Mailbag 5/21 [Updated] : How Will Wolf’s Scholarship Loss Impact UConn APR?

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Q: How will Enosch Wolf losing his scholarship affect APR? Do we lose the retention point no matter what? Only if he leaves the team? Or only if he leaves school altogether?

Gregory Koch


A: Thanks for the question, Gregory. It’s a good one. There is gray area here. I’ve run it by a couple of people who know and here is what I’ve got: If Wolf signs a pro contract somewhere, anywhere, then, no, it does not cost UConn a retention point. If he does not sign a  pro contract, but his Grade Point Average is 2.6 or higher, then UConn would not be penalized no matter where he goes or what he does. I can’t say I know what Enosch’s grades are, but the impression I’ve gotten is that he is above 2.6, or very close.

So chances are, UConn will be okay on this front. It does not automatically cost them a retention point.


Got some more info Wednesday morning I will add here. ,,, If Wolf signs a pro contract, he would be “3 for 3,” meaning UConn got all three possible points for 2012-13. If he returns to UConn, he becomes a “4 for 4.” If he leaves the school without becoming a pro basketball player with a GPA below 2.6, UConn loses a point and he is 3 for 4. If he is above 2.6, and, it’s 3 for 3.

So UConn could lose a point if Wolf transfers, but that would likely be the only point the program loses for the academic year, so APR would still be in solid shape. Bottom line, I don’t see any worries for UConn in this area,  



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