A Night To Remember, A Night To Forget

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There are times when you can tell what the score was by just looking at the eyes of the players after it’s done.

They tell you what you need to know about the conditions that have just conspired to turn a great day into a disappointing one for a team.

And after Monday’s triple-overtime 96-87 loss to Notre Dame, in what essentially was the Big East’s regular-season championship game at Purcell Pavilion, the redness in the eyes of Kelly Faris and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis spoke louder than their soft voices.

“You could say it’s frustrating,” Faris said. “We just played a game we could have won three times. And we lost. Yes, it’s pretty frustrating.”

There was plenty to be frustrated about.

UConn lost to Notre Dame for the sixth time in their last seven meetings, an unprecedented drought for a program known for punishing – not being punished.

In doing so, the Huskies lost a chance to share the conference’s regular season title gain the top seed for this weekend’s postseason tournament.

They squandered opportunities to win the game every step along the way.

“Our resolve is going to have to be different,” Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis said. “I don’t know how many times you can lose to the same team and think something different is eventually going to happen.

“Whatever it is, something has to change within our team. It can be done. It’s about looking inside yourself as an individual and decided whether or not you change or if you want to change.”

In regulation, the Huskies led 62-59 with 2:20 to play. In the first overtime, they led 70-64 with 2:48 to play, then missed four free throws and allowed an unguarded Kayla McBride to make Notre Dame’s only three-pointer of the game with eight seconds left to tie it.

“I didn’t want to lose,” McBride said.

In the second overtime, UConn led 80-75 with 2:23 to play and 81-77 with 1:31 left. And finally, the Huskies led for 32 seconds, 83-82, in the third overtime. Notre Dame then scored 14 of the final 18 points over the last 3:42 while UConn made the last three of its 35 turnovers.

“How many chances can you have on the road against a really good team?” Auriemma asked. “You might have one chance, maybe two. But you aren’t going to get unlimited opportunities.”

The end product was a game that was scored 15 times and had 14 lead changes. It was game that McBride (26 points) and Skylar Diggins (29) not only scored 55 of their team’s 96 points but took 59 of its 89 shots.

“I felt like I was protecting my house, like a guard dog,” Diggins said.

And it was a game, another game, that UConn did not get what it needed from many of its core players. Mosqueda-Lewis (26 points) and Faris (21 points, 13 rebounds) led the way.

But Stefanie Dolson, who fouled out after 35 minutes, had 11 turnovers to go with 12 points and 11 rebounds. And although she impacted the game with five blocks in 40 minutes, Breanna Stewart scored  just five points, shooting 1-of-7 from the field.

“It’s been that kind of year,” Auriemma said. “I’ve seen many things I’ve never seen before.”

And now the Huskies prepare for the likelihood of a third game against the Irish in the Big East tournament championship game on March 12. And perhaps they will meet again in the national semifinals in New Orleans.

If so, UConn will have to rethink everything it has done, if for no other reason than to prevent it from happening again.

“These are the games you look forward to,” Kelly Faris said. “If the game is on the line, the competitor within you makes everything else go out the window. It doesn’t matter how long you have been out there. It doesn’t matter how long your opponent has been on the court. There is a game out there to win and that should be everything and anything that is on your mind.

“The change [with UConn] has to start individually and become a collective thing.

“I have always said there is something to learn from a loss. There always is. I will sit there and rack my brain, think about things we could have done better. We should have blocked this person out or done this better. There’s going to be a million things that we should have done differently.

“In the end, you have to figure out who wants it more. What are you willing to give up to get it? And it can’t come from just one or two people. It needs to come from an entire team that is willing to give up everything to win.”

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340 thoughts on “A Night To Remember, A Night To Forget

  1. Here's An Idea

    Instead of practicing glorified 3PT all summer …

    1. Myldrid Diggins

      Thank you Uconn “fans” for all the negative comments you’ve made about that team.
      It is nice going into the Big East and NCAA tourneys and probably playing a very de moralized team. Those are beat before we start.
      Let me see YOU have SAID:
      Dolson fouls too much
      Kelly Faris can’t guard, can’t shoot, has too many turnovers.
      Hartley–her best days are long since gone
      Doty–a liability on the floor
      Stewart–can’t shoot and runs around like a headless chicken
      Tuck–Worst Freshman in the USA
      Jefferson–over rated and undersized
      Buck–Best Nurse in womens basketball
      Stokes–Geno hates her
      Geno–should be fired NOW
      Chris–should be fired (supposedly after Geno)
      Ralph and the other one–can’t coach guards and bigs, in other words Uconn’s coaching staff STINKS

      1. John D

        Myldrid-Very well said.As a Philly born and raised sports fan that has gone through many years of frustration with Philly teams it takes a lot for me to appreciate a team in any sport but UConn has more then accomplished that since I made CT my home many years ago.I remember a sign in a store window not to long ago that proclaimed Geno Is God and now after UConn has 7 National Championships as well as won the Big East regular season & Tournaments so many times its hard to remember how many, the fans have become spoiled.I can’t remember a time in the last 20 years when UConn was not ranked in the top 5 but I guess thats not good enough for Ct fans.It appears that most real fans are now students or seniors and there are more empty seats at games then ever with the exception of when UConn playe top 25 teams.I notice that there are teams that have fans that constantly fill their gyms and have never won a Conference or National Championship.So sad that we now have fans that think they know more about the game then the coaches and players just because their team does not win it all every year.I’ve been a fan for well over 60 years and have seen dynasties come and go in a lot of pro & college sports.Nothing lasts forever so the fans better enjoy it now while they can because there may come a day when only a few hundred rather then thousands turn out for games.

      2. David Schulz

        Well to be fair, Notre Dame fans probably said similar things when Baylor beat them. However I wouldn’t call the people who say such things about the UCONN women, fans. Most of them wouldn’t know a basketball if it hit them in the face. And judging by most of their remarks they could have been hit in the face a few times to often. Actually if your niece had played here, she would probably have a few National championships under her belt.

        1. JD

          You three are morons. Do you know the team personally or Geno? No so why criticize them and judge them? Have you met them? If not then stop judging them. Yes. They should have won the game, but you can;t win them all, but why bother being here if you aren’t fans?

  2. Here's An Idea

    If the regular season losses don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things according to Geno lovers …

    1. UconnFan

      The reason the majority of these other schools are so bad every year is because they put the absolute minimum into their woman’s programs where their facilities are no better than the high school they left and the better players are aware of this and do not go, Also no program in the country has had a tougher schedule for the last 20+ years than Uconn!

    2. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Agin, Buck doesn’t deserve the slams. She has stuck it out thick and thin – she is at every practice and supports Geno unconditionally. She would love more playing time. In fact, I think in a game like last night, with Dolson gone, Buck could have filled up the key and challenged any of the ND players coming in to score. Sure, she is not a starter but her size and fresh legs could have made a difference in the overtime periods at least. We are all frustrated, but Heather does not need the wrath of the frustrated.

  3. Here's An Idea

    Instead of bragging that UConn practices are more difficult than games …

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      I will counter your comments, “Idea” with this – why is it that Notre Dame has never, and I mean, NEVER, won the Big East Tournament if they are so good? Cat got your tongue?

  4. Here's An Idea

    Instead of throwing the usual suspects under the bus in practice and in the media …


    Stokes, Jefferson, and Buck did NOT lose this game …
    Geno’s upper classmen lost the game

      1. Steve Gee

        Right Dave.
        But the issue with this troll is that only HE knows what it takes to win. Only HE knows how to recruit, build a successful program. If only the players would train like HE wants them to, and the coaches would coach the way HE says they should.
        If only the reporters would report what HE wants them to report.

        The epitome of the arm-chair quaterback.

        He’s not been there or done that. Yet, only HE knows all, about everything, and how dare us for not following HIS commands like they’re sent from his wireless, X-Box controller.
        In HIS tiny mind, HE can fix everything, if only the world would listen.

        1. Joanie W.

          Look at the Facts…ND has won 7 of the last 8 ….that isn’t coincidence…..Outplayed and Outcoached…(everyone knows “Up 3 under a minute..You Foul!” )

        2. Ellen Ellen

          Steve Gee—Perfect definition of STEVE GEE.
          Keep on trolling, trolling , trolling.
          “Steve Gee can fix anything if only the world would listen” and write on this blog as he tells them.

    1. coach777b

      Here’s an idea, why don’t YOU apply to UCONN to replace Geno as Head Coach. Tell them about your stellar record at (???) University. Tell them about your superior intellectual skills and your outstanding recruitment record.
      Then us less informed, less intelligent fans can sit back and critique you. I would suggest that like a lot of armchair critics, you never played this game and have no understanding of the pressures facing these young women when they put on this uniform. Better yet, why don’t you stroll on over to the Notre Dame website and declare your love. Offer your talents to Muffin McGraw and convince the Notre Dame faithful that YOU can lead them because of your hate for all things UCONN. do us all a favor and stay off this site until you learn how to offer INTELLIGENT comment!

        1. Ellen Ellen

          Joanie–that’s probably the most true statement you’ve made.
          Working with 17 to 22 year old’s with their underdeveloped minds (per Dr Phil)is frustrating. Trying to get them to change year of bad coaching (from AAU non coaches) is frustrating. They believe if they score they are wonderful. Defense is the picket thing in front of their house.

    2. Kevin Cavanaugh

      I disagree with your assessment –

      Faris plays harder and has done more defensively than any player who ever played at UCONN. Sure, she missed a critical free throw but her assist to turnover ratio is one of the best in college basketball.

      Now, Doty, she is another story. Sure, she is a fraction of her former self (before injuries and surgeries), but I agree that she is past her effectiveness to the team and should get much less playing time – in fact, she should only be used to rest the starters. (I know, she is one but she should not be at this point). Jefferson should have been phased in over the past 3 or 4 weeks.
      Hartley has never returned to her former outstanding level of play – her shooting is off and so is her game. UCONN is top-heavy with physically big players and short on quality guards.
      Hartley needs less playing time and Tuck could have used more for a long time.
      As far as Dolson, she chose to execute a pick but the official chose to call a foul that wasn’t there at all. Sure, she took a calculated risk trying to create a little breathing room for her teammate but that does not qualify as a big “dumb buttocks” upper classman mistake. Her one mistake if it can be categorized as that was responding to the choke hold on her. She could have turned away and regained her composure but she was under extreme pressure to keep active in the play and got charged when she was literally being beat up. If you want to talk about “dumb buttocks” talk about the officiating.
      Even with the bad calls, UCONN had numerous chances to win the game in regulation, the first overtime, and the second overtime.
      They choked at the free throw line and Doty choked twice while in possession of the ball – something you would expect from a freshman.
      I wonder, seriously, was Doty frustrated because of not starting two games in a row and was mentally “on strike” either by accident or by plan? Late in the game Doty had several opportunities to shoot a uncontested 2 or a 3, yet she never took the opportunity.
      I feel Doty has lost the will to be competitive and should ride the bench until she gets her head back in the game.

