A Dash Of Geno From Postgame Comments

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Here is a little of what the UConn coach said about Saturday’s 90-30 win over Seton Hall on Senior Day at Gampel.

On senior Kelly Faris recording her 1,000 point on senior night:

“You know the things that happen to you sometimes, you can’t orchestrate, you can’t predict, if you just keep doing a lot of good things and keep working hard…keep putting yourself in the best position possible then good things happen to you. For Kelly to score her 1,000th point on senior night, that’s kind of been like her career…she’s kind of been at the right place, at the right time, all the time. I’m thrilled for her and I know that she is not a big points person, but I think in the big picture of things it is pretty neat how it worked out like that.”

On Kelly’s playing time:

“I had plans to just let her kind of play. If you’re a senior then I think you are going to play a lot on senior night, at least as much as you can. Caroline unfortunately stepped on a kids foot and I wanted to get her out as fast as I could, so I was going to leave her in and let her play, but I wasn’t going to give her the whole game. I wasn’t just going to leave her in there, just to leave her in there the entire game…at some point it gets counterproductive when you are trying so hard, that’s why I’ve never been one to do that.”

On Breanna Stewart’s performance:

“I especially liked that her first couple plays were really aggressive plays that weren’t standing around and waiting for something to happen…they were the type of plays where she was making something happen and that’s how you get out of whatever is bothering you. You get out of whatever is bothering you by being more aggressive, not by being more timid and that doesn’t mean you become more aggressive just by shooting jump shots. She ended up impacting the game by follow-ups, offensive rebounds, just a lot of good things that she was doing and I hope it’s something that she can build on.”

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14 thoughts on “A Dash Of Geno From Postgame Comments

  1. Hot Pants

    Notre Dame will still win on Monday night. Even the homer Kara has doubts about this UConn team.

  2. Village Idiot

    Stewart is coming out of her funk,the only way that matters–by playing her way out. Buck showed moves and play that had she shown that 2 years ago, she’ be a 30 minute/game girl.
    Happy for Faris, her mother, and Bob Faris–they got to see the Kelly Uconn world loves.
    Doty’s Sr Nite game was a micro-video of her last 4 plus years. Hit a three, make defensive stops, then roll your ankle.
    KML–was KML, in first half had 16 points in 16 minutes. Is that production?? Or What?
    Stokes hit a 12 footer played ok defense, nice-she will be needed the rest of the way.
    Tuck-good, not great, work is still in progress. Mo Jeff is still being a very good Mo Jeff

    1. Amen Hallelujah

      SNY’s post game has been a ripoff from the start. Repetitive and boring. Raise your hand if you would rather hear Gary Apple or Geno Auriemma, KML, Dolson, and Faris?

  3. Sott Law

    I believe it is past the time to beat down this very average NoterDame team—March 4th, Uconn will blow them out,they are fed up with losing to these imposters, agressive from start to finish,Uconn is a superiorteam, by far!

    1. NewHavenJude

      Hopefully, UConn will beat ND on Tues. They are certainly more than capable of that. However, ND is definitely NOT a “average”team nor are they “imposters”. I wish tht were the case :-(

    2. UConn Is Not Superior

      5 wins out of 6 games for Notre Dame. A loss is a loss. It does not matter if UConn loses to Notre Dame and Baylor by 1 point or 6 points or by 20. It still counts as a loss and leaves fans scratching their heads what happened to the killer instinct that previous UConn teams had.

  4. Sott Law

    I believe it is past the time to beat down this very average Noter Dame team—March 4th, Uconn will blow them out,they are fed up with losing to these imposters, agressive from start to finish,Uconn is a superior team, by far!

    1. UConn Is Not Superior

      repeating yourself is not going to change the fact that Notre Dame defeated UConn 5 out of 6 games

  5. bridget

    great article and stewirt played amazing yesterday let’s just hope she keeps it up

    1. Wirt

      It was Seton Hall. A high school team led by a WNBA coach. Everyone knows Stewart can beat up on shorter, smaller, less talented kids. Geno is waiting for Stewart to do that against kids her size and with her talent.

  6. Someone Was Too Busy Watching The Oscars

    Keep hearing how great UConn’s head coach is. Keep hearing how great UConn’s practices are. Yet this team is full of players more worried about their scoring stats than winning as a team. And they run around with their hair on fire out of control. UConn’s coaching staff is overpaid. Anyone can tell those same players to fast break, run motion, and jack up threes all day.

    1. billnaples

      And SOMEONE – Please let us know how your coaching resume reads. One stat and one only. I belive that UConn LEADS THE COUNTRY in assists. How do you get from that to players only concerned with their scoring. Seems you are missing an awful lot, maybe staying up too late watching the Oscars. If that is what you see let us know, I will bet someone can get you to a good eye doctor.

      1. Steve Gee

        My favorite part bill, is when “SOMEONE” pretends to know what other people are actually thinking.

        Poor thing, cursed with such a supernatural power and no ability to utilize it’s practical application.

        I wonder if that “SOMEONE” knows what I’m thinking right now?

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