NCAA Denies UConn Request For Waiver Into 2012-13 Postseason; Appeal To Come

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The NCAA has denied UConn’s request for a waiver just one day after the news became public about the university’s willingness to self-impose penalties. Here’s the release from UConn sports information:

UConn Athletic Communications — February 10, 2012 – NCAA Waiver Denied

 STORRS, Conn. (February 10, 2012) – The University of Connecticut was informed on Friday by the NCAA that its waiver request to participate in men’s basketball postseason competition for the 2012-13 season, including the 2013 NCAA Tournament, has been denied.

Connecticut will now appeal the decision to the NCAA Division I Committee on Academic Performance Subcommittee on Appeals.

The waiver was submitted to the NCAA as a result of the UConn men’s basketball team’s performance in the Academic Progress Rate (APR).

“We are deeply disappointed that our request for a waiver was denied, but we look forward to continuing in the process,” said UConn President Susan Herbst. “We continue to believe that we have made a very compelling case in our waiver to the NCAA and we are pleased with the recent outstanding academic success of our men’s basketball student-athletes.

“I want to be clear that during my entire career as a scholar and a teacher, I have been in full support of high academic standards in collegiate athletics. However, in this case, there are good students who could be penalized for the problematic behavior of students who have not been enrolled for years.


“Educators and parents need to do what is right for their students, and not allow them to be caught in the dynamics of public relations.”



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29 thoughts on “NCAA Denies UConn Request For Waiver Into 2012-13 Postseason; Appeal To Come

  1. Greg

    Another case of a college program thinking they are above the law. Sorry Calhoun didn’t retire when he was at the top. Now he will be remembered as the coach who let UCONN hit rock bottom in lots of ways. Very sad his ego got the better of him.

  2. Steve

    So go from winning the 2011 tournament to missing the 2012 tournament on the merits and then barred from 2013 tournament. Not a good title defense….

  3. Alex Oriakhi

    Why should my son be punished for what somebody else did? Why should Uconn allow such incident to have happened in the first place? To me I blame it squarely on the Uconn system for putting up with academic inferiority ahead of basketball. The Uconn system must find ways to reverse NCAA sanction cos is unfair to the kids who had nothing to with what happened in the past.

  4. William Donovan

    What’s truly baffling is that President Herbst continues to pontificate that these actions are a result of students no longer enrolled at UCONN. Again, we the citizens of Connecticut, graduates of UCONN and taxpayers that support the entire university through our taxes can’t understand why she shifts the blame to students rather than Woman-Up and take responsibility for the systemic failure in leadership that insured that student performance in the classroom was first and foremost to performance on the court. UCONN has a long tradition of doing what it wants, hiding financials and not disclosing information to state auditors and investigators. It’s time that UCONN was stood down for its complete failure. Bravo NCAA, now we can begin the rebuilding and the trust that you leave UCONN being able to do more than put a ball in a basket.

    1. Rosrob

      Almost half of all the freshmen who attend a four year school don’t graduate within six years. Please come down from your soap box.

      1. William Donovan

        What’s wrong with being able to carry a “C” average? They go to UCONN to get an education, not a blister.

        1. William Donovan

          Funny, I don’t see Notre Dame on the list???? It’s amazing how many wannabe jocks are so concerned about this. Get a life, read a book, take a class.

        2. Rosrob

          I agree, they should be taking advantage of the opportunity given to them. But like I said, 50% of the 2011 will never earn a degree from uconn, but if the bball player had a 50% grad rate guys like you would say there is something wrong with college sports.

          1. William Donovan

            I agree with you on taking advantage of the opportunity. LOL. You’re right, if 50% of them graduated, the game might be better played in the library?? Good point ROS. I don’t want to see this program slide anymore, but if this has to be to end it, then end it and move on with the rebuilding, at some point it becomes useless to cry. Will the university leadership please stand up, please stand up?

          2. William Donovan

            Exactly why would someone have a “handle” like Elvis? What high school did you graduate from winner? I’s be more than willing to put my education up against yours any day, hour or second King.

  5. Dave

    Since UConn is the only major school to take this APR hit this smells of anti UConn Bias. The rule should start as of 2012 and move forward. The kids who play at UConn now should not suffer for the kids of two to three years ago who had academic deficiencies. Especially since the last year and a half to two years the APR is good and getting better . Mark Emmert got his revenge that he wanted. I’m sure if Ohio St or Michigan was involved it would be a lot different.

  6. dyno55

    Past transgressions have resulted in serious
    penalties assessed against Uconn; hopefully
    these penalties will not destroy our Men’s Hoops Program that is already disfunctional.

    It’s obvious that certain members of the NCAA
    are engaged in a vendetta against Coach Calhoun.
    I am not aware of what the final rulings were concerning
    Univ of Miami & THE Ohio St Univ but the charges against both of these institutions were more serious than of
    Maybe it’s time for the major conferences to form their own
    governing body and leave the NCAA; it’s time for
    a total revision of “Rules & Standards” that will not
    occur under the existing NCAA organization.

  7. Steve

    Maybe if UConn stuck to it’s minimum SAT score entrance standards for everyone (including athlete’s), they would not be eating this schnitsamwich right now.