      1. Kevin's Mom

        Size does matter. But not in blogs. Skipped right to the end where the reply button was.




        1. David Schulz

          Have to disagree with you on the call on Dolson that got her ejected. If you look at the replay. You know actually LOOK at it, you’ll see the only contact was a light brushing of Diggin’s left arm with Dolson’s left arm. The main part of their bodies was not within a foot of one another. It was a total flop by Diggins, and not a very graceful one at that. That ref had been making bad calls all night and Diggins played him for the dupe that he was.

          1. Mystery Guest

            Dave in make a pick you do not have to make contact. Movement is all it takes. And Dolson moved toward the ND player and put her knee out in that direction. That by definition is a moving pick/violation.
            Turnovers—Dolson 11 of the 35
            Diggins 8 of the 21 for ND.
            Uconn up by 6 in first OT with 1.47 to go. Stewart Tuck Fair miss the front ends of 1 and 1. There goes the game. The rest is incidental. Uconn had the game won in regulation and first OT and 2nd Ot with less than a minute to go. Faris had 5 turnovers.
            Doty had 6 points in the game.
            Mc Bride had 26 Diggins had 29 MLK had 26. 5 of uconn starters scored 4 in double figures. This is not a bad team, it only has bad fans.

        2. David Schulz

          If there is no contact, it is not a foul. Refs call fouls when there is no contact, but that is just bad officiating. When the contact was made, Dolson was not moving.

    3. Bracchus

      Well said. The fact is that Mosqueda Lewis was the only one who played well consistently. Yet, all I see in the Courant is write ups on Doty, Faris and Dolson.


        KML was standing around waiting for the ball. Did not see her go help Doty or Jefferson.

        1. Bracchus

          Hard to help them when they are dribbling away from you and into double teams. Their job is to find KML and make sure she gets the ball. They failed. KMG was the only one who played consistently well. Faris would have been next.

  5. Allen Freshler

    A sad effort for many after a good full season. We lack resolve, determination and desire for some. Thirtyfive turnovers, some credit to ND on this and poor trapping instict on the part of UConn. We kept dribbling into trouble on the sideline with traps against the sideline. Why, can’t the coaches see this? These handoff pass we have developed stink! somebody is open downcourt but we don’t find them, only run down the clock then panic shoot if, by then we haven’t thrown away the ball. The real point guard to be, Jefferson should have played more to provide speed, yes she would make some mistakes but as many as some upperclassmen. Geno needs to develop some of these players instead of spot play after a 30 point lead. At least he started Tuck for the first time.
    We are develping too much of a pattern hgih post game which does work with lesser foes but ND is quick/smart and easly reads this back door cut. Steph needs to look for her shot more, too busy passing it out when SHE HAS THE SHOT! The coaching staff has stright jacketed some of the creative players and this hurts when other play arn’t working!
    We are a lot better than last nights showing, let them play more, not develop more plays!

    1. Allen Freshler

      The staff needs to consider a box and one defense. Our man to man was a step slow/fell for picks and allowed easy penetration for layups and foul shots. ND knows how to get to the line, UConn doesn’t!!!!! At least a 2:1 advantage here in all of these ND games! Don’t we see that???? Why was over 80% of our offense around mid court?

      A great game for several of our players but most players must have a decent game against ND or Baylor.

    2. Steve Gee

      Have to agree on the traps. But it isn’t as if the coaches can’t see it. Geno and CD could be seen instructing on this several times (yelling at Doty more than once to stay out of the sideline trap). But it’s up to the player on the court to execute. Too many times they didn’t, and played helter-skelter, looking rattled.

      I disagree with the comment of players being “straight-jacketed”. Typically, UConn only runs situational “plays”. The vast majority of the time they are coached to just play basketball, run their offense, allowing them to react instinctively to the D.
      Maybe this team needs to run more “plays” than other recent teams. They do seem to get rattled too often when under pressure.
      I think Tuck played well (her 2nd straight start) Showing some great moves with the ball. She still needs work on her screens and positioning when without the ball.

      I like your suggestion below of the box and one (would like to see Mo-Jeff as the one). When Geno went to a zone late, it was effective. I think once ND adjusted, the box and one might have helped to keep their offense off-balance.

      1. bogey29free

        and who would the one be guarding…diggins or mcbride,a case can be made that mcbride is the more skilled offensive player right now,at least in both games against uconn she was.Box and ones don’t work against really good passing teams,and Notre Dame is a good passing team.

        1. Steve Gee

          I wasn’t suggesting that it (box and one)should be a constant on the D, but perhaps it could be employed at crucial times to disrupt offensive rhythm.

          UConn plays an active zone, and I would put Mo-Jeff on McBride because of her speed.
          Would it have helped? Maybe, maybe not, but I found it an interesting thought.

    3. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Allen – great observations – especially regarding traps. When two or three defenders trap one player, two others are open and the bigs should run, yes run, to the rescue. Yes, Dolson should, when the opportunity presents itself, shoot more. She is effective from just inside the 3 point line – sometimes beyond, but lets say a long 2 is her most effective range. That said, if Stewie is in at the same time, she has no business being out near Dolson. Her height and wingspan belong inside – especially with Dolson in the high post. We, UCONN, towered over Notre Dame yet we did not use height to our advantage.

      Everyone bi**hes about Buck – well, Buck could have been put in in spurts in the overtime to fill up the middle against Diggins and others making layups. Again, Buck had fresh legs and a willingness to play. I believe Doty has lost her willingness, desire to play. I wrote extensively about last night’s game, our players, and the rest of the season on my blog: http://kevinfortruth.wordpress.com/ Please stop by and leave a comment.

      1. Bracchus

        The problem is that Buck has played very little. Stokes is the one who should have been played. She provides interior defense and rebounding with no turnovers and consistent free throw shooting. Buck, at this point, just doesn’t have the experience.

        I would have experimented with Dolson, Lewis, Stokes, Stewart and Hartley in a 2-3 offensive set. Dolson’s outside shooting could have drawn ND out with Stewart and Stokes ready to rebound, or receive a quick pass down low.

        On defense, they would be ideal for a zone. Cut penetration and close the lane.

        Geno has options. He needs to get a little more creative if he is going to beat ND or Baylor.

  6. JN Pelletier

    ND killed the Huskies inside. Why are they getting so many easy layups.

    1. eLLEN ELLEN

      Did you count the number of shots Uconn got as layups or closer than 10 ft?? Muffett today is asking her team–HOW DID UCONN GET SO MANY SHOTS IN THE POST??



    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      I disagree. If UCONN loses next year, it will not be because Doty is gone. It will be because Faris is gone.

      Also, I have not heard that Geno hates Stokes – all I have heard is that Stokes injured her foot and her leg and has been significantly bruised and that takes time to recover. You might be right, but I wonder. Walker left because she could not cut the muster. She is doing okay at Kentucky but better without her than with her attitude. Geno is far from perfect but he is very competitive and has an awesome record to show his effectiveness.
      By the way, why are your posts in all caps? Do you really need to “shout”?

      1. Get Your Geno Aid Cult Juice Here!

        awesome record when he has Olympians on his team

        and no Geno did not make Diana and Maya into Olympians

        they made Geno into a legend in his own mind

        remember Geno said UConn has Diana and no one else does

        you never ever heard a UConn player say we have Geno and you don’t

        1. David Schulz

          Bash, bash, bash! All those terrific players come to UCONN because the coach is terrible. Such insight.

          1. JD

            David How is Geno horrible? H has over 800 wins how is that horrible? If you don’t like him, why bother watching him or reading stuff on him or Uconn? Idiot.

        2. David Schulz

          JD, If you were paying attention, I was responding to the “juicer” posted above.

      2. Bracchus

        Walker could not cut the mustard. As a freshman she did a credible job on Griner in the Baylor game. She had potential. Something soured her. Maybe it wasn’t Geno, but then again…

  8. TINA >>> DOLSON


    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Charles and Dolson are like night and day – no pun intended. Charles had a terrible first year – she thought she was God’s gift to basketball but it took her a year to learn to play team ball. After that, Tina was unstoppable – and she and Maya were like hand and glove. Dolson likes playing the high post and does fairly well inside when she is there. That said, if Dolson is outside, the other big in the game – Tuck or Stokes or Stewie have no business being outside anywhere near Dolson. Their height and wingspan are better inside. Stewie is the mirror image of Charles in year one. Stewie will rise to be one of the great ones. She is used to being the biggie on her high school team and is frustrated on the bench. She will pay her dues and UCONN will benefit from her presence. Stewie will surprise everyone in the Big East tournament and the NCAA tournament this year. The last few games have given her an immense amount of experience and confidence. If she is directed to use her wingspan under the rum, opponents like Diggins will be frustrated.

      1. Joanie W.

        They were up big 4 times late in the game and did not foul ( Poor coaching )

        1. bogey29free

          so joanie let me get this straight,your strategy is to start fouling when you are up big late in games.Wow at what coaching clinic did you pick up that little pearl of wisdom.

          1. Joanie W.

            Under a minute left and up minimum of the 3, you foul…since ( follow me ) 3 minus 2 is still a win by ? one

          2. JR

            UConn was only in position to foul late once, just prior to McBride’s three, and Geno said he maybe fouling was the better idea. But he’s right that for some reason no Husky challenged her on the shot. Either way, that’s one possession in a 55 minute game.

        2. Kevin Cavanaugh

          I dont believe making the choice to not foul is poor coaching. If ND missed the 3, he would have been though of as a genius.

          Geno chose not to foul and the team followed his desires. What the team did collectively is choke on the free throw line. Poor shooting nights happen in basketball. Doty chose not to shoot when open, at least two times – when nobody was around her. She also made some freshman type errors and for a senior that is a clear path to losing. Even with the poor officiating, they had three big chances to win and they were pressured into making a handful of errors that converted into points for ND. In these kinds of games- just like blowouts – one team wins nd one team must lose – no ties are allowed. UCONN built up significant leads in regular time and the first two overtimes and chose to run the ball at warp speed – if you are leading and have control of the ball, slow the game down – play ball control – if you are trapped, find the open player or two. Human errors kicked in – they are kids. It was, however, a tremendous learning experience. We are all frustrated and want to blame Geno, Doty, Hartley, Dolson, Faris and anyone else for the loss. Good news is that there still is the Big East Tournament and the NCAA Tournament. Notre Dame has never won the Big East Tournament and that will be the case this year as well. I predict that UCONN will go further in the NCAA this year because of last nights loss. I have the utmost confidence in KML, Stewart, Faris, and Dolson to lead the way. Go Huskies!

