A Pledge From The Boss About UConn’s Future

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If you think Geno Auriemma is worried about how his program will be impacted by relocation to this yet-to-be-named league or conference – The Buffet 12 – I urge you to reconsider.

‘Everyone is having a heart attack about conference realignment and the catholic schools leaving. It’s painful,” Auriemma said. “You have to say goodbye to Georgetown, who was really, really good, and Villanova, who has been good. And then they took a bunch of other schools that wished they were good.

“We now have created another league, which still has no name. But I am telling you, the new league will be whatever UConn makes of it because we are going to be the dominant team in that league, whether its football, basketball, track and field or whatever.

“It doesn’t matter. We are going to do for this new league what’s we’ve been able to for the Big East for the last 10 or 15 years.

“And then, whatever happens will happen. But we will not sit here and cry about it. We will not moan and groan about what we used to have and don’t [have] anymore. What we are going to do is win games, win championships and the fans are all going to be a part of it, just like always.

“So I’m urging everyone not to get all crazy about what league we are in or not in. Let’s just be the best we can be in whatever league we play.”

As for the recruiting, Auriemma said he expects there to be none, whether the Huskies stay in the new league or eventually leave for the ACC.

“It means nothing,” Auriemma said. “I haven’t had one kid on my team come to me and say, ‘Coach, now that Providence and Seton Hall aren’t here anymore, I don’t want to be, either.’ And I don’t think that is going to happen with our program or the men’s program. We are going forward.”

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5 thoughts on “A Pledge From The Boss About UConn’s Future

  1. Uconn is the league

    Yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow is out of sight!!
    True words. Uconn shall make of this league what it made out of the BE.

    EDD John’s great hope for the Blue Hens beat a very beatable Drexel (almost a Div2 league)by only three points and were lucky to win the CAA championship. So much for EDD winning the NCAA championship for the Blue Hen;s or UConn..

    Uconn–regardless of what John thinks–isn’t thinking every minute—“we can’t beat Notre Dame”–If a team dwells upon a loss or losses–they will lose to a lessor team–so Geno the master Phychologist has his kids thinking of Navy, MD, Kentucky, those teams in their bracket.

    Notre Beat UConn after losing 3 times to them previously–so it’s not unlikely to think Uconn shall win the at the next meeting. Rested Dolson, Hartley, KML with the new Kids Stewart, Stokes, Tuck, Mo Jeff–led by Faris will make history this year.

      1. mike mcmanus

        I agree….but the key for UCONN is turnovers regardless of who they play. If they limit their turnovers, they can beat anyone, Baylor included. Both Sims and Diggins made several steals and caused multiple turnovers; if those can be eliminated, that changes the complexion of the game.

  2. WBB fan

    Actually, I think the re-formed “Catholic 7″ Big East will still be a strong competitive league for mens basketball; but the women’s basketball teams will be mediocre competition at best, unless they do as Doug Bruno indicated was critical – for one or more of the teams to kick their game up a notch or two (or three or four in some cases) to become “elite” (like UCONN and ND). Otherwise they will get lost in the weeds like so many other WBB leagues. Think about it – no UCONN, no ND, no Louisville, no Syracuse….all teams that are at or striving to be at the elite level.
    Good luck to them!

  3. joesimsbury

    What else can Geno say re: Conference realignment?

    He has to sing the party tune.

    Proof is in the pudding, however. Aresco is touting an abysmal TV contract for the “Whatever 12″ conference that will net UConn about $1.8 mm/year for all sports. Are you kidding me? Each of the “Catholic 7″ will get more than that for their Olympic sports only! We should all praise Geno for all that he and his wonderful teams have accomplished, but UConn has to get out of this “Whatever 12 Conference” mess. Geno might be right that for women’s BB, he doesn’t need a real conference home. That may be more a product of the relative scarcity of great women’s BB programs nationwide. I don’t think the analysis applies to the men’s BB program or football. Clearly, with the exception of ND football – what conference your in makes a big difference.

    Then there are the numbers.

    Consider that the likes of Syracuse, BC and Pitt are going to receive $17-19mm next year (perhaps more) for their “contributions” to the ACC. Rutgers will receive a lot more than that when they join the B1G. UConn will make a tenth of that! That will hurt, in and of itself, soon enough. Unless the conference issue is resolved, all UConn sports will eventually suffer and, fair or not, it will tarnish the University’s brand.

    Starting with Aresco and the UConn administration, please stop the sugar coating or trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The powers-that-be at UConn have to know that the conference realignment issue is front and center and they have to solve it.

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