Rankin: Jabari Parker’s Final Five Does Not Include UConn [ESPN]

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It looks like UConn’s efforts to land Jabari Parker, considered the top recruit in the country, are over. Parker told ESPN’s Reggie Rankin that he has cut his list to five – Stanford, BYU, Duke, Michigan State and Florida. Rankin broke the news on his twitter feed, click here. 

Parker was visited at his home in Chicago by Kevin Ollie last week, this after he added UConn to the list of 10 he put out in July. All indications are Ollie made a strong impression. It was a long shot, for sure, but you can’t win if you don’t play.



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16 thoughts on “Rankin: Jabari Parker’s Final Five Does Not Include UConn [ESPN]

  1. YankeeI

    If he’s as good as they say, he’s a one and done! No point with no tournament eligibility. Give the scholarship to someone who”ll hang around and contribute!

    1. david

      he is a 2013 prospect, UConn is only banned for 1 year, which is this year. after this year, it is business as usual and no 2013 commit and forward has to deal with that.

  2. mike

    Can’t blame Ollie for this miss. He had one visit! If you read what he is about this guy wasn’t a fit anyways. He is one and done. Ollie want’s to continue to build teams, unlike Calapari an others! Please give Kevin more than 1 year Uconn. Please!

  3. t boner

    Youre right! KO deserves to have a contract longer than a year right now! He is handcuffed for the future unless Ward gives him the security. I don’t think Ward Manuel’s history adds up to more than a boil on UCONNs butt, but if he had an uncanny feel for life and people then his first real no brainer would be a multi year contract for KO. The kid Parker is definitely a Calipari kid. He has no quality to his make up. He comes from a family like Drummonds. All they want is $ they don’t no loyalty or have much moral fiber. Jabari’s Mom is Andre’s Mom only a couple thousand miles away. Carbon copy you should see her, she thinks she is the one that everyone wants to sign haha.

  4. Sven Svenson

    Sven thinks he was never coming to UConn but it was good that Ollie got invited to the show and tell home visit. That is a big step.

    Now that is out of the way, Sven wants to know if Dom is planning on giving us daily stories on the Huskies soon.

    Look at the coverage the Orangemen get in their newspaper just in October alone. (Sven hates the Orangemen)
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  5. old hoss

    Give KO some time, I agree, that one year contract is doing nothing for recruits to give us a commitment. Good effort, KO is an impressive guy from all indications. It is a pleasure to have him coach us. Hope he succeeds and we have him for 20+ years.

  6. tboner

    True dat Old Hoss! We need KO for 20 + seasons. That would be good for at minimum 3 National Championships maybe more the way i see it and by the time his contract is up my life will be about up as well. Can’t think of a better way to ride it out than with a man like KO at the helm of the team that I care so fanatically and oh so deeply for. Good thoughts by you Old Hoss! A guy named Old Hoss is also a guy that I would like to get beers with as early as the pre season next week ha! Meet you at Tolland Pizza before first night, say 5pm.

  7. Gouconn13

    Well, Uconn have won three national titles by not having anyone who were a top five high school players in the country before coming to Uconn.

    Uconn need to go back their old ways….recruit at least two to three guards who are a four stars to three stars recruits and get bunch of under-rated frontcourt players like Okafor (wasnt even a top 50 high school rated recruit), Freeman, Voshkul, Wane, etc. In the last some years, Uconn have recruited too many four to five stars center or post players who were more over=rated than the ones who were three stars to one stars recruits

  8. jp

    T boner to say andre’s mom is all about the money is nuts the women was a very successful and caring employee at a local hospital. your comments are ignorant and shameful.

    1. J Cronk

      jp about Drummond’s Mother, know her oh too well, she’s a money grubbing scoundrel that cares not one bit about anything or anybody before herself and what Andre’s money can afford her. Thankfully he got the huge money to sign because that’s all she’s going to get. I think they may still pay him well in Iceland after he poops the bed in the league hahahaha!

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