Mailbag 4/3: The Drummond, Lamb Decision Process

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Question: Dom, Excluding a handful of Final Four participants, it seems that the majority of the potential early entry candidates for the NBA draft have revealed themselves. Can we read anything into the relative silence from the Drummond and Lamb camps? Do you think they are seriously considering staying at UCONN? Or waiting on NCAA to confirm APR ruling? Other factors?



A: I wouldn’t read much into it, Steve, no. … They’re just preserving their options. The timing is new and a little strange now. Players can “test waters” now and have until April 10 to declare they are going back to school. But then, they can declare they’re entering the draft as late as April 29, so that’s really the key date. The only reason to declare now is if you are so certain you’re going that there’s no need to keep options open.  Lamb is thought to be getting close to a decision and its hard to imagine at this point he is staying. Drummond has more to think about, in terms of his own readiness. I would guess the only unresolved factor that might push one of them out or back in is the status of the coach.


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21 thoughts on “Mailbag 4/3: The Drummond, Lamb Decision Process


    After watching the Final Four games, and especially the Final Game Monday night; can anyone really still believe that Drummond is a lottery pick and Lamb a first round pick?
    Both of these guys would struggle to get much PT on Kentucky or Kansas–both from the standpoint of talent and understanding the game. Both need to stay at least one more year and GET BETTER!

  2. BobB

    I agree. There’s no way Drummond or Lamb are first round NBA selections. If they were that good UCONN would have had a much better season and run in the NCAA tourney.

  3. Terry

    Fotunately for Lamb and Drummond, the NBA drafts on potential and workout evaluations, college stats are a mute point. Drummond was probably a 1st rounder out of high school if he were allowed to go then. Lamb is also a 1st round selection albiet late 1st. Drummond needs a summer or maybe two in Newell’s big man camp to learn his positons offense. Lamb could have scored 30+ a game were it not for the lack of a competent pg at UCONN this year. He is the athletic package the NBA teams want at the 2 spot, but his defense and ball handling need to improve. Unless Boatright is given a fair shot at running the offense, I don’t see any rhyme or reason for Lamb to come back to play with the ball hog running the point.

  4. Brian

    Drummond would go in the top 10 I think based on his size and potential. Lamb I think has dropped to the middle or lower end of the first round. I think they both lack the aggressiveness at this point that they will need to be successful in the nba and both would benefit greatly from another year of college ball regardless of whether Uconn is allowed to participate in post season tournaments next year. Terry Napier was much better in his sophomore year than Kemba was in his Sophomore year. Not saying Napier is as good as Kemba or will be but he is a competent point guard. Maybe you don’t remember but it was only a couple years ago that kemba would drive into the paint out of control and turn the ball over just about every time down the floor. Your statement that Lamb could have scored more than 30 a game if it were not for Napier is a low blow and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Lamb wasn’t going to score 30+ a game this year because he stood around alot and lacked energy Napier can’t pass the ball to him if hes standing still and not getting open. But seriously give them a break will ya they were young this year they had only 1 upperclassman Oriakhi and he has no leadership skills at all. he may be transferring now but he quit on this team before the season even began. In closing I just want to say that I love Uconn hoops and I hope Both Drummond and Lamb stay 1 more year for my own selfish reasons as a Uconn fan but also because I think it will benefit them both and would be the right and loyal thing to do. Unfortunately the lure of the nba money may be to much even if they end up sitting on the bench.

    1. Terry

      Brian, I love this team minus Napier. The guy hogs the ball. I keep saying this, he is the problem. When a team quits playing, and this team quit many times this year, nine times out of ten it is because the ball is getting hogged. The better talent on this team does not play for Napier, he has a problem accepting that.

      1. Zach

        To say you are absolutely wrong would be an understatement. Napier is one of two players on the team that actually have some heart. Ask Calhoun what he thinks of Napier and get back to us.

