A Taste Of Postgame Geno Following Baylor

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Here is a taste of what Geno Auriemma said after Monday’s 76-70 loss to Baylor.

“I thought we were in control of the game the entire first half, until the final three minutes against a really good team. But if you make mental mistakes against a good team, the game can change quickly, even as well as we played defensively. It should have been a 15-point lead in the first half and not three and that changes everything.

“We knew they wouldn’t score 26 points in the second half. But I don’t know the last three minutes in the first half was the deciding point, but it was indicative of what decided the game. No question.”

Auriemma told the XL Center crowd after the game that he didn’t think his team was good enough to beat Baylor at this point of the season.

“Having the ability to make plays is how you win games like this, I told Kaleena that this was the kind of game that Maya Moore [who attended] would have scored 50 [KML scored 26]. The only difference was a seven- or eight-minute stretch where she wasn’t involved. Kaleena is just learning how much more she could do. And she was phenomenal.

“Are we ready to win this game? Yes. We could have easily won it. But we are not smart enough to win it. And based as us as individuals, we are not good enough to beat this team. It needs to be a collective effort, our team against their’s. And that went away in the second half.
Here’s what he had to say about freshman Breanna Stewart, who did not score in seven minutes. She was just 0 for 2 from the field.

“When you are a young player and you get stunned at some point of the season it takes a lot to recover. I don’t know when it happened, but right now Breanna Stewart’s mind isn’t going to let her be the kind of player we think she can be – right now, today. Maybe in a month it will change. Right now it’s not good. But that’s what it is. She is struggling physically with things on a regular basis and it gets into your head.”


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106 thoughts on “A Taste Of Postgame Geno Following Baylor

  1. fishpaw31

    With Maya in the audience, KML did that No.23 jersey proud! Maya, your old UConn jersey is in EXCELLENT hands!

    1. KML for president

      Kaleena M Lewis played a better game as a
      soph then Maya did. Rebounding and moving wasn’t in maya’s skill set until her jr year.
      50 points against Syracuse for Maya, not baylor. Maya was the lone scorer, KML has 3 0r 4 and a highly rated freshman who shoot many more shot than KML.
      Stewart is a freshman, remove the expectation from her for this year.
      Tuck and Jefferson played well a bit like freshmen but well.

  2. hjoerring

    A v.good game. It shows were we are in the mix of things. Perhaps we are not ready to beat Baylor. Yes, we can out play them in the first half or less, but we can’t sustain it. I don’t think it will change much from hereon– Baylor and ND are the favorite to win and we should be looking more over our shoulders rather ahead. I think Tuck and Jefferson should see even more minutes– starting, perhaps. BS is done for the year. The coaching staff should give her 7 minutes for her confidence, but avoid further pressure. The jump from a H.S star to Div.1 was too much and coach A talk about her being the greatest backfired. Too much too soon. Yes, she may, one day, be the greatest, but not today. Be gentle with her. Others have to be held accountable for disappearing when the heat is turned up. CD cannot anymore; running plays for her, maybe. BB is out. Bria has to step up and be more assertive and help ML + Stephanie, big time. Stokes– what is the issue there? And next year we will have only one recruit coming in. She too is suspect– perhaps a year or more form performing at a level where she can be helpful. My pick for the BE + NCAA would be Steph.ML,MJ (let her make her mistakes- we live or die),Tuck,KF and Bria. Actually, it is quite close to the Baylor game group. But, I do believe that the first 3-4 above should be starting or seeing early and extensive minutes.

    1. bogeyfree29@hotmail.com

      agree with most of what you said,except you left out the fact that kelly farris(with a few exceptions) never shows up in a big game.

        1. NCHuskyFan

          You’re right Paul. After the second throw down of Stephanie by Griner, (the first of which she received that flagrant foul 1), I would have kicked her out of the game. That was a dirty play, case closed. The one referee was standing 5 feet away, too! What was she looking at? Of course when you have Curly, Moe and Larry referring the game. . . Next time we’ll get ‘em. On to Notre Dame in two weeks!

          1. MansfieldKid(years ago)


            If anything, that second one was more flagrant than the first!

        2. Clete

          She’s always been a thug with great skills, but at this point she’ll be lucky to finish the season without someone stepping on her knees and ending her career. Too bad Bam Bam doesn’t have one more game of eligibility left.

