UConn will join Indiana, Washington and BC in 2K Sports Classic at The Garden

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UConn will be one of the teams in the 2K Sports Classic, which ends with semifinals and finals at Madison Square Garden next Nov. 21 and 23, according to MSG.

Indiana, Washington and Boston College are the other teams committed, according to The Garden’s twitter feed. UConn has been penciled into this event for a while, but the Huskies’ nonconference schedule for next year cannot really be set in stone until the new league commitments are finalized. The breakup of the old Big East becoming official on Froday, perhaps next season’s schedule can start to take shape. (Here is Paul Doyle’s story, the latest on the Big East breakup)

Couple of interesting elements here. UConn has a home-and-home agreement with Washington, having played the Pacific Huskies at the XL Center this past December. If they could play in this event, the Seattle meeting could be pushed down the road a year or two.

And, of course, UConn could play former Big East rival and conference-realignment nemesis Boston College. The teams haven’t met since January 2005.

Best of all for UConn, with the loss of The Garden as its league tournament venue, the Huskies will get the chance to play at “the mecca of basketball” next year. For a program that has had a lot of success recruiting New York City  players and wants to keep the pipeline open, this matters.



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10 thoughts on “UConn will join Indiana, Washington and BC in 2K Sports Classic at The Garden

  1. Mike McManus

    Things will work out…they always do. Last week everyone was lamenting the fact that UCONN won’t be playing in The Garden anymore thus they won’t be able to recruit NY kids in the future etc… UCONN has always been a “draw” at The Garden and I would venture to say that there will be other opportunities in the future where UCONN will be asked to participate. For those who always see the cup half-full, cheer-up guys!

  2. Hip Hop Hood

    LOL at KO for begging for an invitation in the quote on Doyle’s article.

  3. Mr. Wonderful

    Dom, some professional you are. “Froday”? really? You also spelled “Thursday” as “Thuirsay” on the weekly blog. You need someone to proofread your work.

  4. hjoerring/DK

    HH.Hood, where is that “begging”? Certainly not from his statement about him coaching them where ever they should end up playing. There is nothing there for you to go after. Indeed, were I from the ACC and a bit touchy I would, probably, take exception to being mentioned in the same breath/sentence with “backyard” and the ‘whatever’.
    Hold up with your cheap shots. I liked his comments: I have a job to do and it’s my responsibility to do it well regardless of where we end up playing.’

  5. Sam

    In light of the collapse of the conference, I’m hopeful that you will report Uconn has a lot of tough non-conference games scheduled in the upcoming years. So, who can we expect to see the huskies be playing outside of the conference? Is it time to drop the instate cupcake games?

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