UConn vs. Syracuse: About 3,000 Tickets Available

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The news for UConn took a bad turn on Monday, with Enosch Wolf’s arrest and suspension. The Huskies are to play sixth-ranked Syracuse on Wednesday night in what was meant to be one of the most exciting nights of the season.

As of Monday afternoon, I was told, there were about 3,000 tickets remaining for the game, which will be on ESPN, with Brent Musburger and Bob Knight on the call. You can buy tickets on the  UConn website here, or at the XL Center box office, which opens at noon, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The Huskies will now have to contend with Syracuse, tough enough, with a woefully thin front court. Tyler Olander, who has scored only 18 points in the last seven games, will have to step up and play well – and do it without getting into foul trouble. Phil Nolan, who  has played only a handful of games, getting 17 points and 20 rebounds in 115 minutes, will have to take some or all of the 13.7 minutes Wolf was averaging.

Here is the full story on the incident involving Enosch Wolf.

And here is a story on Shabazz Napier’s evolution, for the Tuesday Courant.



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11 thoughts on “UConn vs. Syracuse: About 3,000 Tickets Available

  1. JJ

    This is more embarrassing than Wolf getting suspended! Maybe the Conf USA/BE crap league is where we belong since the “fans” don’t want to support KO and the team. I’d love to read the pathetic excuses.

  2. Steve

    This is actually one time to not blame the fans. UConn thought it would be clever to only include tickets to this game to season ticket holders or by buying a three game pack. Their greed to get people to buy tickets to additional games is what caused this, not to mention they want $50 for this game a ticket. Quite a way to sell the last game in a storied rivalry.

    1. DK

      as JJ said can’t wait for the excuses. I realize as a Connecticut sports fan you are entitled to show up once a year and sit mid court, lower level for $20.

      1. Steve

        I’m a season ticket holder and will be there, my point is if UConn wasn’t greedy raising the price on one game, or make people buy tickets to other lower profile games we wouldn’t be a day before the game with 3000 seats available. I am one of the biggest advocates of UConn fans having a false sense of entitlement and it bugs the hell out of me, but to choose one game and make stipulations on how to get the tickets is poor on UConn’s part.

    2. John

      This is the time to blame UConn fans. If your a big time college basketball program you should be selling out EVERY single game or almost selling out every game. Look at the great college basketball schools North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Indiana there is never an empty seat in the house whether it is Florida A&M or the biggest regular season game of the year. UConn fans have to step up!

    3. Jim

      UConn is all about greed, greed, and more greed. I am a UConn alumnus. I was a season ticket holder and I WAS a $$$ contributor. My contributions were matched. Now I am neither a season ticket holder or contributor. Never been to a RENT football game and never will. UConn can take it’s greed and it’s tickets and keep them. Honestly you don’t sell out games and build the fan base by screwing the fans.Basic concept. UConn is all downhill from here as that is the path the UConn administration has chosen. For those that don’t like my comments, too bad. The truth can be difficult to accept by some.

  3. Ray

    How else do you think Calhoun can be paid this year? Squeeze every $$ possible out of the fans………….

  4. jessie mockler

    Syracuse got Southerland back in time for their last game
    Maybe UCONN can ge Wolf cleared. Schools have been known to take care of these things.

  5. Adam

    I’ll be there. Hopefully, so will 3,000 more UConn fans will be there too. Maybe a couple of Husky rebounders now that Wolf is suspended! Going to need every board!

  6. Chris

    I’m glad UConn is charging $50 for this game. If you want to pay $20 for a game then go watch a high school game. The

  7. Chris

    I’m also of the belief that if non-season ticket holders want to cherry pick the best games and not show up for the non-sexy games they should pay a premium.

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