      1. Jeff Brown


        Couldn’t disagree with you more, and your comment about Kelly Faris makes me doubt your basketball IQ. I live in Indiana and had the joy of watching Kelly lead her HS team to 4 state titles (not only beating small schools, but much bigger schools as well, including some nationally ranked opponents). I have followed her as closely as possible during her college career too (mostly via TV, but I’ve been to at least 1 game live each year). Kelly’s style of play is not conducive to regularly producing a “game for the ages” (Coach A’s quote following her performance against nationally ranked Duke). Even in high school, Kelly did not seek to take over games and dominate play. She simply does a zillion other things to make her teammates look good! There are numerous examples EVERY game (big games and lesser games) but, since last night’s game was against Baylor, let’s stick with them. They showed a highlight of Bria Hartley hitting the big 3 to win the game for UCONN and extend their winning streak at the time (Bria was a freshman, Kelly a sophomore). Bria got, and still gets all the credit to this day, with no mention of the player who rebounded the ball and fed it to her for a wide open look – Kelly Faris!! That is Kelly’s game in a nutshell. She has never been concerned about who gets the credit, ONLY THAT HER TEAM WINS!! So, to say she never shows up in big games is simply an ignorant comment. Fortunately, her coaches & teammates, and other fans, know a lot more about basketball (and how it should be played) than you do!! Give me a bunch of players with the heart, skills and basketball IQ of #34 and I’ll win a bunch of ball games!! Thank you, Kelly Faris, for being the person and player you are and for the joy of watching you play basketball for almost 8 years now! Go Huskies!!

        1. bogey29free

          Sorry Jeff,but I watch every single Uconn women’s game from buzzer to buzzer,played college basketball myself(albeit at a very low level) and know tha nuances of the game and what makes a great player.I don’t expect Kelly to light up the scoreboard,that’s not her game,but I also don’t expect her to disappear in big games especially given that she is now the only senior on a young inexperienced team.This year especially she is careless with the ball against tough teams,especially Notre Dame earlier this year,and Baylor last night.There was a reason that Geno had her sitting on the bench for long stretches of the second half last night,she was not getting the job done offensively or defensively.Against Notre Dame earlier this year,she was a complete defensive non factor as Kayla Mcbride torched her for however many points she scored.I agree she is team oriented and unselfish,and a nice role player to have on any contending team,but this year I have heard her mentioned as potentially an all american,and to be that you should be able to come up big in the biggest games.

          1. Mulkey > Geno


          2. Jeff Brown


            The fact that you watch “every single Uconn game from buzzer to buzzer” doesn’t make you an expert or make your opinion correct. So, you support your opinion that Kelly didn’t show up For Monday night’s Baylor game by pointing out that Geno benched her for long stretches of the second half. If Geno would have benched every player who wasn’t playing great Monday night, KML would have been the only player on the floor (Dolson was decent, but not as good as the game wore on). That said, if Geno taking her out is the basis of your case that Kelly doesn’t show up for big games, then the same argument (Geno) works against your position most of the time. Kelly was (I assume still is) leading the team in minutes per game, and most of the time, is in the game at crunch time against all opponents. I think that must be because Geno thinks she shows up and adds value to the team. Generally speaking, I believe the Huskies are better when she’s on the floor, and his sitting her for “long stretches” (I believe there was one in the second half; first half she sat with 2 fouls) may have contributed to the loss. Although I don’t think she played a great game Monday night, 4-7 from the field, 9 pts, 5 rebs, 2 assts and 1 steal (in less minutes than she usually plays) constitutes not showing up. Yes, she had 3 turnovers, but 2 starters had more (4 and 5) and 2 other teammates had 1 less (2). So, other than KLM, the team didn’t play their best and still only lost to the #1 team by 6 pts.
            Now, when you say “big game”, I assume you mean against the Baylos, ND’s and Stanford’s of the world. I wish I could isolate and recap Kelly’s career stats against just those teams, but I recall her “showing up” and then some. Did you forget the last 3-4 minutes of the ND game in last year’s final 4, where she almost single-handedly brought them back to victory? What about the 19 pt (including game-winning effort) at ND a couple years back? I could go on but just citing some examples that come to mind.

            Finally, why has she even been mentioned in “All-American” terms? Probably 2 reasons – 1) Her shooting % has improved this season, which compliments her solid all-around game, and 2) She’s performed quite well against other highly ranked teams and their “All-American” players (e.g., Maryland, Duke are the prime examples). Now, you may not consider those “big games”, but most others do.

            So, I probably haven’t caused you to re-consider your earlier comment/opinion, but you won’t change mine either. I just find the criticism funny, coming from someone that (by your own admission) has never played a truly big game in his life!

  3. Chicken Stew

    UConn Chokies.
    1-5 against ND.
    0-2 against Baylor.
    Geno outcoached again.

    1. NCHuskyFan

      Chicken, Do the world a favor why don’t you. Please crawl back into that hole in the ground in your back yard Tennessee home from which you first emerged you worthless piece of vermon. At least UConn will advance far in the upcoming NCAA tournament. Can’t say the same for your Tenn. Lady Vols!

  4. Allen Freshler

    This was a good interesting game to watch with many future teachable moments in it. We allowed Baylor to establish a low post game in the second half, Britney, shoot layup or easy passes to a cutting player, another easy layup. We never stoped this second half game and will half to if we expect to win against Baylor or ND who also runs similar patterns. Zone? We were not fast enough and got out run. We had two very slow players on the court. Really needed to rest our center some, she was exhausted and fell down repeatly in the second half. She also passed up a number of shots and that hurt. Baylor scored on nearly every trip down the court in the second half. They are a very good team. We can still grow and need major contributions from the freshmen, some of that is happening. Perhaps start Stuart, the coach needs to rebuild her confidence. Let her play some real quality minutes in up comming games. She is a major part of the future. Go UConn.

