Rodney Purvis Tweets That He Is Leaving NC State … Is UConn On His Radar?

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The first shoe has dropped. Rodney Purvis is leaving NC State. Via his twitter account, he said, “Tears won’t stop falling. I enjoyed every moment here. I still love you guys, no matter how you may feel about me.”

And Wolfpack coach Mark Gottfried tweeted his thanks “and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”

The other shoe is where Purvis will go. UConn was among the finalists before  he chose to stay close to home and go to NC State. At one time, he had committed to Louisville.

Purvis, though, had some academic issues that had him ineligible for a time, so UConn would have to examine that carefully. He was a starter most of this past season for NC State, averaging 8.3 points per game, but his role diminished later on.

If Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright return to UConn, and there is cautious optimism that they will, the Huskies won’t really need an impact guard for next season. If Purvis were to transfer to UConn, he would have to sit out a year, and then be ready to roll when UConn will need guards in 2014. So a transfer, like Purvis, could be an ideal fit.

It’s an exciting possibility, but take note, it’s only a possibility at this point. One thing is certain: with the high number of transfers in this day and age, that has to be a significant part of the recruiting picture and it will be for UConn. There figure to be many more, too, to consider in the coming weeks.



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9 thoughts on “Rodney Purvis Tweets That He Is Leaving NC State … Is UConn On His Radar?

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    Seriously? We’re going after a guy with academic issues? So Calhoun getting us put on probation didn’t teach us a lesson?

  2. Eric

    I would tend too agree with Hip Hop it being Easter time and all… but well that would be the case if he wasn’t such a tool all the time. Use extreme caution and study those transcripts. I know the university will not let him in if they are lacking, and nor should they. We are on a short leash and need this kid to get his academics in order. The year off waiting to play might help. No reason a kid can’t turn it around.

  3. Hoop

    Don, can you or anyone explain how KY even has an APR score when it seems most of their players seldom stay in school? I thought sustained grades and graduation rates were part of these calculations.

    1. ed rush pac 10 official

      As long as they finish this semester in good academic standing they are fine. Just like Lamb and Drummond did not hurt us.

      That said it is widely believed KY carefully selects the courses so they don’t fail. Kinda like UNC has also been caught doing recently.

    2. bmo22

      I don’t think graduation rates play as large of a role in the APR score as everyone thinks. The thing that matters most is that if a player does leave early, or decides to transfer, that he leaves in good academic standing and finishes the semester. The problem UConn had really existed because guys were leaving the school without finishing the semester(not completing course work, taking 0’s on their final exams, etc.). As long as the players at UK finish the semester after they enter the draft (in good academic standard) the school doesn’t take a significant hit, if any, to its APR score.

  4. hjoerring/DK

    Why would we need this guy, if he wasn’t making it at UNC? Are they that good? Is he being shown the door– centainly the bench? And have we not have problems w/ borderline cases– first he was there, then over there, and now somewhere else.

    1. Truthful Exposure

      It seems we are desperate and looking to fill seats on the bench. The loss of the real Big East members is killing our conference.

  5. Hip Hop Hood

    I have no friends in my life. I look at this blog every 7 minutes on average hoping that I can be the first to post. I am a loser troll. You guys make me feel like I’m less of a loser because you always reply to my posts. Reality is that I have no friends in the entire world. Making you guys respond to my posts makes me feel less like a loser.

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