          1. Get Your Geno Aid Cult Juice Here!

            Another clown thinking people are actually reading long whatever it is

            don’t really know just bypassed it to the reply using find

          2. Randy

            Good call. No sense reading anything you might learn from. I’m sure it hurts your head. Much better to just write “you suck” or something similar so you don’t have to justify your position.

  9. David Schulz

    Look all you whiners, when UCONN had the best guard tandem in the country, in Bird and Taurasi, nobody got within 10 points of them, most teams not within 30. ND has the best guard tandem in the country right now which gives them a big advantage. McBride made every big shot all night, and despite that, UCONN could have, and should have, won the game, but for three missed front ends of 1 and 1 free throws. Those things happen. And they were missed by three players who for the most part played very well. The call that fouled Dolson out would have gotten Diggens a yellow card in soccer. Or an Academy award in Hollywood.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      David, well said. I hope everyone reads your comment. The other play that is NOT being mentioned is when Diggins was out near the free throw line and her teammate put a hockey type check (pick) on Faris, who could not recuperate enough to run down Diggins. The girl that intentionally ran into Diggins should have been given a foul and Diggins never would have scored. It made Diggins look like a hero – after the play, Diggins went up to her teammate and hi fived her in appreciation for the dirty play that took out Faris. By the way, Dolson got penalized for standing up straight and not running into anyone. Diggins did lose her balance but she caused that herself – yet Dolson fouled out on the play.

      1. mike mcmanus

        You and David sound too rational to participate in this Blog. Everyone who rags about Geno or the coaches are missing the point. The players played the game and committed an unheard of 35 turnovers…35 missed opportunities. It’s a wonder that they went to 3 OT’s! Kelly made a few good points…sure she got beat a few times and missed a crucial free throw, but no one played with more heart than she did. They have to eliminate the careless charging fouls, the moving picks, forcing [and telescoping] their passes, and dribbling into traffic. They can see the double-team coming at them but they don’t react accordingly. I’m sure they all feel sick inside knowing that they had this game won more than once and blew it….and I’m sure that they don’t blame Geno!

        1. Bracchus

          With Doty and Hartley playing as badly as they were, it was up to Geno to make some changes. Maybe more time on the bench would have given them a chance to figure it out. I am really talking aobut Hartley now, I think Doty is just not contributing.

  10. Embarassed UCONN fan

    Wow, what a choke job by the team and Geno.

    It’s one thing to beat up a team when Geno has far superior talent but he proves that he is a lousy coach when the opposing team has talent close to what he has.

    1. Joanie W.

      and when asked about 35 ( Yes! 35 ) Turnover..he said “I have no idea”. What? we ( yes we ) are paying him how much for that insight?

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        Geno is not paid based on an asset to assist ratio or by how many points UCONN beats other teams

        Thank God for that. There are over 500 teams playing womens college basketball and UCONN is consistently in the top 5 – that is one hell-of-an-accomplishment.

        Geno gets top recruits but so do Baylor, Stanford, Notre Dame, Duke, and a small handful of teams.

        I wonder – when UCONN was riding high, were there opposing commentors suggesting McGraw be fired or some coaches in the top 10?

        It is what it is – UCONN fans are spoiled rotten – they are used to winning and winning often. The season is far from over.

        Last year, ND won the Big East and lost the Big East Tournament to UCONN.

        You are frustrated and that is okay. You are not alone. Hang in there.

        Don’t give up on our UCONN ladies.

    2. Keith

      U r an idiot also- the missed free throws to lose the game. Dolsons 4th foul was almost a flagrsnt foul to her neck. The refs made sure they kept n dame close. DeMaio and the short women were lousy again. Watch the replay- it’s a joke. We had em and we blew it. The playing time of Tuck and stewart in that atmosphere can only help us in the tmts coming up. Stewart’s shot and free throws disappeared.. They both played well though. Tuck is rapidly b coming a star!

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        Well said, Keith…In a long war, you always lose a battle or two. Stewie and Tuck learned a lot and Geno is circling the wagons.

        Doty needs less playing time. Stewie needs more inside play instead of low percentage outside shots. Her wings can stop the Diggins from layups but if she is outside too much the paint is wide open.

        I agree, Dolson almost received a free trach. last night and no foul was called. Also, Faris got decked so it would free up Diggins for an uncontested layup – again, no foul. Yet, Dolson got hit with a foul for a perfectly legal pick that Notre Dame’s little hot shot lost her balance over. Oh, my, the nerve of Dolson putting the Queen in a position to lose her balance. The refs wanted Diggins to go out on top and they repeatedly did everything to make that happen. UCONN did not help matters at the foul line.

    3. Bracchus

      They had 35 turnovers becase ND’s defense harassed them. They should have been prepared for whatever ND brought to the table.

      They also take to much solace in beating low talent teams by 40. Those games are less competitive than a good scrimmage. With Baylor and ND, taent alone is not enough. You have to get the best out of that talent.

  11. David Schulz

    Aah! All the Geno haters. You people would have hated it if UCONN would have won the game. It would have left you with nothing to say. How pitiful is that for you “fans”.

  12. Embarassed UCONN fan

    As least the women’s team brings in more TV money than the men’s basketball team.

  13. Randy

    I always enjoy reading the posts following a tough loss, because they don’t say as much about the team as they do many of the fans. “You always choke” and “you cost us the game” is something I generally expect from a ten year old. I know those “fans” well. They are convinced the best way to encourage a team or player to get better is to tell them they suck. After all, everyone knows that winning and losing isn’t about the team pouring their guts out on the court and putting countless hours of practice in at the gym. Winning and losing is only about making that fan feel good, so when “their” team wins, they have something to wave in the face of their fellow fans to show they are somehow superior. When this doesn’t happen, the team that denied them that pleasure is a complete failure. What were they thinking?

    The UConn women played a team on the road that many experts believe are simply better than them (wow…are UConn fans even allowed to consider such a possibility?). They took them to three overtimes before losing. They did it in one of the toughest places to play in the country. They hung tough through two overtimes despite having two of their best players on the bench. Got it…they turned the ball over too many times and couldn’t capitalize on multiple opportunities to win. Welcome to sports.

    Here’s an idea…let’s try not to view sports like the ten year old kid ranting on the playground because they lost. We’ve lost a whopping three times this season. Twice to ND, once to Baylor. We’re missing Brianna Banks to a torn ACL. We have three new freshmen playing with expectations on them to immediately perform like the next Maya. We have a point guard that has had multiple torn ACLs gamely performing on the court despite knowing another torn ACL and long road to recovery that comes with it could happen at any time. And we have a coach that managed to take a no-name program to seven national titles in less than twenty years that is now considered a failure if he doesn’t go 35-0 and win the national championship every year. Forget about all that…if you lose, you suck.

    It is clear many of our fans have never played sports competitively and only care that “their” team wins so they can feel good about themselves. They’ll make great parents some day, especially if their kid plays sports. Hopefully some of them will eventually learn that the true sign of a champion is not how you handle winning, it is how you handle losing.

    Lady Huskies…you did well. Most of your fans know you poured your heart out in this game and understand that no one feels worse about the loss than you do. You still have two tournaments to go, so keep your head up and keep driving. Oh…and don’t listen to the angry rants by some of the “fans” in these columns. Their fantasy leagues will be starting up again soon and they’ll be able to direct some of that pent-up anger they have toward other players in other sports who purposely let them down.

    1. Joanie W.

      They had the game closed out 4 times and choked each time…. no matter how long your comments….that’s the bottom line

    2. NewHavenJude

      Good comment, Randy! I am always amazed at all the Geno “bashing” ~folks, he’s not the one out on the court playing. There’s only so much he & the other coaches can do during a game. I think the real issue is 35 turnovers! That UConn hung in there & almost won the game in spite of all those turnovers, is really something.
      What IS the story re Kiah Stoke?

      1. Second Guessing

        I dont believe the 35 turnover LOST the game. Uconn still could have won in regulation (and ND knew they were losing) had Uconn made the foul shot they normally made. I would have like to see the ball in KML’s hand rather then the Freshmen.

        I am not really sure when Uconn lost the game, but for 50 minutes the game was played to a stand still. A Mexican Standoff (if you are old enough to know what that is)

    3. All You Coach for a Day

      Well said Randy!!!

      Turnover–no one mentioned the Notre Dame turnovers at the end of regulation. They fumbled and scrambled and made bad passes. Even the highly touted Diggins fell down, made passes to people who weren’t there. Bow down to Diggins, but she makes mistakes too –in crunch time. At that moment Notre Dame KNEW they were losing the game, and it blew their minds. Nd didn’t win this game, they outlasted Uconn and on their very very loud home floor. I Uconn fans were as good and loud Uconn would have won the first ND game and the Baylor game.

    4. Hoosier

      Well stated. Every successful program in the country suffers the same unwarranted indignation from armchair ‘fans’ when faced with adversity. Yes there is room for improvement, but let’s keep it real. Uconn is still a VERY successful program. All but 2 or 3 teams in the country would happily trade their record for Uconn’s 27-3.

      1. Joanie W.

        So to summarize, the teams with a worse record would trade for a better record….Pure ******* genius

    5. ray

      The one smart post of the day. well said to many people would rather complain than praise.

    6. Keith

      U r an idiot also- the missed free throws to lose the game. Dolsons 4th foul was almost a flagrsnt foul to her neck. The refs made sure they kept n dame close. DeMaio and the short women were lousy again. Watch the replay- it’s a joke. We had em and we blew it. The playing time of Tuck and stewart in that atmosphere can only help us in the tmts coming up. Stewart’s shot and free throws disappeared.. They both played well though. Tuck is rapidly b coming a star!

    7. Keith

      U r a class act Randy- the last two yrs we were not as good as a deep, sr and 5th & 6th yr sr n dame team. We were 6 deep with lorin dixon off the bench- with a freshman post and pt guard that was really a two guard. I think we are better than n dame this yr and will beat them in big east and ncaa semi’s. what a bunch of haters and spoiled brats!

    8. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Randy, kudos to you for a well thought out set of comments. This blog could be closed to comments because you said it all. For those who cannot handle what you said, they can go elsewhere.

      UCONN fans have been spoiled by the hard working efforts of a UCONN program that grows players. Sure, some of them come into the UCONN progam as all Americans but they need to learn how to fit in and play at the college level – a completely different animal.