  5. martin fallon

    Give credit to the Baylor defense for disrupting the Uconn flow. Long arms and quick hands kept getting in the way of passes. The Huskies will have to work on coming to the ball and continue coming off screens and, of course, making shots on limited openings.

    1. Mike McManus

      Well said. Baylor disrupted just like UCONN does aginst weaker teams, but additionally UCONN’s guards were telegraphing their passes. They are experienced players and should have known better. Furthermore, UCONN plays at what I would call a frenetic pace which I guess Geno prefers…but this also leads to careless turnovers, 18 to be exact.

  6. Get Rid Of HoopGurlz

    KML had a real game for the ages against the best team in WCBB the last 2 seasons. Let’s just hope KML does not regress like Faris. Her game for the ages was against a bridesmaid.

    Faris and Doty have been following up disappointing games with coach speak. Time for the seniors to walk the walk against ND twice in 2 weeks and possibly against Baylor again.

    Geno said Faris is UConn’s best athlete. ND and Baylor proved they have a few athletes better than UConn’s best. Geno and CD have some recruiting work to do.

    UConn will end up with 4 or 5 losses this season, which 99.9% of WCBB dream of. But the Huskies will end up 1-3 or 1-4 against the top 2 teams in WCBB.

    ND and Baylor will still have the weapons to defeat UConn next season.

      1. Now That's Funny

        So if UConn wins the NC without Faris, she would prove the Ewing Theory.

  7. Pete

    Baylor is a great team and UConn came close. Not something UConn fans are used to saying and living with. While turnovers have been an issue, UConn is living and dying by the three pointer. Maybe that is just the way it is. However, in its losses, UConn is getting way out pointed at the free throw line. We need to be able to go to the hole and get fouled. I realize this is not easy against Baylor but should be easier, since UConn is much bigger, against other teams like ND. Point guard play seems to be one reason that we see no drive and dish. Bria needs to be able to do this and be better with the ball. UConn is not as athletic as the teams they lost to, moving the ball will help but should not just settle for a three. Excited to see how this turns out and if BS picks it up, which i expect will happen.

    1. Chicken Stew

      Go back and look at UConn’s 5 losses to ND and 2 losses to Baylor. Despite Bria’s scoring, she makes poor decisions and turnovers at the worst moments. Bria thinks too highly of herself and is selfish.

      Stewart will have big games against the less fortunate teams. After all, that’s how Stewart built up her stats in high school. The bully hates getting bullied.

      1. Steve Gee

        My favorite part is when you pretend to know exactly how others think and feel, when all you really know is jack-expletive.

        1. CHICKY

          And you know this how?? You are some kind of uninformed expert?? Are you Doris Burke in disguise??
          You must be the uncle of jack kass.

          1. Steve Gee

            Then, perhaps you could please expand on HOW you know what Hartley is thinking, and what Stewart is feeling.

            Short of that, you’ve exposed yourself for what you are.

            Or perhaps it’s YOU that thinks too highly of yourself, and not Hartley?
            I find that more likely.

        2. Mulkey > Geno

          Funny how you always think you know more than anyone else. Geno Aids lover.

          1. Steve Gee

            Would you mind Professor, pointing out a single post of mine where I do what you accuse me of?
            Because if you actually READ AND COMPREHEND what I wrote above, you’ll see that what I AM DOING is questioning how chicken(YOU, under yet another un-clever name) could possibly KNOW what someone else is thinking, or how they are feeling. Especially people ( UCOnn players in this case) you only “know” from afar.

            Go ahead Professor. Teach us.
            Put up or shut up.

      2. Master

        KML had her best all around game Dolson played well in the first half. Bria played pretty good except for the turnover’s I don’t know why anyone would call her selfish.. Doty was non-existence Faris had a bad game..and not just by her standards..people like you just have to realize that Baylor right now is the best team in the country.. and Uconn although talented has a little ways to go.. I don’t think we should have lost to ND but this lost I expected. But you blaming five losses on one player..this is a team sport.

    2. John B.

      My sense all year is that Geno has been prepping the team for its major games by having them shoot a lot of threes. To win a NC, they will have to beat Baylor, and to do that they will have to hit a lot of threes.

      I agree that the momentum swing end of first half was huge – and damaging to UConn. But the other swing that received less attention. Stephanie hit those two free throws after the throwdown, and UConn got the ball with a 7 point lead. Within about a minute of playing time, the game was tied – and UConn never led, I don’t believe, after that point.

      As of now, Baylor is a slightly better team than UConn. and if the refs let Griner play like it is a rugby game, they will be hard to beat in the NCAA tournament.

      But “on any given day” UConn could beat anyone in the country. They blew out Stanford and were one KML shot away from beating ND. To me, more playing time for the freshmen is key. If UConn plays 9 instead of the usual 7, they will be a stronger team.

  8. TomG

    Geno is his own worst enemy. He wants to win with his 4 guard set on offense and can’t see that that is why he is getting pounded on the defensive end. Why would you play a junk zone with your smallest players. As soon as Giner started passing this game was over. Then he blames Lewis because she didn’t score 50. Please! How about a better game plan. This isn’t the National team Geno. You actually have to coach these kids.

