A Look At UConn-Notre Dame

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Time: Monday, 7 p.m.

Where: Purcell Pavilion, South Bend, Ind.

TV: ESPN2 (Pam Ward and Rebecca Lobo)

Radio: WTIC-AM 1080, WILI-AM 1400 (Bob Joyce and Debbie Fisk)

Series history: UConn, 29-9

Last meeting: Notre Dame, 73-72, Gampel Pavilion

Streaks:  Notre Dame W22; UConn W3

UCONN (27-2, 14-1)

5 CAROLINE DOTY, G, 5-10, Sr., 3.8 – Did not start Saturday for just the third time this season.

30 BREANNA STEWART, F, 6-4, Fr, 12.5 – Was just 1-of-3 with two points and four fouls at South Florida

14 BRIA HARTLEY, G, 5-7, Jr., 8.7  – Missed all 11 shots from the field Saturday in 32 minutes

31 STEFANIE DOLSON, C, 6-5, Jr., 14.4 – Tied her career-high with 25 points at USF

34 KELLY FARIS, G, 5-11, Sr., 10.6  – Now has over 1,000 points, 750 rebounds, 500 assists and 250 steals in  her career

4 MORIAH JEFFERSON, G, 5-7, Fr., – 4.3 – Has 52 assists and 37 turnovers off the bench

23 KALEENA MOSQUEDA-LEWIS, F, 6-0, So., 17.6 – Career-high 32 points vs. South Florida; shoots 50.3 from three.

3 MORGAN TUCK, F, 6-2, Fr., 6.0 – Started for Doty on Saturday, played 17 minutes.


4 SKYLAR DIGGINS, G, 5-9, Sr., 16.9 – First team All-American; 168 assists, 82 steals this season

23 KAYLA McBRIDE, G, 5-11, Jr., 14.9 – UConn killer, but is shooting just 28.6 percent from three this season.

11 NATALIE ACHONWA, F, 6-3, Jr., 13.8 – Played for Canadian Olympic team; leading rebounder (9.3), shooting 53.6 from field

32 JEWELL LOYD, G, 5-10, Fr., 11.9 – Averaging 29.7 minutes in 26 starts

44 ARIEL BRAKER, F, 6-1, Jr., 5.3 – 32 blocked shots; 59.5 field goal percentage

34 MARKISHA WRIGHT, F, 6-2, So., 4.6 – Averaging 4.6 rebounds; 20 points vs. St. Francis.

22 MADISON CABLE, G, 5-11, So., 4.5 – Shoots 40 percent from three, but just 60 percent from foul line.


Shared title, top seed

Notre Dame can wrap up the Big East regular-season title with the win, but will share it with UConn if they lose. However, the top seed in this weekend’s Big East tournament will go to UConn if it wins because of a Big East tiebreaker involving comparative records against Marquette and Providence

Hot rival

No one knows how Notre Dame’s impending departure to the ACC will impact this intense rivalry. The teams have played nine times in the last three seasons; the Irish winning 3 of 4 last year, 5 of the last 6. Of course, Notre Dame has also defeated UConn in the last two national semifinals.

Back in the flow

The Huskies need more consistent performance from their guards. Hartley, Doty and Jefferson combined for just nine points and shot 2-of-16 against South Florida on Saturday. If they do that Monday, it will be hard for UConn to win.

Digging Skylar

How is this for impact? Notre Dame was 4-28 against Connecticut before Diggins arrived four seasons ago. Diggins is the only Notre Dame women’s basketball player to score at least 2,000 points and have at least 500 assists and 500 rebounds in her career. She is also on track to become Notre Dame’s all-time leading scorer.


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8 thoughts on “A Look At UConn-Notre Dame

  1. FIRE GENO (IN 2032)

    Come on John!! ND was 4/28 before Diggins, Peters, Novesel, Mallory, Achonwa. Novesel was much more in establishing that record.
    JOHN–You know the ups and downs of University top 10 recruiting, and it bit Uconn on the butt during that time.
    Maya unlike DT couldn’t carry a bunch of Freshmen and Soph in her final year loss.
    Geno has always said WINNING IN DIVISION ONE IS MORE ABOUT RECRUITING WELL–Great Coaches recruit great players to become great coaches.