      Geno and his staff deserve accolades – not scorn. The players also do not need all these nasty comments.

      They gave all they had. They left everything on the field of battle. They deserve our support and our admiration. Sure, we can be disappointed by the missed free throws, but we cannot just be there when they excel.

      Some of us are angry or frustrated by the loss and feel a need to blame someone – anyone, but these girls are devastated and don’t need the added insults being thrown at some or all of them.

      Let’s all take a breath and regroup. Our team gave everything they had. Unfortunately, it was not enough.

      Thanks again Randy for great comments.

      1. Randy

        Thanks…appreciate it. I was as disappointed as anyone with the loss, but give credit where credit is due. Too many personal attacks against the coach and players for reasons that have nothing to do with the game last night. They have work to do and they know it, but they are also their own harshest critics.

    9. Bracchus

      If what you say is true, Geno’s comments should have reflected that instead of downgrading his team. Lewis and Faris payed 55 and 53 minutes respectively. Please. That is effort and should have been acknowledged.

  14. Roo

    Uconn is in deep trouble because they do not have ball handlers. Not one guard can confidently bring the ball up court under pressure. Faris was adequate but she’s not a point guard. Hartley is a liability. I don’t even consider her very athletic, and now she is timid and has lost all confidence. Time to start recruiting for Diggins, Odessy Simms (Baylor guard) types of guards!! The new little freshman is quick, sure, but isn’t going to be an impact player.

    1. TexasBogger

      For sure. Kelly was the only guard on the floor most of the night. If Hartley doesn’t snap out of it next year (forget this year) There probably will be no banner then, either.

      1. Second Guessing

        Texas–For next year, you forgot one of your own, Mo Jefferson. She is a pure point guard and she is good–not experienced in Big Time Div 1 play, but she is good and she is smart. She will be Uconn’s point guard next year–believe it.

    2. Woo Hoo

      Apparently UConn does not practice ball handling. And the coaches do not hand out ball handling drills for the team to practice on their own.

    3. Kevin Cavanaugh

      What? Chong is not even in uniform and she is being considered inadequate.

      Geez, get a grip. True, we have more bigs than smalls and that is a cycle that changes every few years.

      UCONN tried to get a few added potentially good recruits but they went to Stanford and Duke and North Carolina.

      Fortunately, two of those teams never are able to beat UCONN.

      Let’s all take a break – go out to lunch, take a walk, help a friend, plant a tree, and allow the results of last night’s game to sink in.

      The world did not come to an end. UCONN is in the Big East Tournament and will go to the NCAA as a number 1 seed with Baylor, Notre Dame, and Stanford.

      UCONN will win their first games decisively and eventually will play one of the number one seeds and then have to play another and another.

      Everything UCONN might have done wrong last night is fixable.

      My gut feeling is that UCONN will beat Notre Dame in the Big East Tournament and has what it takes to beat Stanford. If they meet Notre Dame, it will be a toss up.

      As far as Baylor, they are beatable. That old saying, “on any given day, anyone can beat anyone else.” really applies here. Stanford beat Baylor in a neutral setting and then UCONN blew out Stanford. Baylor beat Notre Dame and Notre Dame beat UCONN. Go figure.

      More to come – and very soon. Buckle up your seatbelts – it will be one hellava ride. Go Huskies.

  15. browns

    yes the 35 TO’s were terrible but they still would have won the game if that cheap call on Dolson and diggins flopping hadn’t occured.They were up 2 wth the ball and 35 secounds left.Instead ND gets the ball to tie and The 2nd best center in the nation fouls out.

    1. coach777b

      Going after the officials is usually a No-Go, but the older male official was somewhat suspicious. He called three fouls on Dolson, one which insured ND the game and the technical on Geno. UCONN should request that the Big East NOT assign this official to ANY UCONN games in the future. The calls against Dolson definitely changed the game. And how about the officials calling Diggins on using her off-arm to push off on every play. That’s a foul in a CYO game.

    2. Hoosier

      This was certainly not the best officiated game I have ever seen, but the refs were not responsible for this loss. Turnovers, poor decision making, poor crunch time FT shooting, and a lack of on the floor leadership are what caused this one. The 2 questionable fouls on Dolson would not have happened if 1)she had not over-reacted to the foul that was committed against her (every baller knows that the refs ALWAYS call those), and 2)she had not been trying to set a screen in the back court (again, every baller knows that is hardly ever a smart thing to do)

      1. JR

        Setting a screen in the backcourt against heavy pressure is not uncommon and is quite legal. The fact that Diggins ran square into Dolson doesn’t mean Diggins should be rewarded. It is indicative of the types of calls Diggins receives, however.

        1. Hoosier

          It’s not a smart thing when you are a key player, you already have 4 fouls, and the opponent is in the back court

        2. David Schulz

          Actually Diggins didn’t run into Dolson at all. Her left arm brushed by Dolson’s left arm. Their respective bodies were not within a foot of one another. She flopped big time, probably knowing that idiot of a ref was right there prepared to keep his record on the day going of blowing every call.

  16. erbena2

    Last night’s game will go down in history as ESPN’s highest rated most watched women’s basketball history.
    Not only will UCONN lose to ND in the BET, they’ll meet in the NCAA semi’s and lose again.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Now, exacty where in South Bend do you live? Surely, you jest.

      Notre Dame has never won the Big East Tournament and I see no reason, including last nights loss, for that to change anytime soon.

      They are probably leaving because of their unsuccessful track record in the Tournament.

      They were protecting their back yard last night and at least one official helped them do that.

      Next week, UCONN will defend their tournament historical record and will defend it well.

      I also predict that when UCONN and ND meet in the NCAA, UCONN will be victorious.

      Also, I do not live in Connecticut and I do not have skin in this game – I simply like UCONN.

      1. Bracchus

        ND has won 7 of the last 8. Where does your confidence in UCONN come from?

        ND is clearly not intimidated by UCONN. Teams that do not play scared do reasonably well against UCONN and then UCONN’s overall talent superiortiy clicks in. But, ND and Baylor have comparable talent,actually superior in some spots, and excellent coaches. These games will come down to desire and confidence. That is part of Geno’s job as a coach. He has to get his team fired up. Beating them down just will not accomplish that in my opinion. You can’t talk about 35 turnovers and not take responsibility for leaving Doty in the game. You cannot talk about a lack of interior defense and not play Stokes. Geno has to take some of the blame.
        On the positive side, UCONN has only 3 losses, and all were close games. They could still win it all, but frankly I do not see them beating Baylor, maybe not even ND.

  17. All You Coach for a Day

    Thur 39 minutes 47 seconds Uconn was winning this game. McBride, who is an amazing scoring machine, hit unbelievable shots and the shot at 1’13”.
    Geno can set up and explain every aspect of the game–when pressure comes in big games, sometimes the brain flys out the window.
    Uconn took Notre Dame, the #2 team, at home, into 3 overtimes–do you know how hard it is to maintain that level of play with exhausted bodies.

    KML and Faris–don’t be soo interspective. The world didn’t end, you can and will win the Big East Tourney and go to the Final 4. I don’t believe anyone except UConn can beat Baylor this year.

    1. Randy

      Don’t you know Geno had nothing to do with UConn completely dismantling #1 Stanford up in Palo Alto, or making #4 Duke look like a Dvision II team? Don’t you know the players are the only ones responsible for bringing seven National Championships to Storrs? Geno was completely outcoached last night. What…the team had 35 turnovers (not the coach), and yet he kept his team in position to win four times…on the road…against the #2 team in the country? I wonder if people who really know and understand the game of basketball…like other coaches…think that Geno was outcoached.

      1. Joanie W.

        They were up 3 with less than a minute left and the …wait for it…Coach…did not call for a Foul.. coaching mistake.they happen

      2. Mike

        We were ahead by three before McBride hit that three pointer. Fouling her first could, at best, given Notre Dame two points. Game over. We celebrate. That is not rocket science. Yes, it was that simple Geno is clueless. Now Uconn pays the price for stupidity.

        1. David Schulz

          The stupidity that has 7 National championships? That the stupidity you’re talking about?

        2. Hoosier

          Geno’s no dummy. You don’t get 7 NC’s and consistent 30 win seasons by being a chump. If that’s failure, I’d like some of it.

          1. Randy

            Fouling when you are up by three is not based on simple numbers. If you understand basketball, then you know that by fouling you risk having a missed second shot rebounded by the other team, with a put-back that could result in a win. If the other team hits both foul shots, you have to inbound the ball in your own end…lots of things can go wrong there that will force a turnover. A good coach weighs all those factors, in addition to the variable. The variables are that the best rebounder (Dolson) was on the bench, ND had struggled from the 3 point arc all night, and Geno expected his defense would not give them any good looks. I doubt any other coach would have done differently. So merely saying “hey, were up by three so let’s foul and put them on the line” shows a complete lack of depth in understanding the game.

          2. Randy

            And by the way…that’s why NBA teams don’t usually foul when they are up by three. Because their coaches…wait for it…look at all the other factors before making a decision, not just “oh the most they can get is two points…let’s foul.” Seriously people…have you actually ever played basketball, or do you just enjoy pretending on Playstation?

        3. David Schulz

          That would not mean “game over”. After the shot went in there was still 6 seconds on the clock. When she took the shot there was 8 seconds on the clock. Fouling her before the shot would have probably meant there would be around 10 seconds on the clock. Lets say she now makes two free throws. One point lead. Mistake on the inbounds. Notre Dame gets the ball and scores, even a two. Now game probably over. One point loss for UCONN. Or say we get the ball inbounds with 10 seconds left. Immediate foul. Missed free throw. Notre Dame rebounds drives the length of the floor and scores. One point loss for UCONN. So all you basketball geniuses who insist that you always foul with a three point lead don’t really know a rats ass what you are talking about.

      3. Bracchus

        I would not say that he was outcoached. Nut, certainly in hindsight, which is always 20-20, there are some things he could have done. Let’s face it, a lot of coaching is havein players on the floor who know what to do and can hit big shots. In this case, you had two great teams and someone had to lose. Yes, a free throw here, a foul care there, a wasted possession all contribute to the final score. The reality is that UCONN broke down in the third period. They were exhausted. ND was energized by their crowd and by taking UCONN into a third OT. That third OT probably demoralized UCONN.

    2. John B.

      painful to watch. exasperating to see Doty give up the ball, to see those missed foul shots – any one of which would have won the game.

      BUT – face the facts. that three that tied the game in regulation was pure luck – it hit the rim, hit the backboard and dropped in.