    1. bogey29free

      right on all counts tom,KML was the sole reason this was a close game,to single her out for the 7 or 8 minutes she wasn’t fantastic,come on geno.

    2. JR

      He didn’t blame KML at all. In fact, he praised her. He simply said she’s capable of being even more assertive and having monstrous games when she’s on like last night instead of real good games.

    3. Mulkey > Geno

      Geno is a stubborn bitter spoiled rich brat. He speaks like an uneducated person. Most of the time he just rambles on and on with the same old garbage.

  9. john

    Agree with hjoerring. I would keep Stewart in the mix tho as much for the future as anything.
    What a class act programs like UConn, Stanford and Notre Dame are. Griner deserved to be picked up by Dolson and thrown 3 rows up in the stands. Dolson’s a cool kid tho, ie the hug at the end of the game. I was disappointed to see that Griner is the same punk that threw a punch at an opponent 2 years ago. If the refs didn’t have the b—s to call the 2nd T and eject her, I wonder why Mulkey didn’t. What do you think Geno or Muffet would have done? Interesting program recruiting guidelines, don’t you think? As a result, I don’t think the game was as good for WOMEN’S BASKETBALL as was hoped.

  10. HarryH

    I think this proved that UCONN can beat Baylor – they just didn’t do it.
    You can’t argue with Geno’s overall success but sometimes I think he does stuff to prove to the team rather than to be able to best win. How to you play significant minutes in the second half with NONE of your starting 3 guards in the game? Jefferson is very good but she is no offensive threat especially against a team like Baylor. The three were defensively instrumental in keeping the ball out of the middle in the first half. OK Jefferson and Kelley or something like that.
    Dolson played well, for her, but she isn’t in the same league. Missed passes, dropped balls, very few rebounds for a big girl.
    KML didn’t do enough, Geno? She was all the offensive UCONN had and was the leading re-bounder also. Stewart looked lost but she really wasn’t in the game ever long enough to get into the rhythm.
    I know Buck isn’t among the best but her best was against Griner. I would have put her in and just let her tire Griner out with fouls or whatever.

    All that said we could have beaten them and did a lot better than ND did. We can beat them in the final four.

    WBB needs better refs. Phantom walking calls and many many missed calls. It is too bad that a game like that has to suffer with that kind of refs.

    1. John B.

      I agree 100% with the Buck comment. Her shining moment at UConn was last year v. Baylor when Dolson was on the bench with foul trouble. Why not let her come in and use her size and strength – and let Steph get a little rest?

    2. Mulkey > Geno


  11. uconn fan, not geno fan

    who told geno that tuck is a guard. keep her in the low post where she belongs.
    uconn is a better team this year that last.
    baylor is a MUCH better team this year than last. they deserved to win. they will repeat as national champs.
    geno is a worse coach this year than last, and that is saying a lot.

  12. Joseph Bevan

    Lewis is a All American level player.I felt bad that
    Stewart was getting all the Headlines while Lewis was the best player on the court.Hopefully after the Baylor performance she will be a well deserved canididate for
    All-American at the end of the season.Lewis is the most talented Huskie;Dolson is the player that is the most essential player to make the Team play at it’s best.

    1. Fishy

      MKL has yet to prove that she can get enough lift to get her shot over defenders who challenge her shot. Remember when she got swatted at the end of the ND game?

      1. Master

        I guess you mean KML and the girl had 26 points and 15 rebounds and you still punching a hole in her game..damn some of you Uconn fans are out of your minds.

        1. Laddy

          Even Geno admitted KML stunk. She get 25 but Geno admitted that she was so open all the time that she should have gotten 50.

          Baylor saw her as the weak link. Cover everyone else and let her screw it up. It worked and Geno was not happy.

          1. Onesie twozee

            I guess neither you nor Geno saw Madden glued to KML’s hip 90 percent of the game? When she was open she shot. Geno was blowing a lot of bad smoke.
            If he keeps beating up KML and Stewart in the press — maybe they should transfer to some college that will appreciate them like Kentucky. They have a lot of transfers from other universities.

      2. bogey29free

        @ fishy..yeah that lack of lift really hurt her last night,I mean what the hell was she thinking on those 3 missed shots.I wonder how someone with no lift managed to pull down 16 rebounds against a 6 ft 8 inch center,idiot!!!

      1. JR

        Pope was easily Baylor’s second best player last night. Sims was 3-15 and nearly a non-factor.

        1. Kim got gifts

          I saw her defensive pressure as very significant. That had Hartley and Jefferson on edge. Then she had those killer clutch 3’s.

  13. David Schulz

    Chicken Stew, we know you hate Geno. But you’re an idiot. He did not get out coached. His team got outplayed by a more experienced team with a dominate force in the middle. UCONN’s perimeter players never adjusted to the freedom the Baylor defenders have to overplay the passing lanes because of the presence of Griner. That’s not coaching. That’s the players fault. You don’t remember when UCONN’s experienced team blew out Tennessee in the national championship game by 20 some points by running backdoor’s on them all day. He had the best most experienced team then. For this team to beat a team as good as Baylor they would have to play their best for 40 minutes and 18 turnovers won’t get that done. Turnovers are not the coaches fault. They are the players fault. On the plus side, UCONN did find a real player in Morgan Tuck, and Kaleena was the best basketball player on the floor. Dolson also gave everything she had. GROHG, Baylor beating UCONN next year? Dream on.