  8. John

    Everyone applauding this ruling by the NCAA has to explain why a.) it is allowable to institute new rules and then make them retroactive to a time when they didn’t exist and b.) penalizing schools for athletes who leave early to go play in the NBA or overseas, where they make 10-times more money and have 10-times more financial security than any kid coming out of school with a degree. If your boss turned to you tomorrow and said “you know, we think people are taking too much time off, so we have cut everyone’s vacation time back by a week, but we checked our records and you took three weeks off last year, so we are docking you two weeks pay because of it.” Something tells me you would have a legit case for a lawsuit.
    The fact is the NCAA is a facade. These kids are there TO PLAY BASKETBALL. That’s where 90 percent of their future lies. If you show me story after story of former Calhoun players living on the streets because they went to school, played basketball, and didn’t get a degree because no one cared whether they studied or not, then I would be outraged. But, where are those stories? Where are the stories of the kids whose lives are WORSE for having played basketball at Uconn?
    Everyone buys into this NCAA farce. This is the most reprehensible organization in America that, once again, will do nothing but hurt young people to simply try and uphold an image that intimates they care about higher learning. They don’t, and unfortunately Uconn is the victim.
    I feel sick to even be a fan of a college sports team. I wish someone would have the guts to sue the NCAA and make them defend their very existence in a court of law.

    1. John D

      Very well said John.I personally think the NCAA is as phony as a two dollar bill and has become to powerful over the last few decades.Time to bring them to court or have it dissolved.

  9. Matt

    So, it took the NCAA what, 2 days to reply to the request, and it was denied, and it took them 8 games worth of time as they strung Ryan Boatwright along and robbed him of his homecoming game in front of all his family and friends. Why would you think the NCAA has it out for UCONN? Can’t imagine.

  10. Brandon Cavette

    I totally agree with John. The NCAA is just horrible. I wish someone would come up with some type of other college sports association. They only do the stuff they do because nobody does anything about it. Its time for the government to step in, cause the NCAA does so much unconstitutional stuff its just crazy. They ruin lives, point, blank, period.

  11. ray-ray

    my son struggled academically in his first semester at uconn.all his finacial aid was taken from him.he improved his grades significantly, but was denied appeal by university.i couldnt be happier with ncaa decision.half those players cant put a sentence together.whos zoomin who?

  12. Bob Hebee

    NCAA: a hypocritical and unethical organization that profits on the unpaid labors of those under their authority and control. Not surprisingly, they actually have the self-righteous audacity to claim that they are watching out for the best interests of the Student Athletes. Per an agreement with the NCAA, high school grads cannot go directly to the NBA to WORK and earn a living. Since there are no minor leagues in basketball, this rule forces them to play in College. Because the NCAA needs a competitive game to sell their Programs to TV advertisers, coaches travel all over the country to recruit only the best of the best to “work” at their campus. Colleges pay to train the future NBA workers (at no cost to the NBA) and the Colleges make millions off these “Student Athletes” by selling their game to TV. It’s OK when great players leave college and go into the NBA after one year. The NCAA has already made their money off that one and they roll the marketing dollars into the next great “One and Done Player”. All the while, with all of those millions of dollars flying around, the players don’t get paid for their labors. Yes, they get a scholarship to attend classes. BUT THEY CAN’T BE CALLED STUDENT ATHLETES IF THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY STUDENTS. Here lies the hypocritical quagmire that the NCAA has created for itself. The scholarship is merely the cost of admission into the Big Money Game with CBS and ESPN. If these guys worked for the State, the Unions would be all over the news claiming unfair labor practices.

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  14. george syms

    Cant bellieve the way this school has gone down. Season ticket holder for years. Just received football tickets, but will not buy after all this is going down, WOW, feel sorry for the great students at the school to have a bad name.

  15. Pete

    Feel bad for all involved. JC is one of the best b’ball coaches in the business. However, I think at this point the university has dealt with almost 4 yrs of ongoing bad press about the program and Jim. I think it’s time for him to step aside and allow the university deal with the fallout and then start over. If nothing happens we’ll be dealing with this for another 2 yrs with no resolution and more issues down the road.

  16. buddy

    There is no doubt that the NCAA is against UConn. They are very upset at UConn’s success since Calhoun has arrived, as well as the dominance of the women’s basketball program. They unfortunately are not alone. President Herbst is doing everything she can to promote the university and raise it’s overall standing. All major public universities have outstanding athletic departments. UConn must continue to be able to compete at this level, even though the Big East conference has been seriously diminished. This can be accomplished however, by aggressive scheduling of other major university teams. Forgive me as I digress. Yes the NCAA is unfair, Yes UConn is being unfairly punished, but we must get over it. We will sit out next years tourney and hope to rebuild. I only hope they can get a nationally recognized coach to come in and replace Jim C when he goes. Erase the board and start over. However, be vigilant and make sure other programs are equally monitored.

  17. SDHuskyfan

    Oriaki is right – how can you punish these players and the school using five year old results? Why should any rule look backwards? just another reason to be p.o.Ed by Dyson, Robinson, Mandledove, and Thabeet’s work off the court

  18. hank pustelnik


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