Auriemma Joins The Big Boys (And Pat Summitt) With His New Deal

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After UConn defeated his team by 68 points in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last week at Gampel Pavilion, Idaho coach Jon Newlee compared Geno Auriemma to James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, and UCLA coach John Wooden, its renown wizard.

On Tuesday, UConn made sure Auriemma was paid like it.

Auriemma and the UConn have agreed to a five-year contract extension that will run through 2017-18 and take Hall of Fame coach to his 64th birthday.

Auriemma will earn $10.8 million, not including bonuses, making him the highest paid women’s basketball coach in the history of the game. His last deal paid him $8 million over five years.

Tennessee coach Pat Summitt signed a five-year extension in February 2009 that paid $1.4 million in 2008-09. She also received a $200,000 bonus when she won her 1,000th game that year.

Summitt received two lifetime achievement bonuses as part of the contract extension, a $500,000 bonus in 2009-10 and $1 million for “longevity” the university originally committed to paying her if she reached her 40th season.

Summitt, 59, was forced to retire last year, following her 38th season, because of early onset dementia. She had two years remaining on her previous contract that paid her $1.5 million in total compensation for the 2011-12 season.

In her new role as coach-emeritus, Summitt received a one-year salary of $354,375 along with four tickets at Thompson-Boling Arena for home women’s basketball games and four seats in a comparable location for away games.

Aureimma, who has led UConn to 30 or more wins in each of the last eight seasons and has won seven national championships, will receive a base salary of $400,000 each year, which runs from April 15 to April 14 of each year.

Here is how the deal breaks down:

In 2013-14, will receive $1,550,000 for institutional speaking engagements and what’s referred to as “media-related appearances” for a total of $1,950,000.

The payment for institutional speakng engagements will increase by $110,000 each year, except in the final year when it will increase by $120,000.

Auriemma’s total compensation for each year of the contract will be: 2013-14-$1,950,000; 2014-15-$2,060,000; 2015-16-$2,170,000; 2016-17-$2,280,000; 2017-18-$2,400,000.

“As I have said before, UConn has been great, is great, and will be great in the future and Geno Auriemma is a big reason for that,” Manuel said.

According to a New York Times salary study last year, the median salary for Division I basketball coaches in 2010 was $329,300, nearly twice that of coaches for women’s teams, who had a median of $171,600.

The Times reported the median pay of men’s head coaches had increased by 40 percent compared with 28 percent for women’s coaches.

Summit’s annual compensation of $2.2 million for 2011-12 was more than that of Tennessee men’s coach, Cuonzo Martin, who earned $1.3 million.

UConn’s Jim Calhoun signed a five-year, $13 million contract in May 2010. The Hall of Fame coach was paid $2 million retroactively and $2.3 million for the 2011-12 season, which was his last. Calhoun had been making $1.6 million under a contract that was set to expire on June 30, 2010.

In addition, Auriemma, 59, will receive the following payments for postseason performance (all determined by base salary): a half-month for winning a conference regular season championship; a half-month for winning a conference tournament championship; one month for participating in the NCAA tournament; one month for participating in the NCAA Sweet 16; one month for participating in the NCAA Final Four; and two months for winning the NCAA national championship.

Auriemma will receive a half-month for winning a national coach of the year award and one-quarter month for winning a conference coach of the year award. If he wins both, he will receive one payment of half a month.

If Auriemma resigns or retires from UConn, in good standing following the completion of the new contract in 2017-18, he will be entitled to a payment of $1,000,000 or an appointment at the university for up to five years at a salary of $300,000 with duties as determined by the seating athletic director,


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60 thoughts on “Auriemma Joins The Big Boys (And Pat Summitt) With His New Deal



    1. Freddy Unkool

      Geno looks like Franky Avalon?? Have you seen Avalon lately–and Annette ?? I think Geno would rather look like the map of Avalon.

      Geno looks pretty good for 65, not so good for 59.
      Don’t throw Geno under the bus–he’s put too many player there.

      1. MaryAnne Hartley

        Universities pay “what the traffic will bear”, You figure out who/what the traffic really is.
        Just think how many working fools would love to have a “contract” that paid them 500,000 dollars for just being there. And another million if they stayed 35 years??
        I am sure it was these kind of disparity in incomes that enhanced the Communist party member numbers. Or created Socialistic governments . (But neither ever really worked)










      1. Webster


        barf, be sick, bring up, chunder, cough up, do the technicolor yawn, gag, get sick, heave, hurl, regurgitate, retch, spew, spit up, throw up, toss one’s cookies, upchuck

  2. Steve Gee

    I am shocked!
    Geno signing an extension for a boat-load of money … I expected the hater brigade to here in full-force.