      Steph’s fouls – bogus. She got nearly choked and they called it against her. the foul at the end was questionable.

      there are a LOT of ways UConn could have won that game.

      if Geno and the team can figure out how to eek out the slightest bit more – cut down on one or two mistakes in the game – UConn wins.

      the team is close – very close – and could definitely beat ND or Baylor without playing a perfect game.

  18. Randy

    Sorry if that post was too long and too complex for you to read Joanie…and thanks for making my point for me. I always appreciate the deep insight of a fan who can’t think beyond “they choked”.

      1. Randy

        Consider it a bonus. I don’t usually respond to girls in junior high that are still trying to learn the game.

  19. Jon Anthony

    Of course the 35 turnovers are a concern. Of course there was some incredibly horrific refereeing, always is in the womens’ game. But, despite that, the inability to stand at the free throw line and connect when it counts has nothing to do with coaching and strategy. It has to do with the individual having what it takes to step up and focus as an individual. Or not….We all saw the results.

    This is who we are, sadly enough.

    1. Jon --PLEASE!!

      Two of the 4 on the foul line were FRESHMEN with limited playing time in big games. For the most part they conducted themselves by giving us a great game. Good coaches foul FRESHMEN, because they don’t handle pressure well.
      The won’t be FRESHMEN in the BE or NCAA tourneys because of this game.
      KML and Kelly were exhausted from running and running and running most of 40 minutes. When KML’s fouls it the front of the rim–I said, TIRED and she was. Mo Jeff will get some playing time against poor opponents in the BE and NCAA and will be good when she’s needed,next time. Uconn (no excuse, fact) is a team with a lot more hurting than Geno wants you to know–Hartley, KML ankle issues, Tuck, doty knees, Stokes foot, Dolson ankles. few at 100 percent–and they could have won!!!

  20. Jon from SoutheasterCT

    It’s amazing they had opportunities to win this game. They didn’t deserve to win it. The guard play (as a group) was the worst I’ve ever seen from a UCONN team since I started watching in 1995. I fear Bria Hartley’s confidence is completely broken for at least this year, and I agree that, without her playing fearlessly and well, wins in close games are just not possible.

    1. David Schulz

      You’re kidding, right? Feris is part of that “group”, and she played a tremendous game. It was actually ND who didn’t deserve to win the game. Some help from bad refs and poorly timed free throw misses allowed the Irish to survive.

      1. Hoosier

        Blaming the refs is not going to do anything positive for the team. Finding or developing a true floor leader will. Uconn has much more talent than ND, but ND has a floor general. And that’s been the major difference in their last 7 meetings. Uconn hasn’t had one since Maya left.

      2. Ferris Wheels Came Off

        Who is Feris? The one who lost the ball to Diggins in the 3rd OT?

  21. RM

    They have a point guard who is a leader and we don’t. Hartley has gone from All American last year to barely average this year. Unfortunately, Doty’s injuries have made her non-competitive against the better teams. Jefferson should play in her place.
    Things will click for Breanna Stewart and she is going to be an All American

        1. Randy

          She was, but she had to be in bed by 9:00. Clearly looked at the box score this morning before the bus came to pick her up for school, equated points to effort and impact on the game, and drew (another) poor conclusion.

          1. Randy

            Dolson had 11 turnovers and fouled out but wait…she had a double-double, so that means she had a better game than Stewart (who had 5 blocks, 6 boards, and played good defense all night). Is that how it works? Simple math? Get a clue.

    1. Hoosier

      Amen. Floor leadership has been the primary difference between Uconn and ND since Maya left. Uconn actually has better talent than ND, but they don’t have strong willed leader like Diggins or Maya.

  22. Richard

    What is sad is that there is no one on the UConn roster with the exception of Kelly Faris that knows what it takes to win tough games. Stephanie Dolson is a wonderful player, but for some reason she is victimized time and again by retaliation fouls – she never gets an even break. KML is a wonderful player, but I’d kind of like her to make a shot in the second half against quality opposition – hasn’t happened yet. And Bria Hartley – she has absolutely disappeared along with Brianna Stewart. Stewart can be forgiven as she is just a freshman, but one wonders why Bria Hartley can’t play anymore. Geno has got a team full of really nice women who really don’t know what it takes to win.

    1. Hoosier

      Well said Richard. I couldn’t agree more. Kelly is a gem and the type of smart/gritty/do-all player that every great team needs, but she isn’t a natural floor general in the Maya/Diggins mold. I thought Bria was poised to be that player this year, but she seems to have regressed for some reason that seems to be more than just injury related.

    2. Captain Pine

      Richard – KML made a 3 at 2:19 of 2nd half, a baseline jumper at 2:47 of OT1m and 5 FT’s in OT2 – Think she proved she can make big shots in 2nd half, don’t you?

  23. Wayne R

    Surprised no one mentioned that the best player on the team,Mosqueda-Lewis, once again appeared like she didn’t want the ball at crunch time. Bird and Taurasi would have made sure the ball was in their hands at the end of the game and accept the challenge of getting it done. How many times in the overtimes did you wonder where was Mosqueda- Lewis when Farris and Doty were drippling the ball all over the court. Lewis has to demand the ball and take over the game at the end like true All Americans do, not run around hoping someone will pass her the ball.

    Great players take the last shots. She is a fabulous player, but needs to take more control of the team.

    1. David Schulz

      I guess you and Richard weren’t watching the incredible defense the Irish played on Kaleena. Both McBride and number 44 were in her shirt all night. She was working to get open, the defense was just better. That happens. Maybe you don’t remember Taurasi’s 0 for 12 in the semi finals against Notre Dame.

      1. TexasBogger

        KML stood around in the corner a lot in the 2nd half and OT’s. Check the replay.

          1. David Schulz

            You really don’t know squat about basketball. Haven’t you ever heard the saying that it’s better to keep your mouth shut, and let people think you’re stupid, than open it and remove all doubt?

        1. Jon --PLEASE!!

          Texas—I’ve watched the game again twice, it was hard to take each time. But KML didn’t stand around in OT or the second half, She had minor openings when she tried to post up–but no one was looking for her. When guarded as tightly as KML was–you’ve got to make crisp, accurate, quick passes–it was the guards that missed her not her “hiding” in a corner. That’s where Geno wants her to set up when the ball comes down the floor for the instant scoring opportunity.
          KML Miss EVERYTHING. The best pure shooter Uconn has had in years, if ever.

      2. Hoosier

        You’re right, they were all up in her grill all game. I do think she relies too much on her perimeter game though. She’s a fabulous shooter no doubt, but I think it would help her overall game if she utilized her body by taking a bit more of her game in the paint where she could draw fouls and get more FT opportunities.

        1. David Schulz

          I don’t know if you have watched all the games this year, but she has been diversifying her game. It does take time. When Richard Hamilton came to UCONN he was just a perimeter shooter. By his junior year he had become an all around player who could take it inside and mastered the 15 foot pull up. Made a long career in the NBA out of that shot. So give her a little time.

  24. final four foreseer

    uconn really blew 4 contests last night.
    each ot being a microcosm of the uconn v nd series of the past few years.
    uconn can win the contest but is able to pull out a defeat from the jaws of victory.

    i foresee a final four this year with uconn nowhere in sight.

    just wait till next year.

    keeping dolson in with 3 fouls was stupid. he needed her in at least some of the ots

    (good alliteration in the name though, isn’t it)

    1. David Schulz

      That wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t bet your house on your final four prediction.

  25. KML got gifts

    Again, sad display of officiating. With that said, McBride is a genuine supper star that UConn cannot stop. Diggins will not win a NC but McBride could. Kala is a UConn killing machine.

    1. Joanie W.

      Diggins is a 3 time First Team All-American. Uconn has NO All Americans

      1. bogey29free

        diggins has zero national championships,uconn has 7..she is kind of like the Karl Malone of women’s college basketball.

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          You are correct AND Diggins has not won a Big East Tournament championship either.

          Nor has Notre Dame in all their years.

          ….and Notre Dame could not beat Baylor at home.

          Where was the Luck of the Irish when they played Baylor?

          Don’t get me wrong, Diggins is a star but she needs other players swinging hatchets to free her up to make a layup.

      2. Kevin Cavanaugh

        The same was true of Maya Moore during her years at UCONN.

        So, what is your point?

        … and when Maya was All American, she helped put banners up in the rafters.

        Did Diggins do that in South Bend?


  26. Arnie of Newtown

    It’s always, ” We won ” when the women do. It’s ” They lost” when the women do so infrequently.

    Bad calls from my viewpoint against Steph but that’s always a problem (bad calls when playing ND in my opinion). But in the end, it’s only a game people.It’s not the end of the world.

    As in life, ” Win some, lose some”

    Enjoy the sport and especially women who not only play exceedingly well, but more importantly, GET AN EDUCATION.

    Randy gets my vote.

  27. Jim R

    Against ND’s “motion” offense, which Muffet learned from UCONN, we need, not a box and one, but a match-up zone similar to Boeheim’s Syracuse team. It is the best defense against quicker guards – it denies penetration, including back door cuts while limiting open 3’s. Secondly, Muffet, like Tara, has studied our offense….we need to adapt to our rival that knows us so well – some wrinkles to thwart their “overplaying”. It’s curious why we haven’t figured this out yet.

    1. John B.

      I like this comment. as a long-time SU fan – I was there when they won the NC vs. Kansas in NOLA ten years ago. the team had big wingspans and that is key to the matchup zone. with Tuck and Stewart getting playing time – this could be the solution to ND

      1. UconnFan

        Joanie W, you are certainly correct in admitting that people like you are not “fans” and it is sad to think about what your children will have to go through with such a lack of understanding and condemning attitude when things do not go the way you think they should!

  28. Denise in AZ

    this was a tough loss for UCONN and, obviously, UCONN fans. But look on the bright side. It was a fun game to watch!

    I am disappointed by the turnovers, bad guard play, and missed foul shots- but it was a close game throughout. I am sick and tired of 30-point blowouts against mediocre Big East teams.

    Maybe we won’t win the national championship this year, but UCONN is still one of the top three teams in the country. Of course, there are only four top tier teams and the rest are pretty mediocre.

      1. David Schulz

        Once again your ignorance rises to the top. Being in the top three in the women’s game means you are in the top three in the women’s game. That’s all. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the men’s game.