    1. Mulkey > Geno


  14. Fishy

    We payed the best we could possibly play and Baylor played terrible yet we still lose. This season is a failure.

    It’s one thing to beat up the lousy teams of the Big East but it is obvious that we cannot beat good teams (ND, Baylor) at all.

    1. UconnFan

      Every league has lousy teams and you have to play them! But from what I have seen the Big East has by far more quality teams than any other league in the country.

    2. Steve Gee

      Dearest Fishy,
      Do you think that Baylor played “terrible” simply by chance, and the UCONN D had nothing to do with it?
      And at the same time, you also say that Uconn played the best they (“we” in your case) could.
      If they/we played the best game possible, how was it exactly that Uconn’s D had nothing to do with Baylor playing “terrible”?

      Something has indeed failed you, and it’s far less abstract than the “season”.

      1. Mulkey > Geno

        Griner was toying with UConn in the first half. She was not even trying. Take off the Husky shades.

    3. Master

      Fishy you are a spoiled brat of a Uconn fan only an undefeated season would please you and even then every victory would have to be by 20 or more points..people like you and chicken stew really need to crawl back under that rock in Tennessee! You really need help..

  15. Kim got gifts

    I studied this game from a strictly unbiased vantage point since I have no allegiance to either school. I love them both. I saw in the first half that UConn’s dominance was offset by too many Doty bricks. Most of her shots should have gone to KML. One lesson learned should be “Always look for KML every time”. KML is always big time and shot the lights out of the entire Baylor crew. Dolson was also big time and BG should have been in foul trouble but refs gave Kim gifts. This freedom from fouls allowed BG to be huge in the 2nd. OS was huge and Hartley still isn’t herself. Unless she returns to normal, forget this year. Start or play Jefferson and Tuck much more. Set Stuart aside this year and build up her strength this summer. She should be observing from the side most of the remainder of this year.

    1. steve r

      I agree with this comment. UConn has to play as a team. When it does, it is the best team in women’s b’ball. When Hartley and Doty try to do too much with the ball (too much dribbling, out of control driving, looking for each other first as opposed to the open team mate,not paying better attention to where other players are), they freeze out Lewis, miss opportunities for Dolson and others and, sadly, don’t hit their shots. The result is UConn plays out of control and not as a team. KLM or Dolson ( who needs to shoot more not less) should be first option on offense. KML should be taking 20+shots a game and BH and CD should be taking less. Geno is trying to coach them. I would like to know whther some of the players are listneing. Finally, they are, after all, only kids and doing the best they can. They have given us a lot of entertainment. Plus none of them is a thug like Griner.They show character.

      1. Mulkey > Geno

        Basically you are saying that Hartley and Doty are selfish. I agree.

        1. Master

          I don’t agree that Hartley or Doty are selfish Uconn lost to a better team right now..don’t you people GET IT!! It’s alright that we are not the best team in the good old US of A guys..Bria does need to step up in these situations and take more shots and help out KML Doty needs to be sitting..last year KML had to come off the bench because of her and this year it’s Stewart..or Tuck..or Jefferson those girl should be in the game before Doty but Geno has this thing with her..but don’t go blaming these losses where the team is the underdog on Bria and Caroline..Faris had a bad game Dolson tired and was not the same in the second half..only KML had a great game..and she still got blame by Geno Bria played OK 13pts 5assists..it was the 5 TO’s that did hurt it kind of negates the assists but Tuck and Jefferson need more playing time and should get it

    2. bogey29free

      agree that Doty’s bricks really hurt whatever momentum Uconn had going in the first half,and some of them were just hoisted up way to quickly,before any offense was run.

    3. JR

      Sitting Stewart is absurd. She’s only going to regain confidence and improve with experience. With two poor opponents coming up, now is exactly the time to get her 20-25 minutes per game. You don’t bench the most talented fresemen in the country because she’s going through hard times.

      1. Mulkey > Geno


        1. JR

          I realize you like to troll for reactions, but the simple truth is Stewart single-handedly won the NY State title for her team over squads with multiple Div-1 recruits. She also was the best player on several international teams where she was several years 3-5 years younger than her teammates and competitors. Please at least attempt to mix in some logic with your trolling.

      2. Kim got gifts

        She will get confidence after she gets stronger and then plays against competition. OK, put her in with poor opponents but that won’t really help.