  5. rev kevin loughran

    Man are you guys brutal! Drummond is a lock as a lottery pick and Lamb is right on the edge of lottery in every single service out there. Those are assembled by the experts so I’ll defer to them. Additonally Napier well above average as a point guard and in fact his stats nearly mirror those of Kemba Walker’s first two seasons. The team didn’t fit this year – it was less than the sum of its parts – that happens in all levels of sport. Lamb would have done fine starting for any of the final four participants – do you recall what he did starting for the National Championship team last year? Do you remember that he was first team all Big East? Do you recall that he was the leading scorer for the U19 team. Didn’t you notice that be dominated Doron Lamb twice last season? Imagine if he were playing for Kentucky and teams couldn’t double or triple team him, he could be the one out in transition or spotting up.

    UConn’s problem was a lack of aggresiveness across the board – that was very evident in watching the final four games where guys were on the floor after every loose ball. Drummond and Lamb participated in that and it will cost them a few spots in this year’s draft – it’s not taking them out of the first round or in Drummond’s case the lottery – I believe that Drummond would be a much better player in the long run were he to stay two more years and let his game develope but I would hardly blame him for going now. For Jeremy it’s clearly time. Best of luck to him – he’ll be a niece NBA piece.

  6. Kyle

    I have to agree with rev kevin. Lamb’s problems had to do with attitude, not skill. Attitude is allowed in the NBA. It is a “me first” league. He will fit in just fine. Jeremy was deadly when he decided he wanted to play this year, both as a jump shooter as well as a slasher. He will be fine. Drummond is soft and will be eaten alive if he doesn’t toughen up. He wants to be a finesse player. Problem is, he has no skill other than being able to jump. That being said, NBA drafts on POTENTIAL, so he is a lottery lock.

    For those of you comparing Kemba and Shabazz’s stats, I think it’s unfair. Kemba wasn’t really allowed to contribute the way Shabazz has been able to. When I say allowed, I mean that his freshman year he was clearly the last option when it came to scoring having to play behind the great lineup we had then. Then, his sophomore year, Dyson and Sticks absolutely ruined that team. Shabazz has been able to contribute and has been given freedom since day 1. That being said, he is a fine player, but comparing him to Kemba just doesn;t work, in my honest humble opinion.

    1. Clip Saunders

      Jeremy will be forgotten in the NBA, he barely has the heart to get pumped up for a big time college game, you see him play in slow motion the whole game, barely breaking a sweat by the end of the first half. Basketball is a game of speed, and he doesnt put his on display all that often. He can hit an open shot, he can sink a floater, he can get into passing lanes big time, but he’s not ready at all.

      This season he really struggled to get his shot, at times seemed like he didn’t care enough to try a quick shake move at midrange to get his shot more open, nah, just fade away and chuck up a well guarded shot instead.

      They will be drafted purely on potential, look at both of their performances in their last game. Drummond I think fouled out with 2 pts, and Lamb scored maybe 13 and missed a windmill dunk as time expired, lamb went out like a clown

  7. Ray

    In a conversation with NBA source I was told that Drummond
    has been told he is not ready for the NBA and as a result
    is considering a transfer to Kentucky. Can this get any worse? I was also told the Coaches K at Duke and Williams
    at UNC want no part of Jim Calhoun in the ACC.

    It is sad to say but Coach Calhoun needs to retire and let
    the next era begin. His legacy is legendary and every basketball fan in Connecticut should be grateful

    1. JD

      Who are you? Your source has what role in the NBA & ACC. Without that context you just some guy posting on a blog. In other words, usesless information by some wanna-be.

    2. teo

      This is nuts. The reason the Huskies aren’t in the ACC is because the Huskies don’t have the following, yet that North Carolina or Duke have. They should be in the ACC, this is very true, but they’re new to football and football is the driver in all of this. It’s the reason the Big East is in trouble with teams fleeing the league and coaches bad-mouthing it. So, until there is $$$ in UConn’s football program, there will be no entry into the ACC.

  8. 3pTsHOT

    Such fun to read these posts. The entertainment value is so much better than self abuse. Calhoun gets bad press from Jacobs and Calipari gets praised. The APR is such a bad reflection on the NCAA. CBS and the NBA just love the current situation. Lamb a lottery pick? Don’t think so. Drummond a lottery pick? Don’t think so. He is more than one year away from low post skill and will only improve in college ball not bench in the NBA. Calhoun should stay as long as he wants. Uconn will be exciting next season with Calhoun, Boatright, and Napier, Smith and company. Thank you Calhoun for the legacy you have created.

