All The News That’s Fit To Blog: UConn Vs. Baylor

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We are well aware you can’t get enough information about Monday night’s match-up between No. 1 Baylor and No. 3 UConn at the XL Center.

Unlike the U.S. Postal Service, we deliver on the weekends – holidays, as well.

Do you think Geno Auriemma believes this is a good time to play Baylor?

“It’s good to get away from the conference games for a while,” he said. “It’s a game that doesn’t impact your chance to win a championship, as opposed to conference games, which do determine if you will win [a conference title]. Any time you can play a game that previews the type of game you hope to play in March, it’s a good thing.”

Do you think Auriemma believes Baylor is the best team in the country?

“Until someone beats them in the NCAA Tournament, they are the defending champions. They have everyone back. They should win it [the national championship],” Auriemma said. “That’s what everyone said about us in 2009-10. I haven’t seen anything during the season to convince me they are aren’t as good, if not better than last season.”

According to Auriemma, what will it take for UConn to beat Baylor on Monday?

“I think the feeling most people around the nation have is that someone will have to play a great, great game, and Baylor would have to play less than their best game, for someone to beat them,” Auriemma said. “But that can happen in the NCAA Tournament; it’s happened a lot in the tournament, as a matter of fact.”

Does Geno think like you? Is Stefanie Dolson having a great season?

“Stefanie has certainly become maybe the most important player on our team,” he said. “And that’s because she can do so many things to help our team win. Going into this weekend, having someone like her makes all the difference in the world. You saw what we looked without her against St. John’s.”

Does Stefanie Dolson believe she’s better equipped for Brittney Griner this season?

“Once I got tired [in the past], I tended to foul and thought getting into her body was the way to defend her,” Dolson said. “But I am smarter now and believe more mature. I am completely different player than I was last year.”

What does Kara Wolters think Diana Taurasi is thinking about getting the chance to play with Griner next season in Phoenix?

“I can tell you that Diana Taurasi is really excited right now,” Wolters said. “Can you imagine? Who are you going to guard on that team?”

What would you like to know about Brittney Griner?

She has 2,975 career points, 1,181 career rebounds and NCAA records of 695 blocks and 13 dunks to her credit.  Griner recently became the Big 12’s all-time scoring leader and the NCAA career block record holder (695), men or women. She already owns the NCAA record for career dunks (13).

When she reaches 3,000 points, she would become just the 8th player in NCAA Division I history to do so (Maya Moore scored 3,036 in her UConn career). Moore holds the NCAA record by scoring in double-figures 149 times. Griner is second with 135.

What makes Baylor so special, anyway?

Well, they won all 40 games last season and now own the nation’s longest winning streak (22). That means the Lady Bears have won 62 of the last 63 and their one loss, by two points to Stanford, was by two points and it was in Hawaii and it was basically without guard Odyssey Sims, who injured her hamstring four minutes after the opening tap.

Baylor averages 49.0 in the paint; its opponent just 17.8. And in its last  242 games, only one opponent Stanford (50.9) shot 50 percent or above. This season, the Cardinal broke BU’s 217-game streak of holding an opponent to 50 percent or less shooting from the floor.




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22 thoughts on “All The News That’s Fit To Blog: UConn Vs. Baylor

  1. Numbzie

    John===Nice. Good analysis. Any team on any given night can be beaten. Geno has said that, often. Baylor has all the weapons. Uconn has struggled the month of February–the ND monkey was on their back.
    SJ with dedicated energetic kids like Ru gave Uconn a tough time. Baylor is way more talented, faster, and dedicated than either SJ or RU.
    But the game is played on the court not in this blog.

  2. Steve Gee

    All I ask for is a well-officiated game.
    After that, let the chips fall where they may.

    1. Bill Corley

      Odessey is among the most gifted and fast point guards in WBB. She will be difficult for Uconn to disrupt and slow down. Kelly is the best in defense but not ‘quick’ enough to guard Odessey. Jefferson, isn’t experienced enough to stay with Sims. Williams in the post opposite Griner is the benefactor of many excellent passes. Then there is Pope who has learned the Mulkey system. If Dolson takes Williams out of the game, Griner is fronted by Stokes, and Doty and Faris hold Sims in check–it may not be a long evening. Geno has worked his magic many times before, maybe again-it’s a big maybe.