    1. Master

      I agree about Feb and the Uconn team but a lot of the posts suck Freddy.. These Uconn fans are spoiled rotten to the absurd at this point

  17. hjoerring

    I read elsewhere that Geno is off to see A’ja Wilson, is she the only big we are pursuing? Obviously she is what we need; but what happened to the other Brianna fr. TX? Why have there been no news. Is she also staying in the South? I think we need a fusion of big girls who are willing to bang– go to Australia, if we must– since the local ones head to Stanf/ND/Bayl or everywhere else. Also, I don’t think all is lost for this and certainly not next year. I am just unsure about how we are going to solve our problems.Allen, starting BS will do no more than ruin her, as the games are getting more difficult and physical. But not playing her will not help, only make it worst– in her head she is a star, not a project. I had been convinced from day one that Tuck was the one to carry us– and I have strong hopes for that going into the BE+Tourn. In any regards, we are covering up our weaknesses by trying to blow teams out in the first half or earlier- but when it doesn’t happen, we do not have the stamina and the will to put up a second fight. That is what the big Grinier did, she came out swinging and willed her team to a win. Coach Auriemma suggested as much in his comments to KML that she played a fantastic game but needed to give us 50 points as Maya would have. The moral: KML will have to, from now on, willed herself over the team. She is the team. As I see it she has been star willing to give space to all the other would be stars. No more ‘miss nice girl KML’. Let us hope that she comes out of the shadows of all the other, including Maya, and let us all say a star has been born and it’s KML. (And let us all give thanks to all the great times and priceless moments that the seniors have given us.)This is not to say that they should go to the bench, but that from hereon the road to Mecca goes through KML.

    1. Mulkey > Geno


      1. JR

        There are approximately three “legit” centers in women’s college BB. Tell me, who was the great center for Texas A&M when they won the title?

  18. Master

    Just want to say one more thing..Uconn cannot turn the ball over as many times as they do against Baylor and or ND and expect to win it’s just that simple.. they also cannot just rely on outside shooting via the 3pt shot..it’s telling on the free throw line..we attempted 4 freaking free throws..somebody must attempt going to the hole even against Griner..but especially against a team like ND. And this is not the end of the world Uconn fans!!!

  19. zman

    after knock down of SD, someone on the team should have knocked her down. BG is a sneaky dirty player and some needs to know her on her b-tt

    1. Kim got gifts

      I don’t believe BG is dirty. She did get agitated and should have been in foul trouble. That would have made a big difference but the officials blew it.

  20. Village Idiot

    Put Kaleena M. Lewis on Mount Rushmore!!
    As a Soph vs Maya, Kaleena wins. Maya was not one to take a push a punch, Stanford took her out of the games by just that. KML is better, she was front guarded every step she made.
    Steward is a great player, next year, this year she is learning—Geno put too much hope in her. Let her be a freshman.
    Tuck, missed a couple of dump downs from griner, but other wise played a very good game.
    I didn’t expect to win this one.Geno made this one very interesting. It was an excellent game or a basketball fan. Win or lose Uconn played a great game. I believe after this loss–no more the rest of the year.
    The team has come that far. Jefferson and
    tuck have come around the freshman corner.
    stop expecting so much from
    stewie and maybe she will be what everyone hoped.

  21. Steve Gee

    Random thoughts:

    I thought it was a good game, the refs were inconsistent at times but nothing crazy.

    The game got a bit sloppy here and there (too much for my liking) with hurried feet and forced passes. But that happens sometimes when two teams with pressure D meet.

    UCONN could have won it, but got beat. They played lock-down D for the most part, but as players seemed to tire, a few too many assignments were missed. That was enough to take the loss.

    Griner played well after the flagrant call – I think the refs were hesitant to whistle on her for the rest of the game and let a lot go.

    Dolson played great D, but did seem to back-off after a couple tough calls went against her. Overall, she did a good job against the NPOY.

    Reading these posts, it strikes me that Auriemma must be the worst coach in the game.
    According to some sofa-surfers here, he doesn’t even coach at all.
    If we somehow except that premise, these kids must (each and every one) be the most gifted group in the game’s history – being that they lost to the defending national champs that brought back their entire NC team, that includes the hands-down best player currently in WCBB -by ONLY 6 points!

    Of course, that premise is absurd.
    When Griner started passing over the double – the switches were often too late, or missed entirely. It happens.
    I’m sure the sofa-surfers would have had their x-box controllers move the off-side help faster, because hey, all you have to do is tell a player to do it and it’s always done. Like pushing a button.

    Speaking of pushing buttons:
    We’ve seen Geno do that before, it’s nothing new. That’s the one constant theme that former Husky stars use while referring to Auriemma. It’s usually something along the line of Coach pushing their “buttons”, always challenging them to be the best player that they can be. That’s how I take Geno’s remarks on KML.

    If you disagree with that, you’ll also have to disagree with all the greats. Folks like , Moore, Lobo, DT, Bird, Svet, Charles, Rizotti, Ralph, Cash, and on and on and on…. that tell us the same thing.
    It must be a conspiracy.

    Of course Geno employed a zone. It’s the best way to limit looks for the big in the middle. Notice how other teams try the same when they face a big with a height advantage? Like for instance, against Dolson? Who in the nation has a chance to shut-down Griner one on one? Please list them.