  29. final four foreseer

    thank you joanie w. i never get a’s. (c- mostly)

    ok,david schulz, they might get in the final four, BUT they won’t get out.

    randy and arnie of newtown have to quit drinking the geno juice to excess.

    three ot’s, cool.(cooler if they had won, but that’s the way the ball bounces)

  30. RichinRH

    What a bunch of total crap is written here!! Everyone has their right to an opinion but they should not be allowed to disguise themselves as ‘fans’ when their opinions are so hurtful to a bunch of athletes who have performed well in the past and (remember, this season is not over!!) will so going down the road. Sure, lots of mistakes were made last night but why not give a bit of credit to a really good opponent and recognize the effort put forth by our team, including coaches. This coaching staff, from top-to-bottom deserves better than we’re giving them and you don’t deserve a team that has lost three times this season to two very good teams. There are still enough fans left who appreciate the hard work and talent that UConn brings to women’s hoops to survive without the negativity that is expressed by a bunch of illiterate morons that this site constantly conveys. Shut it down HC, we can do fine without it!!

    1. Keith

      We won’t lose again unless we have the same officiating crew. 35 to’s and we still had u buried 3 times w/ 2 starters out early!

  31. final four foreseer

    fer sure, randy, my man.
    do you really think geno did a stellar job last night?

    1. Randy

      I did. As I said, they had no business hanging with ND with two starters out. Geno had a good game plan, and his team almost pulled it off. The percentages were not in favor of fouling at the end as I pointed out earlier. I would much rather play strong defense and try to prevent a good look at a 3 than put them on the line where anything can happen and then try to inbound the ball against a tough defense like ND. Now he gets flak for putting Doty in instead of Jefferson, a freshman. Again, the right move that a good coach would make…and a former UConn player calling the game felt was the right decision. Coaches put their teams in position to win. it is up to the players to execute. Geno did that. And as far as the players go, they did a hell of a job playing against a team ranked higher than them that many believe, on paper, is simply better. So yes…pretty good coaching job.

      1. KerishME

        Randy – I agree with everything you have said today except that I would have liked to have seen Jefferson get a little more of a chance to prove herself. She was in for about 30 seconds, ran into a sideline trap and got yanked. As much as I want Doty to be her old self, she’s not. She looked timid and confused and did not contribute much to the offense. In other games this year I have seen the value in having Caroline in there to calm things down but she wasn’t doing that last night. I don’t think Jefferson would have done worse in those minutes and the experience could serve her and the team much better for the future than having Caroline play out the string. Just my 2 cents…

        1. Randy

          I agree with you…not sure why Jefferson didn’t play more. Might be individual match-ups, could be a number of reasons. I do understand why she wasn’t put in at the end of the game, but I don’t have enough info to go off of why she didn’t get more playing time earlier in the game.

          1. Luigi's Family

            luigi doesn’t like building for the future

            he’s more concerned about keeping the most useless guard tandem on the floor

        1. David's Mommy

          thanks the best you can do son?
          i am so disappointed in you
          go to your room
          no pron for you

          1. Kevin Cavanaugh

            Hey mom, why dont you use your regular name on a frequent basis instead of changing it up all the time? Are you afraid that some might spot a consistant loser easier?

  32. Cliff

    Want proof of what happened? Go to ESPN.com and rewatch the game. We are way ahead, then WHO comes in, and within minutes we are tied again, our lead lost?

    I was shocked to see the consistency of who, the one player, who took the steam out of UCONN every time. I love Geno but Geno, you HAVE to study this, cause your emotional attachment to one particular player has lost us this season.

    She should NOT be in there. Your good sense knew that cause you did NOT start her, FINALLY!

    But I was shocked to see how consistent it was that when Doty came in, UCONN slid backwards. Not once, not twice, but every time.

    Geno, you can’t be a champion when you defeat your own team.

    Forget arguing about this FACT, all commenters. Just re-watch the game and study the truth.


    1. Mike

      Agreed. Even if she makes mistakes, I’d give all Doty minutes to Jefferson. Doty does zippo.

      1. Me Mercy Me

        And when Jefferson (assuming Doty sits) does all those freshman things with pressure defense on her AS FRESHMEN ARE PRONE TO DO, or Diggins takes the ball away from her 3 more times.

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          Freshmen learn some while on the bench, they learn in practice and they learn watching films – but they learn even more when getting some playing time.

          Doty, as good as she was, is not playing up to par – sometimes there are glimmers of her past but they are too and far between.

          I would rather put up with a few freshmen errors while Jefferson is playing and learning.

          Doty froze when she had several opportunities to shoot without anyone near to intimidate her – she froze. and when they trapped her twice she froze and the ball went the other way – except when Geno called for a time out to save the possession.

          I think Doty lost her will to play because she was benched. If so, that is so sad.

          There was enough blame to go around last night – mental errors, some bad shooting from outside (Hartley, Stewart), turnovers (Dolson), bad free throw shots (many players) and bad passes.

          I am glad all the bad stuff ended up in one game – sweep it away, study the game film and move on.

          The best is yet to come.

          KML, Dolson, Tuck, Stewie, Faris, and Jefferson will rise to the occasion. Buck and Stokes, if given half a chance, will step up as well.

    2. Lady Vol Fan

      build towards next season and beyond
      Griner and Sims win NC unless injured

  33. Gerri

    I rewatched the game and I am just stunned at the poor mental decisions that this team continuosly makes. Eliminate half the turnovers and it’s not even a close game. They are great students in the classroom but their collective basketball IQ ranks them with Div.111 schools. Amazing, just amazing.

    1. John B.

      not to mention – how many layups were missed? I had the same feeling in this as I did v. Baylor – we should have been up by 16 at halftime.

  34. John D

    Damn people !!!!!! UConn has a record of 27 & 3 still has the Big East & NCAA Tournament yet to play and some of u act like it’s the end of the world.So freak en what !!!!!They lost three games that could have been won. Now u all know how the Tennessee team felt when UConn had their number for a few years.I’ve been a men and womens fan since Geno & JC came here and was yelling at the TV last night as well as disappointed again but guess what ? After a good nights sleep I got up this morning thinking how many of u that whine over and critique a game after a lose have actually played or coached in any sport and as a team felt the sting of a lose.Get over it and move on as far as I’m concerned we still have one of best teams in the country and may eventually have another National Championship.Bottom line is TN has 8 & UConn has 7 and no other team comes close.Win or lose this fan will not jump ship over a lose.Go Huskies !!!!!!!!!

    1. Mike

      The optimist in me says they had 35 turnovers and awful free-throw shooting and yet were still in a game with a top-ranked team on the enemy court. If Geno can cut the turnovers, I still think they can win it all….

  35. Cliff

    John D> I am usually with you on this. But watch the game and accept the facts before you.

    I DARE you.

    Something has to change.

  36. Cliff

    John D> If someone comes in and the score ALWAYS goes down, then how do YOU explain it?


  37. Mike

    Never thought I’d see…
    35 turnovers
    Dolson with 11 turnovers
    Missing all 3 1-and-1’s and then 1 of 2 in OT1, 7 of 8 points given away
    They missed no floor shots in OT’s 1 and 2, yet still it was tied
    The 2 most god-awful foul calls on Dolson
    Awful back-peddling D by KML on McBride’s 3

  38. Bobw

    First let me say that I believe that Geno is a great coach. Why do so many people think he is untouchable when critiquing the play of his team this season? He was absolutely out coached last night. His team was not prepared well enough to win the game and Doty and the rest of the team have to be told by the coaching staff that there was another time out left when she got tied up at mid-court. That’s all about coaching. To many blown leads. Too much rushed play when under pressure that caused the turnovers that lost the game in regulation, OT1, OT2 and OT3. Outplayed. Out Coached. Second place.

    And the heart just isn’t there for too may of the key players. You can’t teach heart. It comes from the inside and you either have it or you don’t. Too many don’t. Five Kelly Ferris’ win that game going away. Five Brianna Stewart’s get blown out in the 1st half. Just doesn’t care. And it’s not a freshman thing with her. It’s an attitude that will never change. She will become a great player but she will never lead the team to greatness.

    1. Mike

      Too soon to peg Stewart that way. Agreed she doesn’t look tough. She’s frail looking and would be wise to strengthen her upper body. How tough she ever becomes is a guess but for now I don’t see her looking for contact.

      1. Lady Vol Fan

        if Husky Nation had taken off their blue blinders last season they would have noticed Stewart was FRAIL and playing against even more frail opponents in high school and some were 8th graders

        1. David

          By “blue blinders”, do you mean every scouting report in the country that had her listed as the top recruit in the nation? They obviously didn’t do their homework. If she was any good, she would clearly have gone to Tennessee where she would not only have lost to Baylor (by 23) and Notre Dame (by 10), but also other WBB powerhouses like Mizzou and Kentucky. Oh, and they lost to Stanford as well, in case you missed that game. Your assessment of raw talent and potential is what is frail.

    2. Randy

      Outcoached? So, UConn was favored to win this game against a higher ranked team in an environment that is as hard to win at in all of college basketball? What makes you think he didn’t say those things to his team in the huddle (which he most certainly did, since he does that every time if you’ve watched him at a game before). His game plan and who to focus on didn’t put his team in position to pull off the upset, not once but four times, despite having two of his best players on the bench? Do we really think that putting Jefferson out there over a senior that has been in this position dozens of times would have been the right decision? Or that fouling and putting a ND player on the line was the right decision? I’m all for beating up on Geno when Geno deserves it. Last night was not his fault, and the players did a heck of a good job but just couldn’t make key plays down the stretch. We’ve gotten too spoiled by 35-0 and a Final Four every year, and think that every loss is the result of poor heart and bad coaching. Wow.

    3. UconnFan

      Bobw, fingers could be pointed to a lot of things in this game, but if you really believe that in a 3 overtime game that there was no heart showed by both sides, you know absolutely nothing about sports!

      1. Lady Vol Fan

        and your credentials are off a cereal box

        still have 1 more NC than you

        1. David

          Not only do you have 1 more NC, you can also be proud of the fact your school is a top tier academic institution.

    4. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Bob, I cannot believe that you are sincere when you say UCONNs key players have no heart.

      To me, the key players are Dolson, KML, and Faris and I can say that 99 percent of womens teams would form a team around them.

      I can look at Dolson and KML and Faris and see the pain in their eyes and hear it in their voices. These three kids are the real thing.

      Each of them took the loss as though they personally caused it individually.

      There are others who feel the pain as well but those three rock.

      Did they make a few errors individually – you bet your a** they did but that is because they tried and they tried hard. A few other players were off last night big time and hopefully they will learn from it.

      The sun still came up this morning. The air is still fairly clean and the water is fit to drink (at least I hope it is).

      UCONN will rebound from this loss and finish out the season better because of this loss.