      1. Tom

        Maybe you think you’re clever, but you shouldn’t steal the name of a great UConn player. It is especially tacky to do it to someone who is deceased. Will Corley was a friend of mine. You don’t even know what he was really called.

      1. Steve Gee

        Well isn’t that the case with EVERYTHING?

        However, we all know when the officials have called a good game – they aren’t a topic of discussion afterward.

        1. Master Mind

          They are when you are a fan of the team the call was on.
          Most fans don’t have your capacity to evaluate calls, it’s more to them as how it effects their team. 4th call on Dolson I usually see as a bad call. I’m just a fan.

        2. Master Mind

          Case in point: The Notre Dame game.
          For the most part I thought that was a well called game.
          However many Uconn fans thought calls “for” Diggins were bad calls. Calls in the arc under the basket –called as charges against UConn were seen as “bad” call. Those and others were the topic of blog discussion for days afterwards.
          I text to coach my views of some calls, he responded he agreed but added Uconn got some calls too.

          1. Steve Gee

            Most fans have the capacity to evaluate calls. One may cringe when the call is made, but then on replay are able to see WHY the call was made.

            I think there’s a huge difference between a few fans carping about just a few bad calls (happens every game in every sport) and the officiating monstrosity that was the Penn State game in Dec.
            That officiating performance was a flat-out embarrassment to the league.

            That’s the kind of officiating I’m afraid of.

  3. Griners Greatest

    Refs won’t make a difference. Baylor is too athletic for UConn. It could get ugly if Geno just sits on the bench looking at the floor. The more minutes Buck plays, the worse it is for UConn.

    1. Griners Girl

      Come on Griners Greatest–this these poor souls a break. Buck IS the best they have. Dolson is too chubby to run the floor. The UConn great hope Stewart can’t play a lick.
      One idiot wrote Uconn would win by 30, how dilusional can their fans be?? Baylor by 25 Griner gettin 25, Sims with 20, pope with 22, Williams with 20 and 15 rebounds.
      Dolson/Lewis/Stewart 00 00 00. Enjoy the game, I know I will.

      1. kv

        U 2 are morons. Buck isnt in their rotation vs a competitive team.Dolson is too chubby to run the floor? The entire country would be able to accept Baylor’s success if Brit G was able to pass the olympic test’s like every other female b ball superstar. If geno had “her”- we would have won 4 straight! Stewart can’t play a lick? U guys are the team to beat- no doubt!!! If anyone can do it it is us. Looking forward to Baylor next season when u r forced to play womens basketball again. Nobody turns down Olympic Gold Medal.

        can do it- it’ us!!! Looking forwsrd

        1. coach777b

          Your comments are vile, ignorant and hateful. You know nothing about this young woman’s life yet you feel that you can defame her publicly. If you have the courage of your convictions, you’ll reply with your full name, address and phone number. That way those who think your comments are despicable will know where to respond!

  4. UconnFan

    If you are any kind of a woman BB fan, this game should have been circled the beginning of the year as a must watch game with all the atmosphere as a championship game. I just pray that there are no injuries to any of the players or no bad calls by the refs.

    1. Tuck -n- Buck show

      Refs always make bad calls when UConn loses. A great team executes the great game plan from a great coach to overcome the refs. A great team usually consists of multiple first team all-america or national player of the year. Lobo, Rizzotti, Walter. Ralph, Abrosimova, Bird, Cash, Jones, Williams. Taurasi, Bird, Cash, Jones, Williams. Taurasi. Charles, Moore.

      1. Steve Gee

        Yes, a great team led by a great coach could overcome the absence of one player and pull-out a win against Stanford.
        Or, are injuries only an excuse when Baylor loses?
        Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  5. Billy Mustang

    Baylor is the favorite and should be BUT they can be beat if they take UC lightly we hit our threes play good defense No pressing Baylor to smart and will be prepared for it play good solid straight up Def help each other and of course limit Bay to one shot as much as possible Go Huskies

  6. TGIGG

    I enjoy, and miss, visits to our blog by Baylor fans such as Griners Greatest and Griners Girl, you really should drop by more often. Your visits always provide me a perspective as to how NOT to behave when I visit other teams’ blogs. Thank you for the excellent competition your team is bringing to our place tonight and hopefully the future. I’m wishing you a well played and injury free game.



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