  9. Grady White

    Such fun to read these posts. The entertainment value is so much better than self abuse. Calhoun gets bad press from Jacobs and Calipari gets praised. The APR is such a bad reflection on the NCAA. CBS and the NBA just love the current situation. Lamb a lottery pick? Don’t think so. Drummond a lottery pick? Don’t think so. He is more than one year away from low post skill and will only improve in college ball not bench in the NBA. Calhoun should stay as long as he wants. Uconn will be exciting next season with Calhoun, Boatright, and Napier, Smith and company. Thank you Calhoun for the legacy you have created.

  10. Jochevb

    While I agree that Lamb and Drummond will be drafted fairly high based on potential, I also agree that the best thing that could happen to UConn is that they bring in another guard who can handle the ball. Napier can be a great player but he should not have been the focal point of the offense as he tried to be this year. I’m not sure that is his fault or Calhoun’s fault but either way Calhoun did not have much of a choice for much of the season as Boatright was suspended. If lamb leaves, Napier will be the focal point of the offense at the 2 guard which fits his game offensively but definitely not defensively. I live in CT and it has been rumored that Napier was a bit of a cancer with the other players and coaches on the team. I’m definitely not a reliable source but that is what I have heard.

  11. Brian

    Obviously you can’t compare Kemba to Napier in the respect that their Freshmen and Sophomore years don’t mirror each other and they had different players around them but still Napiers numbers weren’t all that bad and I think hes a more than competent PG. Who knows he may not be the PG next year but if I had to put the house money on it I would bet that he will be. I just have seen so many PG’s come through during Calhouns time here that people completely rip and then they love them the next year. Anyone that thinks Napier is not a competent PG is nuts. Oriakhi was the cancer on this years team. I refuse to buy in to the media panic and all the nonsense they are spreading around Calhouns program. Wasn’t there the same type of nonsense from the media a couple years ago? I think Calhoun is fully capable of coaching the remainder of his Contract and possibly beyond yet because hes 70 or going to be 70 the media feels it needs to pester him at the end of every season and ask if he is coming back. Calhoun hater Jeff Jacobs is a master at painting this type of panic mentality ship sinking atmosphere the media is despicable anything to sell a story and that is what pushes away recruits he media. As for potential recruits if they don’t want to come play for an elite program and Hall of Fame coach because of a possible 1 year ban from post season play than they are not the kind of guys we want here. The media obviously don’t know Calhoun if they have to ask if he will be back of course he will. Pretty sad if the media doesn’t know Calhoun by now.

    1. Ron

      Glad you brought up Jeff Jacobs. In article last week he said the program “again finished with a thud “. How many programs, fans, coaches or journalists would consider winning the national championship as ending the year with a “thud”. Jeff is the one that needs to retire.

  12. BE Hoops

    Is Napier the new Taliek? Geez, remember how we loved to hate TB?

    Good luck to JL and AD if they go, but I do hope they opt for another year of college.

  13. jim

    Napier did not get the ball to Lamb or drummund enough.He basiccally froze them out. Lamb is running all around through sceens and many many many times ended up with out the ball. Drummond very few times got the ball down low. These two players were suppose to lead the offens:however you can not lead an offense when you do not get the ball. This is what is taking these two players out of the game.(mentally) Because an inferer player is taking these suppierior players out of the game.If you do not understand this then you do not havr a good understanding of the game I could say more but why waste my time on the people who do not get it including the coaches.

    1. Clip Saunders

      But lamb disappears too, he will frantically call for the ball while fully covered making no effort to get open.

      Napier is the new Taliek because he is prone to bad decisions. Taliek had to come in and run the team from his freshman year, but by his senior year he was good and we got a trophy. I definitely think Napier can do that too, didn’t it seem like his freshman year he made more impressive cuts to the basket?? This year I feel like that side of his game disappeared, and I saw him make impressive acrobatic layins only a handful of times. Last year he did it a handful of times in the tourney alone

  14. CL82

    @ Ray Coach K has already publically lobbied for UConn to the ACC. Maybe you should stop using your neighbor’s dog as a source.

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