Shabazz Napier, Niels Giffey Injury Updates

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The Huskies were back on campus Sunday, and two of their injured players received more treatment and evaluation.

Niels Giffey had a new set of X-Rays on  his index finger and they confirmed he has a fracture. He will see an orthopedic specialist to determine the best course of action. If the finger has to be completely immobilized, one imagines, he will not be able to play in these final two games, but UConn was not ready to make that determination yet.

Shabazz Napier was in for more treatment on his right foot. Napier, who missed Saturday’s  game at Cincinnati, the first game he has missed since coming to UConn (102 in a row), hopes to get back on the court and play at South Florida on Wednesday night. That would have to be considered questionable at this point. He is still in a walking boot.

The Huskies did not practice on Sunday, but get back to work Monday.


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10 thoughts on “Shabazz Napier, Niels Giffey Injury Updates

  1. teo

    Bad news all over the place.

    Maybe Monday is affecting me, but my hunch is the Huskies will be joining the C-7 in the next 3-5 years. UConn folks — especially Warde and Dr. Herbst — continue to compare apples to oranges. It’s a land-grant university, we’re told, so that fits with the Big 10. Perhaps — except that the Big 10 is only expanding into larger markets.

    We’re like Indiana, I suppose. We have a great basketball program with a mediocre football program (it’s 10 years old) that has a minimal following. Indiana’s got 31,000 students (to our 17,000). Its men’s basketball program generates $18million to our $7.3 million. Now football is harder to decipher b/c of payouts but according to the NCAA, IU generates around $25million in football revenue. UConn? $14 million.

    So why would the Big 10 invite us? I just don’t see it — unless someone else leaves and schools don’t just leave the Big Ten.

    What about the ACC? We’re closest to Chapel Hill because, again, we have a strong hoops program and an inferior football program. But North Carolina’s basketball revenue ($24million) is actually much stronger than UConn’s ($8million). So BC is similar — half the size, it’s basketball revenue is around $5.5million and its football revenue is about $18million.

    What do the Huskies bring to the revenue table for these conferences? I don’t see it — and this is close to a peak time. I mean, imagine the revenue when we’re playing SMU and Memphis and Houston.

    1. ron

      teo you make a good point. The way I see it is when Fla ST and Clemson leave don’t be surprised to see UVA GT UNC? to the big 10. It won’t be us though. I’m a uconn fan so when those good seats go on sale my two boys and I can watch the Huskies play. They don’t know who we used to play only the teams they are going to play

  2. ray

    Don, I would rather see Shabazz shut it down for the year. No sense in doing further damage. We need him full strength next year.
    This team has nothing to prove to me. They have been one the most enjoyable teams to watch. They fought hard all year and are much appreciated. Let’s let our star player get better.

    In the case of Giffey, he will be missed if not allowed to play. Who else gets an important rebound, who has more deflections than anyone since Nadev Henefeld. Key shot he makes it. He is perpetual mtion out there.

    1. Big Earl

      Ray, Shabazz will be fine. He sprained his ankle, all he’s going to do is sprain it worse, and with the summer he will have more than enough time to get better. The last 2 games are all we got, I hope both guys can go. If we don’t have Shabazz, Giffey becomes that much more crucial to the team. We played what, 6 guys against Cinci? (not counting Tolksdorf’s 2 minutes)

      1. ray

        I hear you Earl……..I thought the fot inury was related to his problem last summer….Did not realize it was only a spran.

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    Wow – KO now blaming injures for the loss?

    This guy never runs out of excuses.

    1. ellen

      Hip Hop Hood, you don’t think losing your highest scorer can lead to a loss? It’s not an excuse, it’s a reality. The Huskies played very hard and stayed in the game but Calhoun has a bad wrist, Giffey has a broken finger, Napier has a badly sprained ankle and they lost three transfers who were looking for greener pastures. They’ve been a wonderful team to watch but their injuries certainly make it harder to win a game.

    2. busdriver

      KO using excuses? PLEASE! With what he has accomplished with this team is simply amazing. Name me any other team that has played like his team without a front court that can’t spell rebound, much less get one!

    3. teo

      This is an absurd comment. Ollie wasn’t blaming anything or anyone for the loss. He was recognizing reality: it’s tough to win without your starting guard — especially one who scores.

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