  39. HarryH

    I think the frustration is due to the fact that UCONN fans are used to greatness and this team just hasn’t demonstrated it. Sure there were bad calls and Geno blew a couple but that always happens. Great teams find a way to win. ND is that team at the moment.
    And those uniforms – be serious. Who designed and who approved them? We have a terrible record when uniforms are changed and maybe the good news is that we will never have to see those again as we never saw the silver ones again.
    The problem now is how does this team think they can beat ND and then do it. I think one issue is that Geno needs to rest his regulars more in the early part of the tournement so they have the energy they need when needed. KML has been playing too many minutes in recent games. Dolson has great offense against the right teams but her defense and rebounding hurt. Enough already said about Bria. And the pressure of playing that kind of game at ND with that crowd is just an aweful lot to through at freshmen. Geno – this team won’t lose a game in the next several years – not that good Geno.

    1. David Schulz

      Notre Dame didn’t find a way to win. UCONN’s missed free throws in the first overtime was the difference. At the time Notre Dame was fumbling the ball all over the court in a state of panic. We had good free throw shooters at the line, they just missed. It happens.

  40. Cliff

    Bobw> I’m with you on this.

    Kayla McBride had the heart to make the tough shot when they needed it. A true champion’s shot!

    Who on our team had the heart to make the shots when we needed them the most?

    Who shoots and makes our Champion Shots??

    1. Bobw

      Go back to the championship seasons rosters and there will be AT LEAST two players that would have begged for the opportunity to take the big shot, go to the foul line or guard the best player at crunch time. This team struggles that way. All great players but……

    2. Mike

      Haven’t seen it from Hartley nor KML. Of course, keep in mind that there haven’t been a lot of those kinds of situations, seeing as 90% of the games are decided long before the final buzzer.

    3. David Schulz

      McBride actually got a lucky crooked bounce on that three point shot. Nine times out of ten where that shot hit the rim it doesn’t go in.

      1. Bobw

        Good players get lucky. She wanted that shot. Confidence! And they didn’t lose the game because she made that shot. The game should have been over and UCONN guarded her like it was.

      2. Hoosier

        Good players tend to get lucky more often than bad players. Funny how that works. Remember she missed 3 or 4 threes prior to that one.

  41. John D

    Cliff- I watched every bad or great play made by both teams and really don’t like to critique but the defining moment in the game was the three point shot by Mc Bride at the top of the key that bounced off the rim and then went down to steal the win in regulation for UConn and resulted in overtime.Damn that Blarney Stone !!!!!!!Coulda,shoulda,woulda by armchair critics doesn’t change anything.Theres only one National Championship each year and if they don’t win another this year I can live with it just as I have in previous years.

    1. TexasBogger

      The basketball gods were helping that shot for the Irish. Two caroms and in. You very rarely see that on a three.

  42. Mike

    In the Stanford drubbing, they had SEVEN turnovers! last night, I think they 7 in the 1st 5 minutes of the 2nd half alone. It seems so simple but it’s really just a matter of protecting the rock…..

    1. Hey Mikey

      Diggins, Loyd, and McBride are so much greater than Stanford’s counter parts

  43. Mike1

    I’ve been critical but I would not trade these girls with anyone in the country. I would rather lose with these girls than win with a thug or two on the team. They are well educated, well mannered women and an asset to this university. Geno recruits well and don’t want him to change his ways as far as that goes. Having said that, I blame Geno’s communication skills and inability to connect with the players. Abrasive yelling and hanging his head down is just negative energy which a some players don’t respond well to.You don’t see that on the Notre Dame sidelines. Doty, Hartley, Buck and Stokes are going in the wrong direction and he has to take responsibity for that. HE is the problem.

    1. David Schulz

      That’s a real difficult assumption to make when you are not a part of the program. Ever watch the Baylor coach in action?

    2. Joanie W.

      His act is tired, and I think the Court case is waying on him…which is understandable

      1. Randy

        And now the truth comes out as to why some people REALLY don’t like Geno. Has nothing to do with his coaching, but they’ll use that as a convenient means to vent about other issues that will be left unsaid. I figured as much from the start…since all the complaints about his poor coaching performance last night were baseless to anyone who understands the game beyond the basics.

      2. Mike

        Good point. He struggles with words during his halftime and postgame comments, filling the gaps with a lot of “um, um,um” and “ya know, ya know”. He could be burnt out.

        1. Randy

          That’s right Mike1, the girls don’t respond well to Geno. He’s the problem. That’s why every top recruit is beating down the door to come to UConn instead of schools such as Duke and Stanford, because apparently they don’t know his style until they get here. I guess all those All Americans and Olympians he has coached over the years were just made of different stuff and ignored his silly antics. Three Final Fours and two National Championships in the last five years, to include two perfect seasons. And this season he has lost to the #1 team in the nation, Notre Dame by 1 at home, and Notre Dame on the road in three overtimes. His coaching style is definitely jacked up…just like Pat Summitt who had almost the exact same style. No, you’re the legend my friend…great insight.

          1. Geno

            I um don’t ah need um you ah to um stand ah up um for ah me um I ah is um a ah big um boy

  44. Cliff

    JohnD> True! And next year, good or champions, we WILL have that advantage both Baylor and ND seem to have this year. At this level, we should still prevail next year or two.

    1. David Schulz

      No they don’t. That’s just one of those stupid sayings like someone gave more than 100%. Luck is what it is….luck.

      1. eLLEN ELLEN

        lUCKY people usually work their tails off to be so lucky. But McBrides shot off the tope of the back board-was crap arse luck.

  45. John D

    Lets see- Under head coach Geno Auriemma, the Huskies have won 7 NCAA Division I national championships, advanced to 13 Final Fours, and won over 30 Big East Conference Championships. UConn has also been one of the leaders in women’s basketball attendance and has produced several Olympians and WNBA All-Stars.Anyone can find this info.UConn so far including this season has lost 10 games in five years so it’s time for Geno to leave and the Huskies suck.Give me a freaking break !!!!!! Ct fans are so spoiled that nothing less then a National Championship is not a great season.It’s a wonder that this coach has not said the hell with all of u and left already.

    1. Bobw

      This discussion really has nothing to do with past championship seasons and I don’t think anyone is saying Geno sucks and should leave. Bad coaching last night led to poor execution and a loss that should have been a win. It’s about this season and last night’s game. You sound like a Yankee fan that keeps talking about how many World Series they have won as defense against why this didn’t win last year or the year before etc. It about this team and these players

      1. UconnFan

        Bobw, once again you show you are not a true fan with loyalty for what has been done, but just another win at all cost person with the mentality of what have you done for me lately person who picks on everybody and everything when things do not go the way you think they should – I feel sorry for your children if or win you have them!

      2. John D

        No Bob it’s about wining and losing.UConn has lost only 10 games in five years and to blame Geno for bad coaching is your answer.Have u played or coached any sport ? I played basketball and I can say there are nights when we had games won until the last minute and because of a few missed foul shots,a costly turover or a last shot by the other team the game was lost.Theres not one coach and that includes Geno at one time or another may have made a different decesion if could have.Who the hell are u or the other armchair coaches on the site that always blame Geno for a lose.No I’m not a Yankee fan and could care less about them but u sound like a whining little boy who can’t handle a lose and have all of the answers.”Five Kelly Ferris’ win that game going away. Five Brianna Stewart’s get blown out in the 1st half. Just doesn’t care. And it’s not a freshman thing with her. It’s an attitude that will never change. She will become a great player but she will never lead the team to greatness” Your quote above is assinine so get over yourself.

      1. Bobw

        Really??!! Is that what you do at your job? If you have a bad day or make a mistake you offer to give some of your pay back?

  46. John D

    BTW – The sports commentators especially the snake in the grass Jacobs are the worst I’ve ever seen.That should bring the wrath of the Courant down on me.

  47. Cliff

    JohnD> I am as much a Geno fan as you are! I am just asking for a second look by Geno at my one question.

    The only question I asked, above, was:

    If every time a certain player is put in, the score goes down, when do we stop putting that player in?

    Still waiting.

    1. John D

      Cliff – If your referring to Doty I absolutely agree.Early in the season I was willing to cut her some slack because I thought there was a chance she might have contributed more as the season wore on.Wrong !!!!!No points in 21 minutes and falling into traps as a 5th year player is unacceptable.If not for Faris(the most dependable player and “Little Engine That Could”) & Lewis (although I find that KML needs to be more of a threat in the second half),UConn would have been buried.Hartley(10 points,six assists) not the All American advertised from last year,Dolson better but not there yet(foul trouble,falls down to much for someone her size),Steward(needs to put on some weight and get some strength conditioning)not showing much for # 1 HS player of the year,Tuck(getting better),Jefferson(speedy but out of control and needs to get some college game savvy). I don’t really like to critique players or coaches but that just how I see it.

      1. Steve G

        Dolson is what they call a FLOPPER in soccer. Refs caught on a long time ago. So did Lobo.

  48. Gerri

    You tell your child do a task, detailing and carefully explaining how it is to be done, then they do it entirely different and the outcome is not to anyone’s satisfaction. Does that make you a terrible parent? Geno doesn’t play the game and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t draw up diagrams in the huddle that are meant to fail. This team lacks the “star” to put them over the top and I wouldn’t expect a championship from this team unless someone takes over. It still just a game.

    1. Gerri Curl

      Geno doesn’t score or rebound to win NCs either

      Players win NCs if players lose games

  49. UconnFan

    It is sad to see so many negative comments after watching one of the greatest ball games played the history of the Big East woman’s basketball. This would have been a tough loss for either team! Sadly,in spite of all the mistakes made by both sides, the refs had a big part in this game by horrible calls that had a more than a little effect on the outcome!

        1. David's Mommy

          Schitz Head is consistent

          Never brings any intelligence to the party

          1. Joanie loves Chachi

            I expended my limited knowledge of basketball hours ago, so now I’m just going to call everyone I disagree with names using an alias. But I really do love Chachi…

  50. martin fallon

    Cuda won, didn’t win, HOWEVER, the Huskies learned and will adapt to a grasping defense, like Baylor and ND displayed. So, I’m encouraged and I still like our chances down the road. Good luck, UConn. It’s still the last win that’s most important.

    1. Like UConn's Last Win Will Come in April

      thanks for admitting that UConn learned nothing the first time they lost to ND this season

      Geno beetched and moaned at ND getting more FTs

      Hey genius, have your team keep shooting 3s

      Have your center at the top of the key

      Key fouling when the game is over so you can pad ND’s FT totals

      Old man whiner

  51. John D

    The seasons not over yet folks.Maybe the rude awakening that happened again last night might be the spark that stars the fire with this team as whole.ND refused to lose last night and UConn needs to take on the exact persona if they want to advance.Even top echelon teams in the Big East are starting to stop fearing UConn and starting to realize that the name on the shirt is not what wins games.Get it together !!!!Go Huskies !!!!