    1. FIRE GENO 2013

      And the great Kelly Faris was one who failed to help Maya win her 3rd title. Geno and CD are to BLAME for signing EDD, signing only Faris in that class, signing Walker, Engeln, and Johnson, and signing only Chong for next season. Maybe if Geno actually developed his players in games instead of playing favorites with Zero Doty and 0-11 Hartley, UConn would have a better recruiting record. At some point Geno and CD need to get out of the 90s mentality and learn to deal with this generation.

      1. billnaples

        Is recruiting an exact science? Not hardley. EDD made a decision as anyone who can read would know based on things not basketball or coach or anything other than an 18 year old’s decision to stay closer to her disabled sister. Of the trio only Walker was going to be a contributor and I don’t know that her decision to leave was anything more than wanting to be closer to home. Who really knows beside SW? Engeln and Johnson were likely role players with bit parts and occasional cameos. So you bust chops because they sign only one or two then bust because they sign too many, If UConn can not “develop” players perhaps you can explain why most every WNBA team consistently says that UConn players are the best prepared of any school when they come to the pros.

      2. Steve Gee

        LMAO 2013.
        Yeah, we get it.
        You don’t like Geno.
        We get it.

        Your comments about Geno’s supposedly poor recruiting record do not square-up with the long and successful record of Geno and the program he’s built.

        But why let that affect your talking points, right?

        Find ONE SCHOOL where players don’t transfer.

        Go ahead professor, we’ll wait.

        Come back and show us the utopian program where they get ALL the best recruits every year, and they’re always happy, always play the exact number of minutes they wish, and they always win the national championship undefeated every year.

  2. Winning the B.E. isn't the NC

    Geno has gone thru this loud noise of critics a few times before. On Uconn “off” years he has only won 30 games like 18 times in 20 years. So us fans have only had 0, 3, 5 losses in those off years to complain about. WE know Geno can do better–next year Geno lose 10, only win 28 games–give us something REAL to complain about. PLease!! And stop this Final 4 thing–we can get a lot more nasty mileage out of that, no final 4’s for the next 5 years OK GENO? I want to complain about you, your salary, your recruiting, your coaching, your ties. And whether you wear a jacket or a sweater, important things.

    1. FIRE GENO 2013

      Like there is enough talent in girls high school basketball to make 300+ teams capable of defeating UConn. Quit pretending that winning 20 games against high school competition is difficult. When one team signs the number 1, 2, and 5 players after signing the number 1 the previous season, it aint difficult to defeat Seton Hall, Providence, Oakland, Holy Cross, etc.

      1. Winning the B.E. isn't the NC

        If winning against this High School competition wouldn’t everyone be doing it??
        Why aren’t there 20 or even 10 who win 25 or more game EVERY year?? The top 10 or 20 recruit from the same pool as UConn.
        So the same 10 or 20 should be the same every year. Hasn’t worked that way!!
        Uconn has signed many of the top 20 players and some of those you complain about above were in that category. If Uconn/Geno has one fault is he takes too many players who come on board with ACL/Knee/or other injuries. EDD wanted to stay at home–her parents wanted her to go to Uconn. Ask her mother, she will asnwer you she’s a very nice woman who has social graces such as to answer letters..

      2. billnaples

        There is not enough talent to make 300 men’s teams capable of defeating the UConn men either. But UConn does not play those 300+ schools, they play (for now) the Big East and then a solid schedule of non conference ranked teams. The only two losses have come against ND (by 1) and the Griner led Baylor team. Ranked 1 & 2. They beat the best of the rest. Look at the record. While 20 wins a year is not be the yardstick to use UConn has 12 of the past 19 seasons with 3 or fewer losses, 7 titles, only two years of less than 30 wins (one was 29) and on and on. In fact over that 19 year span (we’ll wait for 12/13 to finish before counting that) UConn has averaged better than 33 wins PER YEAR with fewer than 3 losses, well over a 90% winning rate. Rationalize that!

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