percent of the conference is suppose to travel 1500 miles to play the league tournament in the sports mecca known as Hartford, CT.

  6. Hip Hop Hood

    First off: lets not call it “Americon” (sounds like a bad sci-fi movie). its the AAC. period. the end. second of all: please don’t play the tournament in Hartford. its a rank location. put it in a legitimate NBA areana (i prefer Philly).

  7. joesimsbury

    More pablum to satisfy UConn fans re: the horrid new conference situation? Who really cares? Are you be itching to see UConn v. East Carolina in the first round? It is a diversion from what should be UConn’s laser like focus on getting the hell out of this mess of conference.

  8. Eddie

    This conference looks like what it is—a messy collection of leftover teams with a few standouts. The discussion on site for the tournament helps bring this home. Very sad for some of the really good programs involved.

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