  52. Denise in AZ

    I remember after Diana T when UCONN went thru a Final Four drought that some commenters said Geno was washed up and couldn’t recruit. Then he got Maya Moore and everything changed. Of course I can’t forget Tina Charles.

    It takes two great players and a strong supporting cast to win a championship. Dolson and KML are not quite there. And as Geno says, you have to have great guard play.

    UCONN is not there yet, but they’re pretty good. I predict they will beat ND in the Big East Final like last year.

    1. Some Fan You Are

      Name one great player that Diana played with in her junior and senior seasons when she won NCs

      1. Denise in AZ

        Good point. Diana was a very special star who made her teammates better. If I recall correctly, those teams lost a few regular season games but came up great in the Final Four. But Most of UCONN’s championship teams had two great players.

      2. Awareness

        Geno’s game plan back then was “give the ball to Diana”. Then he would just sit back and enjoy the game.

  53. CTMIKe

    Guess what people? Basketball is a game, played for the fans. Fans get to critique these games. So you goody two shoes that say you can’t critique the game you watched and routed for are all wrong. These girls came to UConn to be the best. They were recruited to be number 1 in the country not number 2. Doty said it herself. She is here for a 5th year to win a national championship. Fact is they are not winning the games they were recruited here for. The hell with “nice try” and “we gave it our best”. UConn is too weak and physically and mentally not tough enough in these games. Notre Dame was last year and they are this year with different players. What it takes is players like, Charles, Rizotti, Taurasi, Lobo…players that will rip your head off rather than lose.

    1. David Schulz

      You’re a jerk. You think UCONN is the only team that has aspirations to be the best team in the country? It is going to get harder every year. You may not have noticed but in the last ten years or so the level of skill in young women has increased at an incredible rate. One school is not going to be able to get them all. So live with it and enjoy what we have had and what we have now.

        1. David Schulz

          If you’re talking to me, no it doesn’t hurt. I choose to enjoy the players we have, and the games they play. I’m actually a basketball fan. I love the game. I’ve been watching the UCONN women since 91 and have never been sorry. They have consistently played the game at a higher level in that period of time than any team in the country, men or women. So all you whiners and complainers who seem to know nothing about the game can go back to your video games or whatever is is your good at.

  54. Keith

    Adversity really brings out what we are all really made of- win or lose, we get phenomenal effort to win every offensive and defensive possession. ND was better in both prior yrs- in my opinion. The refs hate uc/ geno and they love nd and diggins- either way, i think we beat nd in big east and ncaa’s if we do meet in both. Neither is a given as more parity is coming every season. Most negativity is from frustrated individuals- not all of it. Tuck and stewart should really gaun from last night- i think/ hope. I thought Messiah could have helped us especially late- but i’m not 2nd guessing geno-



    1. freddy drools

      and UConn fans will still blame the refs or injuries for losing the games they were built to win

      1. David Schulz

        All the good teams are built to win those games. Only one team ends up actually doing it. How dumb are you people?











    1. Randy

      “Geno AIDS cult juice.” Class act there. That says a lot about you, my friend, before we even begin to laugh at your ridiculous perspective on basketball. By the way, I love blogs written in all caps that use name calling as the primary means of making a point. Only three great teams in WBB? Didn’t Stanford…currently #4 in the polls…beat Baylor this year? Of course we can’t use them in the discussion, because that would make your “UConn only beats Middle Schoolers” comment sound stupid (it is anyway). Comparing Geno to Joe Paterno…good call. Is that based on the fact they both coached a college sport, or that they are both males? Couldn’t come up with a more accurate comparison, like Pat Summitt at Tennessee? Dolson is a “moron” for one bad play which was a questionable call to begin with? Interesting that the ESPN women’s announcers think Faris is one of the best in the game, but what do they know (especially since two of them are former All Americans themselves). Hartley…only 3rd Team All American…what a loser. And Doty…funny that all the former UConn players that watch her play comment on how key she is to the team with her leadership. But what do they know…its only about how many points you score. Take some time off from blogging until you better understand basketball, and get some class.

    2. David Schulz

      Why do you bother watching. Dolson was not moving. Diggins brushed her so lightly with her arm it would not have killed a fly, and then took a flying flop. Their actual bodies were not within a foot of one another. That ref didn’t make a good call all night. You didn’t happen to notice Faris also burned people guarding her all night? Didn’t notice all the fumbling around ND did in the first overtime? FACT: You don’t have a clue about what you are talking about. Love you dopes who type everything in caps. Guess that indicates you really mean what you’re saying. What a joke.

      1. JD

        here comes the trolls. It’s too bad the courant won’t do anything about these moronic comments from morons like David, Randy, Joanie W, etc and to all the morons on here who are dissing Geno and Uconn and their players, etc. Why even bother coming here if you aren’t fans? if you don’t like Uconn or Geno, don’t watch or bother commenting on the blogs relating to them.

  58. Geno Is Not A Genius

    At least Geno admits he can’t win NCs without POY and great PG. So much for great coaching. Just roll the ball out on the court and hope you have a POY or multiple AA including a PG AA. So Geno, since you know you don’t have the POY or multiple AA or a great PG, why not bench your useless 5th year senior and 3rd year head case. Let Jefferson learn. You already admitted you can’t win with Doty and Hartley. So plan for next year. Maybe she will turn into a great PG.

  59. Diggy Siggins

    All the Geno Aids Lovers coming to his rescue
    As if he needs them to or cares what they have to say

  60. Becca

    Unless Griner or Sims gets injured or fouls out, Diggins won’t win a NC. Go ahead and laugh at Diggins. She still owns UConn. And that will always be a thorn in your side. Always.

    Dolson and Hartley only have one more chance to win a NC of their own. Good luck winning a NC next season without Faris and without an All American PG.

    Just ask Geno. He’s been preaching the importance an All American PG brings to NC teams. Sims is an All American PG and will be back next season with a 6’7″ center.

  61. Serious - No Joke

    It is possible that Geno has been losing his mind the last 3 seasons

    How else do you explain his repetitive stupid mistakes in coaching?

    You have to be a moron to play Doty and Hartley when everyone who watches know they suck

  62. JUSTME

    We want Uconn to win every game to satisfy our big egos. Obviously, that can’t happen every year. But what is the real purpose of our basketball program? It is to get every player to be the very best they can be. Winning is icing on the cake but if every player performs to their maximum abilities, that in itself is a victory, not necessarily for us but certainly for them. We have Hartley,Stokes and Stewart who are going in the wrong direction and two 5 year seniors who are literally no better now than they were in eighth grade.
    Something ain’t right.

    1. David Schulz

      You try going through a couple of ACL surgeries and see how you turn out. Caroline was a very fine player before she was hurt. Stewart is a freshman, give her a chance. Stokes has talent and doesn’t seem to want to use it. Some people are just that way. Judging by his success over the years, I would guess Geno knows what he is doing. You really don’t think he would play these women if they were prepared to help on the floor? He keeps playing Hartley, hoping she plays her way out of her lack of confidence. He can’t play for her.

    2. Something Ain't Right

      Those 3 words sum it up perfectly. Exactly. Absolutely. Did you ever notice in clips of UConn practices, Buck and Stokes are always standing on the sidelines?

  63. Joanie loves Mike

    Mike and I can’t wait to watch the next UConn game from our home down in ‘ol Rocky Top!

  64. Something Ain't Right

    And this morning Doty and Hartley still suck. Knee and ankle injuries do not cause players basketball IQ to degrade. Those two have no common sense on the court. And Shea and Geno are doing a lousy job teaching guard 101. Geno’s face was red during the post game because he was embarrassed that Muffet’s coaching owned him again. His sideline coaching is standing around looking befuddled or screaming, then rolling the ball out onto the court and letting former HS AA play however they want.

    1. David Schulz

      They lost because they missed the front end of three 1 and 1’s. What part of that don’t you understand?

    2. Joanie W.

      He is a Great Coach when he has 2 All Americans on his team…otherwise..not so much

    3. JUSTME

      And as horrible as our guards were, if Geno
      a) keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t get a technical
      b) tells his team to foul before McBrides three pointer, we win. He erased all the blood, sweat and tears those kids put in that game with his incompetence. What a shame.

      1. Joanie W.

        A HS coach could have won that game…and then hit the “Easy” Button

  65. Captain Pine

    Regardless of the outcome, these young women played a great (not perfect but their effort was terrific) game under extreme duress. Playing your nemesis on their home court is always difficult but this game had a higher level of pressure. We should be proud of the effort and continue to support this fine group of players.

      1. Captain Pine

        Joanie – Don’t live in the basement but can rent you some space in mine, if that is what your point is…

  66. Fairfield County Fan

    Joanie W. – I have read each of your comments/responses to others comments and have one request – – PLEASE stop embarassing yourself, and by association, the myriad of women who are UCONN fans and know a lot more about the team and the game of bb that you obviously do. You are giving female bb fans a bad name!

  67. Fairfield County Fan

    12:30pm Wednesday.
    Doty still sucks.
    Hartley still sucks.
    Faris still overrated.
    Stewart was a bully in high school but now is the wimp.

  68. David Schulz

    Next season no Faris.
    Season after that no Dolson.
    10 loss season coming up in 2014-15.
    Geno is so overrated.
    0-3 in Final Fours against Muffet.
    1-6 against Muffet in last 2+ years.

      1. JD

        David. You are a complete idiot. Why are you even on this site if you are not a fan and think Geno is overrated? give me a break.

        1. Joanie W.

          This is not a fan site…just a feedback site and he IS over rated…by a Lot

          1. Mike1

            Amen Joanie. the previous Notre Dame game, Faris said “this loss is on me”. That is what Geno should say for this one.

        2. David Schulz

          It actually wasn’t me. Don’t know how that happens, but I wouldn’t post such stupidity.

    1. David Schulz

      I’m sorry for that post. It isn’t mine. I would never post such stupid nonsense. Pretty childish.

      1. Awareness

        It has happened to me too, David. I kinda thought that was not like you. There’s a sicko out there stealing names probably causing most of the trouble going on here.


    Geno has become like Floyd Mayweather Jr. More worried about protecting his undefeated record in national championship games than trying to win an 8th. Geno knows this UConn team would choke in the national championship game thus adding a blemish to his record. Its all about Geno not his team. Hail Geno. Build me a statue. Build it bigger than Penn State’s statue of Joe Paterno. Drink my Geno Aid.

  70. Kenny

    I love monday quarter backs.Oh by the way auntie Diggins
    your niece hasn’t won a championship yet and she won’t
    this year either.

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