Mailbag 4/9: Which UConn Freshman Will Have Biggest Impact?

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Q: Of the three recruits [UConn has] coming in next season, who do you think could have the biggest immediate impact?

Jeff Crowmell

A: Jeff, logic would dicatate it would have to be Kentan Facey. He made great strides during his high school season at Long Island Lutheran and appears to be the more advanced of the two big men the Huskies have coming in. Amida Brimah could make an impact defensively, but his offensive game will need work. Facey’s offensive game will need work, too, and he will need to get stronger, but he is so fast and athletic and he learns quickly. Given UConn’s obvious needs in the front court, the opportunity for Facey to win a major role on the team is there.

I’m assuming Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright will come back, since I have heard nothing to indicate otherwise. That being the case, Terrence Samuel will be playing behind them at guard, so his opportunity will be to learn from them and prepare for a large future role.

I am planning to get to Brooklyn Saturday to see Samuel and Facey play in the Jordan Brand Regional Game, so I might have an update take on both of them early next week.


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13 thoughts on “Mailbag 4/9: Which UConn Freshman Will Have Biggest Impact?

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    The one that is able to stay academically eligible will make an impact because there’s no one good left on the team. The ones that do not, will not.

    1. cmen

      You are such a cute little man you silly rabbit! Keep the intelligent comments coming – we all love your insight. Have a nice day Thumper!

    2. Paul

      Hip Hop name the last Uconn player that was deemed academically ineligible by the NCAA?

      That is the joke. The NCAA lets these kids play and then comes back after 4 years and says that these kids didnt do well academically. Makes a whole lot of sense. If the NCAA wants these kids to get an education then why not do something when these kids are actually at the school?

  2. Marc

    Hip Hop speaks from sheer ignorance, like most trolls do.

    Academic issues for UConn didn’t center on GPA of an active player. If any active player gets < 2.7 GPA they sit and are part of the APR calculation against a team.

    That no player in recent memory had to sit for GPA, the other side of the APR calculation was in play: staying in school.

    If UConn has 15 (for example) players receiving scholarships, and all are academically fine, but 2 don't stay in school (transfer out, leave, etc) then the team gets 15 pts for GPA, but 13 pts for staying in school. 28/30 = .933 * 1000 = 933 APR. So just 2 players who decide to leave, even if they are academically fine, can tank a team's APR.

    1. Alum 73

      How the heck does Kentucky get away with it year after year of 1 and done?

    2. Paul

      That is not the real calc. A transfer or a player leaving early for the NBA doesnt hurt the school unless said player is not im good academic standing. Each player actually gets 2 points assigned to them. One for being in achool and 1 for being in good academic standing. If a player leaves for the draft then they are only evaluated in a 1 point scale so as long as they are in good academic standing a player wont hurt the team. The trick for the school is to keep that player in good academic standing after the season when they declare for the draft. The player still needs to complete the spring semester and get good grades.

  3. ray-ray


  4. gouconn13

    For Kentucky, it is easy to just stay at the school for two completed semesters. All they can take as many easy courses as they can. At the same time, they can just pass these courses by going over 2.7 GPA. That is not hard. For Uconn, they have bunch of sophmores or Juniors (Drummond is the first one and done uconn player ever) leaving college early, but they mostly tended not to finish the spring semester. What is the difference for a juniors completing almost more than 5 and half semesters and freshmen just complete two semesters. Uconn still get the punishment and Kentucky dont. I think the APR rating is a joke!!!

  5. Jay

    With all the one and done players at Kentucky, how do they stay academically eligible?

  6. Bob

    Interesting if Shabazz comes back and Facey turns out to be the rebounding machine he appears. To get time, Facey would have to play center, since Boatright, Napier, Calhoun & Daniels are all 30+ minute starters. This means Boatright would be the only starter playing his natural position. Sure simplifies things if Shabazz leaves. Facey becomes starting PF, DeAndre goes to SF, Omar to SG, Samuels backs up Boatright. Everybody plays their natural position, and the rookies get the action they need. Goodbye Shabazz?

    1. UCONNFB

      Why would Shabazz leave? He has no chance at an NBA career. Without a UCONN degree, he will be living in a cardboard box.

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