Mike Aresco: UConn’s Big East Tournament Hopes Are ‘Over’

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Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco spoke at the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast on Monday morning and was asked about UConn’s hopes of changing the minds of league presidents and being allowed to play in the Big East Tournament this year. His response, relayed from colleague Paul Doyle, who covered the event for us, follows:

“… No, that’s over for this year. They won’t be in this year’s tournament. But we welcome them the following year. … By the way, [president Susan Herbst] wasn’t there when all this happened and they’ve corrected everything. They’ve got a terrific AD [Warde Manuel] now. They’re doing much better [in APR]. It’s one of those things. It happened. It’s something they have to get through.”

Here is Paul’s full story on our website.

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10 thoughts on “Mike Aresco: UConn’s Big East Tournament Hopes Are ‘Over’

  1. ray-ray

    who cares?the big east is done.uconn was a major drawing card,along with cuse.the garden was mobbed with uconn fans.everything will take a hit.maybe the ass… from the ncaa will get some pleasure out of a half filled garden.will calhoun be there?

  2. Jay in the ATL

    Aresco is an idiot. All I can say. There are teams defecting left and right, and you leave the team that’s staying out of it? It’s just plain stupid. Heard today the “Catholic 7″ want to get out of the Big East earlier. Fine, let’s break the agreement for that, but not for an end of season tournament. It doesn’t really matter that we aren’t playing, it’s that he sits there and says, “we welcome them the following year…” Nice.

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    Idiot Calhoun screwed us by recruiting retards then telling them they didn’t have to go to class.

  4. UConnJack

    Isn’t the commish so very generous with his stupid comment, “But we welcome them the following year”! That one sentence pretty much should tell you all you need to know as to why the Big (L)East is in so much trouble. Who does he think he is? A few lousy months in charge and he becomes our sole benefactor? What he is, in actuality, is the captain of a sinking ship and he can’t even comprehend the lunacy of his statement!!

  5. buddy

    The BE has disrespected UConn from the beginning. This commissioner is following the same old patterns. If he had any guts at all, he would tell the BE departing presidents that they have no say anymore. The UConn administration is weak and driving UConn athletics to the brink of extinction. Wake up UConn Board of Trustees. Don’t you see how ineffective they are?

  6. Hip Hop Hood

    We brought this on ourselves. If only Calhoun didn’t screw us over by recruiting idiots who can’t read.

    You don’t see Duke or even Kentucky with these issues.

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