Susan Herbst on Big East: ‘We See Intriguing Opportunities to be Unique

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Here is a statement from UConn president Susan Herbst, which is part of Paul Doyle’s story on The Big East in the Saturday Courant. … I’m sure it will spark some discussion.


“I am very impressed by the enthusiasm of the current members of the Big East Conference.  We have presidents and institutions that are committed to both outstanding athletics and academic performance.

“There is a great esprit de corps among my fellow leaders of these schools, who provide such strong and seasoned leadership at their own universities.  We see intriguing opportunities to be unique, in our conference focus and our brand, as we move forward.  I have no doubt that — despite the musical chairs of re-alignment — we have the leadership and institutional excellence to compete at the highest levels, with each other, and in inter-conference play.”

Click here for more of Paul Doyle’s excellent work on this topic.

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16 thoughts on “Susan Herbst on Big East: ‘We See Intriguing Opportunities to be Unique

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    ESPN and CNNNSI report that what the Cathoilic 7 will get in a TV contract is greater than what the Big East will get.

    IRONIC and HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

    1. ray

      I go back to what I have said before…..Beg the Catholics to let us in….sign an iron clad contract to stay with them no matter what.

      Have football go to the FCS or go independent because this coaching staff has ruined a program that was on the rise……

  2. Hip Hop Hood

    Waiting for Herbst to provide details about all the awesome opportunities for us…or is she making up news like Desmond is on the football blog (GDL going to the Giants, yeah right – LOL).

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    When Herbst is talking about the “enthusiasm” of the current members, does she include SDSU? They just took the Big East logo down from their website.

  4. sl

    She and Manuel are conducting the dance band on The Titanic. This situation is only getting worse. Embarrassing! This football coaching staff has got to go. Scapegoats? No. We need to show that we are serious about football. Their hire by Hathaway has left us living this nightmare. He must be laughing his head off!

  5. sl

    She and Manuel are conducting the dance band on The Titanic. This is so embarrassing for our program. This football coaching staff hired by Hathaway is haunting us and has done us in. He’s probably laughing his head off. PP needs to be fired and replaced to show that we are serious about moving forward.

    Intriguing opportunities?? Ms. Herbst, what is the color of the sky in your world????????

    1. Randy

      SL is right on the mark. This is like the scene with Kevin Bacon screaming “all is well” in the movie Animal House. UConn is not in a good position and needs to figure out how to align itself with a major conference or it will soon become irrelevant in major college athletics. The University is facing this crisis because of poor foresight, bad assumptions, and lack of initiative. We are now in damage control mode, and the future looks pretty bleak when you assess the options. This is what happens when you move to slow in a game of musical chairs that, for the last few years, has been the NCAA.

  6. buddy

    I don’t know how she could possibly come out with a statement like the one that she made. It only shows that she and the AD are totally out of touch with reality. The Big East is imploding. There will be no one left but UConn in a conference of one.

  7. Uconn77

    Herbst and Manuel must be smoking some wacky weed. The Big East is done! They should sell the football stadium to the State and lease it for games they play in an 1AA league. Their current coaching staff can compete at this level. Also, the state can use Rentschler for high school games, other small state college football, and concerts. The next step is make the Arch-Bishop of CT President Emeritus of UCONN then join the Catholic league. UCONN has alway been a BASKETBALL school! Top football recruits will not attend a New England school period!

  8. Randy

    The President and AD need to start thinking about some “out of the box” ideas. Perhaps lobby the ACC or other major conference for inclusion in their league with the understanding that UConn would not receive the same level of revenue as other schools for the first five years (and/or possibly even have UConn pay a large up front sum to have UConn accepted in the first place). Sounds desperate and some other things would need to happen, but it would all balance out in the long run. That kind of approach may hurt some people’s pride, but it is the prudent thing to do at this point. Sitting by idly and waiting for a major conference to come knocking on the door is a high risk and dangerous path that has already led us into the situation we now face.

  9. gouconn13

    All she does is to try to keep us happy by saying, we will be fine every time each school leaving the Big East conference.

    Really she should start saying things into a negative way like to say “uconn may be in trouble making money via football program due they dont have a conference to play in”. like that.

    She just need to stop talking and pretending that we will not have financial problem in the future if Uconn isnt going anywhere. She is making us to look like a fool!!

  10. Patrick

    Yippy, so on top of a hopeless situation- not only does the admin refuse to put in the commitment that would save us, they’re also selling us BS or are at best, delusional. I’m done. No more tickets for me. I love Uconn, but I’m not going to enable this destructive behavior.

  11. Will J

    Is she being serious? Did she have a straight face when she said that? Come on.

  12. Andy

    Coming from a recent graduate, Susan Herbst is a joke of a President. From her draconian crackdown on Spring Weekend (limiting off campus guests was a good idea, turning campus into a police state where bus service is suspended, the Student Union is closed, and police checkpoints exist on all roads in and out of campus is an overreach) to her complete lack of effort or even understanding of what is going on in the world of college athletics. She should be removed from her position. At least Hogan gave a damn!

  13. Eddie

    It’s bad enough that herbst did nothing to improve the academic problems related to the over-emphasis on builidn the sports programs, but now she also shows she knows nothing about building the sports progrms–yikes!!!!

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