    Try to deny her the ball, then double-down when ever she gets it. Faris did it well, and had her hands on that ball often, forcing Griner to get rid of it. The problem was that there too many times, KML, Tuck, and Hartley missed the off-side cover when a player suck into the lane. It happens.
    Unless I have the math wrong, it’s hard to double-team one player, and not leave another open.
    I know, math is hard.
    And so is stopping Griner.

    But we Husky fans are spoiled. We need someone to blame for every loss. They don’t happen all that often. Unless it’s undefeated and NC, it’s a total faiure of a season.
    Uconn crushes the opponent, folks scream lack of parity, the victory too easy, and Huskies really stink.
    Uconn plays a great team, wins or loses by a narrow margin, and it’s “see I told you they stink”.
    A lose-lose really.

    Now, how ’bout them Red Sox?

  22. Laurie

    B. Griner is a DIRTY player and she gets away with those actions – DIRTY

    Not sportsmanlike – someone will push her down and her knee will be gone – what happened to the referees????

  23. David Schulz

    UCONN fan, not Geno fan. Uconn is a better team this year than last, but Geno is a worse coach this year than last???? Hard to see how you can have it both ways.
    UCONN lost because they turned the ball over 18 times. You don’t beat the defending national champions with their entire starting lineup back by playing that way. Geno did not turn the ball over. The players did. This is for the most part a pretty young team. They were playing a team starting 4 seniors and 1 junior, who would probably still be undefeated if Simms hadn’t been injured in the first four minutes of the Stanford game. And for the yokel who said something about KLM’s shot being blocked at the end of the ND game. Did you forget she was playing that game injured? Fishy. Well named. 18 turnovers is not by any stretch of anyone’s imagination “the best we could have played”. Be thankful you have a chance to watch one of the best basketball teams in the country, year after year. Young women have gotten so much better in the past twenty five to thirty years that one or two schools are not going to be able to dominate the way UCONN and Tennessee did in the 80’s and early 90’s. Just too many good players everywhere now. That’s all good for women’s basketball.

    1. buffy the troll slayer

      Shultz–After my rambling above, I’m sure you’ll allow me to disagree with you.
      A thread runs thur this Uconn team from the start of the year TURNOVERS!!! No Geno isn’t playing, thankfully he wasn’t much of a player, but it is his job to get his teams to play the game without so many turnovers. Turnover among other things lost the game. Missed assignments, said previouly, Griners great play, Dolson being tired, lack of Subs for the Bigs but isn’t that the job of the coaching staff?? Whose in charge of Coaching?
      Who get 1.8plus millions to coach this team?
      Edd didn’t want to come to Uconn, her parents did. Smarie Walker always want to go to Kentucky. Johnson, Engeln, Buck, were misques in recruiting. We can only hope there are no more like them on this team.

  24. bill says

    gino should be careful about brianna stewart. he could lose her like he did della donne. if della donn had stayed how many moere championships would we have won. i was a high school basketball coach. she needs to play or she might go to another school and be great like della donne. does anyone remember houston who has gone on and has had a decent wnba career. gino was very hard on her. stewart will be good. build her up don’t tear her down. i really like gino, but he can become his own worst enemy as they often say. don,t forget, you do not want to lose stewart. she will come back to haunt you.

  25. QFROG

    If Geno and the whiny fans hadn’t driven off Della Donne, we’d be undefeated now.

  26. David Schulz

    How do you know why Della Donne left? She left Storrs almost before she arrived.

  27. Len

    Della Donne > everyone on the current UCONN roster.

    If we only could have kept her.

  28. TomG

    EDD would not have helped this team if she had stayed at Uconn. She would have graduated last year.

  29. jamb

    I would trust Geno to know how to best handle the players after 28 yrs. of success. Delle Donne didn’t leave ‘cuz of Geno. She left before she even entered the program. And the few others who have transferred just didn’t work out for various reasons–either didn’t develop as expected,wanted more playing time, or desired to be closer to home. Re: last night’s game, we did “lose our minds” for several minutes in each half, causing terribly-timed turnovers. But I also feel the refs played a role, although coaches will not acknowledge that. One could say Baylor was the more aggressive team, especially in the 2nd half, but that, in part, was due to lack of calls on them. This really changes how the game is played, especially with one team’s players having 3+ fouls, and the other(Baylor) not having to worry about foul trouble or getting into the bonus. I was at the game, and couldn’t believe what didn’t get called. Just look at the stat sheet. Hard to believe that with the physicality of the game, it was only UConn who did most of the fouling. And I don’t even want to go there re: the amount of travel calls! And Geno’s comment re: his team not yet being ready/able to beat BU is just another way to hopefully further motivate them. Actually, I do think the greater test will be the game vs. ND–much more on the line and much more telling re: the mentality of this team. When all is said & done, I just hope they continue to work hard, improve, & then play with abandon and have fun.

    1. Mulkey > Geno


  30. steve w.

    Griners throwdown of Dolson after the fragrant should have been an ejection. But that would not have proved who the best team was, just an unsatisfying win.

