Work Ongoing at UConn Basketball Facility …

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bbworkSTORRS – Was up at Gampel Pavilion today and noticed work was underway on UConn’s basketball training complex.

There will be an official “ground-breaking” ceremony on April 16, but as AD Warde Manuel promised when he announced that back on March 9, work would really begin as weather permitted. The goal is to have the $35 million facility ready in 14 months, for the UConn men’s and women’s teams can begin using it in the fall of 2014.

UConn has established a live cam for fans to watch the construction as it goes up, though you need AXIS media control for it to work.



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33 thoughts on “Work Ongoing at UConn Basketball Facility …

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    We no money coming in from a TV contract, that project is likely to bankrupt UCONN sports.

    1. Hip Hop Halfwit

      Apparently you haven’t been paying attention to the ESPN & CBS deals, but that’s expected coming from you…

    2. HHH's Guilty Conscience

      Hey evil me, did you also not read about the 20-25 million dollars UConn will be granted from the pool of money created by all the teams that are leaving’s exit fee’s?

      That is a lot of money, much more than we’re making flipping burgers at Arby’s… we can’t even get a job at McDonald’s bro

    3. David

      Hip Hop Hood…are you for real? Dude, you comments are consistently beyond ridiculous. How about moving out of CT and finding another team to support?

  2. T-bone

    Actually, there is money coming in from the TV contract along with about $25 million for the Big East breakup, millions from selling UCONN gear, millions for licensing fees, ticket sales, concessions, etc, and millions donated for a project that’s pretty much already paid for. Financially, UCONN sports will be alright.

  3. Hip Hop Hood

    Can anyone suggest good glue to sniff? Price matters. I’m ‘unemployed’.

    1. Hip Hop Halfwit

      Go figure unemployed? Hard to fathom with your attitude.

      PS – Try sniffing all glues. See which one you like best.

  4. Keith

    I understand that only a small amount is covered by private notations. The rest is taxpayer funded and bonded. Like our state can afford this…right? Why can’t the field house be used as a practice facility?

    1. Doug

      I understand.That’s the best Kieth can do Well James is correct.You are a knucklehead and all you would have to do before saying someing dumb was to do a little research.

  5. Dave

    Keith is wrong, all the money is private donations. The building is NOT bonded.

    But it is great that people like hop hop and keith who have no idea what they are taking about can spout off here. Our great Constitution gives them the right to be wrong and make fools of themselves in front of everyone.

  6. izzie

    I’m sure this will help the state get out of the financial and employment problems we’re facing. Yeay team, go Chihuahuas.

    1. David

      The State is in trouble because we keep electing officials that can’t say no to state unions. But, then again, they wouldn’t be able to win elections without them. This has nothing to do with a privately funded bb development center. Investing in UConn is one of the things the state DOES get right. Invest in UConn from academics to facilities to research, and yes, athletics and you will see big benefits to the entire state.

  7. bmo22

    I wouldn’t get too worked up over some of the people that post on this blog. This facility is HUGE for recruiting. Period. The goal to have it completed for the fall of 2014 is also significant because the coaching staff seems to be going all in on the class of 2014 recruits. The chance to work out and get better in a brand new facility will be one of their top recruiting pitches.

  8. T-bone

    I’m surprised some posters get worked up over someone who obviously is only online to try to get a reaction. Just ignore him and he’ll go away.

  9. deman

    News flash! You don’t need a 33 million dollar practice facility to compete in Conference USA. What a joke!

    1. bmo22

      You may be right, deman, but the joke’s on you. UConn wants to compete NATIONALLY, as it has been doing since the late ’80s. Conference affiliation is important, but overrated. Build it and the recruits will come. And so will the championships.

      1. buddy

        I hope that you are right bmo, but I think deman is right. Thirty years of building a program have now been erased. I fear that UConn will become fodder for majors to play to get an early season “W”. I see UConn going back to being a “cinderella” school, not a major power anymore.

  10. nbite

    33 million?

    Was a less expensive option considered such as a pre-fab metal building or an air-supported bubble structure. Perhaps UC could have rented gym space / time from nearby ECSU?

    I’m not saying the facility is a waste but I am sure it could have been done for less than half the cost! Why waste money when it could be allocated to other needs, maintenance and programming????

    1. UCONNFB

      I recognize for some of the brain surgeons on this blog that “thinking” is a major process and typically leads to a headache–so try to follow along:
      The new practice facility is paid for by private donations; not costing the State or the University any $’s.
      The new facility allows UCONN to attract high quality recruits and compete at the highest levels.
      Competing at the highest level yields increased revenues: TV, merchandising, etc.
      Increased revenues sustain the costs of running the bball program and contribute to the overall budget requirements of the University.
      The simple minded approach looks for imagined “costs” to complain about. The open minded approach sees how an “investment” yields positive results.
      You’re stepping over $20 bills to pick up nickels.

      1. bmo22

        There’s no reasoning that will get through to some of these people. It’s the worst part about being a sports fan in Connecticut. Half of these so-called “fans” hate on their own team. I realize UConn will never have the fan support of Kentucky, Kansas or Duke, but it’s pretty rediculous. Do you think fans of those schools would shoot down the OPPORTUNITY to build a top-of-the-line training facility for their teams? I guess this isn’t a surprise though. The Huskies were ineligible for the postseason so UConn fans used it as an excuse to not support the team during the REGULAR SEASON. Pathetic. It was pretty sad seeing the XL Center half empty for even some Big East games this year. No matter the conference, the program can flourish with great coaching, great facilities, and great fan support. The latter is clearly the issue.

    2. David

      Nbite, you are a complete idiot…along with the majority of short sighted and small thinking cheapskates in this discussion. Put up a pre-fab metal building, bubble dome, or rent space at ECSU? C’mon man, are you serious? We may as well close Gampel while we’re at it and move back into the Field House. It’s thinking like this that will doom our basketball program. And as for the rest of you who keep complaining about the State spending money, while you’re unemployed, perhaps you should be dedicating a bit more time to looking for a job instead of posting inane comments here. And, as some posters have astutely pointed out, this facility is being paid for by PRIVATE donations! It’s really sad to read most of the posts on here…truly pathetic!

  11. dorsey1

    Where were these facilties when the great Joe Whelton,Tony Hanson,Al Weston,Corny Thompson and Randy Levigne were playing for the Huskies?

    Whelton is still the best point guard ever to come out of the state of connecticut-he played for East Catholic High School in East Hartford-the best pure point guard ever in this state-

    The best ever to come out of New England at point guard was the legendary Ernie Degregorio out of Providence and was was the NBA rookie of the year for the Buffalo Braves back in 1974.

  12. SJ

    Does anyone care that UCONN will be in a league with Tulsa, SMU, Houston, UCF, and East Carolina? How will a new facility help when that is your league? Not sure recruits will want to come to Storrs for that.

    1. UCONNFB

      Another Genius….the entire future of the world is based on what I can see at arms length today!
      Hey Einstein, consider that the new facility and the higher level of success the bball programs at Uconn will enjoy through this, will lead to opportunities to move into other Conferences sooner. I know, I know…its that pesky thinking thing again. Try to get past the part where it makes your head hurt.

      1. Hip Hop Hood

        Wow, the level of delusion of the previous post is almost on par with Desmond Conner.

        1. UCONNFB

          Don’t agree with Desmond on much. Have stopped reading his column frankly.
          Not sure what your point is. If you are saying that Desmond believes that people should use their head and think rather than use simple minded cliches not supported by facts; then yes I agree with Desmond.

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