  31. Lewis Shatzer

    WOW! UCONN has lost 2 games by a total of 8 points against the #1 and #2 teams in the country.To read the posts here, you would think they were major butt whippings by bottom feeders. Get a grip people. Any realistic women’s BB fan knows Baylor is the best team right now. Just as everyone knew UCONN was the best when Maya and Tina were here. Every season can’t be a 39-0 season. Other schools are allowed to recruit top talent. All of you glass half empty fans need to take a real hard look at how you view UCONN women”s basketball, in light of how the sport is viewed elsewhere.

    1. Mulkey > Geno


    2. Master

      I agree with everything you just said and their are a lot of crazy comment’s out their lead by some idiot named chicken stew..but he’s not the only one..only an undefeated season with every win by 20 points would be good enough..and they don’t want or like competition..that’s why most of the world doesn’t even watch women’s college basketball because only four or five teams can win..maybe even only three..they only want Uconn to win by 50 points every single time.

    3. buffy the troll slayer

      A win is a win by one point. A loss is loss by one point. Add 40 more points to either and they are still wins or losses.
      All the moaning and groaning will not make a loss a win.
      Do what this team must do. ACCEPT THE LOSSES AND MOVE ON!!!
      Dianna Turazi, much hearlded by Geno as the greatest–as a freshman, in 2001 against Notre Dame (Uconn had a 15 point lead at the half) missed 15 three pointers. Why?? She was a freshman playing in big time basketball. She never has done that again. Tina for her first 2.5 years at Uconn wasn’t much of a rebounder. Lobo and Waltors were both big and slow surrounded by good players. As Rev M.L.King said: We shall over come. (and he picked tobacco and went to a white church in Granby).

  32. dnwdeep

    My question is how the refs could not see the BG second throw down? Why would they avoid even calling a regular foul?

    1. Steve Gee

      That’s a fair question.
      My opinion is that after that flagrant call, they became very hesitant to call anything on Griner. Why? We can only speculate.
      After that (should have easily been a foul) no-call in front of the ref, Griner likely felt that she could be more aggressive, and was.
      On the flip-side, Dolson was hit with a couple tough calls, and had to be more careful.

  33. Chicken Stew

    UConn Chokies.
    1-5 against ND.
    0-2 against Baylor.
    Geno outcoached again.

  34. Fred g

    Send the tapes to the NCAA they are god all to college. If their not going to make calls press charges.

  35. Did the Refs lose the game??

    I suppose if you take that to the end there is no way of truly knowing their impact on the results.
    Normally it is the team that defends best, puts up the most points that win. How many point did the refs score in this game??
    Uconn played great–missed some defensive assignments–but in general played well. When Griner is left alone to guard the basket there are no layups. So you are left with the 3, the 10 footers, double griner and she lays the ball off to one of two Bears lurking under the basket. Mulkey played it right. Went to the Freshman side of the zone.
    Uconn especially Dolson and KML should hold their heads very high–they played great. I see a win against ND come our way.

    1. Mulkey > Geno


  36. In Conclusion

    UConn coaches choked Hartley was selfish Doty sucked Buck was never going to play Dolson was diving Faris was a no show Stewart now knows how those little high school girls felt

  37. ArdentFan

    Loving all the back and forth. Remember, this team decimated Stanford months ago. Same for Duke. I’ve been a fan since Rebecca Lobo was a Junior. In the past, I would hold my breath when UConn would go this far into the seasons without a loss or a real test, only to be man-handled by the likes of Tennessee. Hey! Britney Grinner is the best player in WCBB. She should have played for the Olympics last summer. UCon played a reigning champion, with Grinner and Simms; two first team All-Americans. Baylor’s starting five are four seniors and a junior. UConn starting five are two seniors, two juniors, and a sophomore. Apples-to-apples, Baylor had the advantage. But I loved the way UConn played. Every player (except KML and Dolson), from starters to Heather Buck should be thinking: “What if….?”

    1. Now That's Funny

      Here we go again. Someone who thinks blowing out Duke was an accomplishment. Let me know when UConn blows out Notre Dame again.

      1. JR

        Outside of a few razor close wins against UConn, what exactly has ND accomplished?

  38. bahmi

    Hard to add anything to this discussion. However, I think Geno’s had better games. Doty is running on fumes. BS can’t use her size and reach because her game knowledge is still raw. Some kids you can scream at, others you cajole. I think Geno and the staff blew parts of this game. But, they too, are entitled to a lousy game from time to time.

  39. Geno is imperfect

    Geno, no matter how often we give him the title of Saint or Pope or Master of the Game will make many many mistakes . It’s interesting that those he plays against make more mistake, eventually.
    Geno has stated loudly and often: Anyone can be a great coach, just recruit All Amercans and they will make you look good. Believe that.
    Geno isn’t a master motivator. To be a master you must know your kids and what turns them on and what turns them off. He too has admitted that Kids to day can no longer take the “do it because I said so” attitude, you got to explain everything to them. I call that knowing your human to human relationships.
    Geno is flawed. Geno is Generous. Geno has a lot to learn. The point is Geno is HUMAN.
    One observation–Geno no longer enjoys the post game interviews. Losing games takes a toll on his physical system. He is no longer the kid that rebounds and moves on rapidly. Geno is getting old.

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