    1. Yup

      They sure will be. None of them, of course, has any clue what a coach really does and how impossibly hard it is to find one like Auriemma. Don’t you know the reason UConn has had so much success over the past 20 years is solely due to the players? Oh…wait…you mean other top ranked national teams didn’t do nearly as well despite often having even more highly touted recruiting classes? How can that be? Certainly can’t be the coach.

  3. Overpaid & Overrated

    What top player will sign with UConn when Geno has 3 years or less left? Of course, it won’t matter if he continues down the path of 1 player recruiting classes. Geno will end up like Pat and Sylvia, unable to deal with coaching his grandchildren.

  4. Love it

    Awesome news! I can hear the Geno haters now crying in their milk. When he retires he will be known as the greatest women’s coach ever. Period. Not even close. What he has done with the program is unparalleled. How he was able to make UConn a place where no one wanted to play to where everyone wants to play is remarkable. Uconn fans are way too spoiled. The biggest testament is that every former player, every former coach, and nearly every basketball expert (mens and womens) recognizes his talent and views him as one of the best in the game. Amusingly, the only ones who don’t are a few bitter fans who think he is too harsh on certain players, or cringe at his strict style of coaching that emphasizes discipline and accountability. Love it…keep whining. Take the emotion out of it and look at the numbers….and keep complaining as we claim another Final Four appearance.

    1. Steve Gee

      Well said.
      While the “haters” are looking-in from the outside and criticizing how Geno coaches his players and runs the program, the players for some reason keep coming back to support him.
      Given that the players actually know, rather than speculate on what happens, I’ll trust their judgement over the “haters”.
      We all know Geno’s record at UConn. UConn’s record before he was hired included precisely one winning season in the program’s history.

    2. Steve Gee

      Well said.
      While the “haters” are looking-in from outside the program and criticizing how Geno coaches his players and runs the team, the players for some reason keep coming back to support him.
      Given that the players actually know, rather than speculate on what happens, I’ll trust their judgement over the “haters”.
      We all know Geno’s record at UConn.
      The program’s record before he was hired totaled precisely one winning season in it’s history.

    1. Hi Pat!

      Are you scared of the facts that blow your argument out of the water, or that you haven’t yet figured out how to work the caps lock button yet. Better hurry…you’ll be late for day care!

    2. Trouble

      Hey Trouble…aka “blogger of many disguises”…aka “too lazy to turn the caps lock off”…you still bitter that Geno wouldn’t stop to talk to you as he was leaving the court? Get over it!

  5. WBB Fan

    I wonder if Pat is trying to re-negotiate her contract as “coach emeritus” at Tenn….. she won’t want to be outdone by her frield Geno….. :-)

    1. WBB Fan

      PAT >>> GENO
      PAT HAS 11

  6. final four forseer

    geno has lost it as a coach, but his negotiating skills are still top notch.

    1. Huh?

      Yes, he’s totally lost it. 31-4 record this year, lost to the two best teams in the nation in games that they could have won (due to his game plan). Has a top reserve out with an ACL tear. Dismantled Stanford at Palo Alto and a talented Duke team. Funny…our spoiled UConn fans think when they win it is the players, when they lose it is Geno. Amazing that every respectable basketball analyst in the country…to include his former players…know it is the opposite. But what do they know. Keep fueling that Geno hate baby…can’t wait until he leaves and the program goes back to middle-of-the-pack status on the national stage and idiots like you are scratching their heads…

      1. Youcon Fann

        You don’t have to wait long. It is happening as we speak with him there, which is the reason for our concern. All three losses to Notre Dame were unnecessary. If you don’t care, fine, but we do.

        1. Bracchus

          Here is what is happening. Parity. Other teams are getting better. Why? They are recruiting the top players in the nation. The reality is that there are 5 or so teams that are probably a player away from being in the dogfight with the top 4. Those numbers will increase.

          The thing to remember, and this is no knock on Geno, UCONN has always been able to recruit the top players in the country. As other programs demonstrate success, that will become much more competitive.

          Geno himself has said that the team with the best players should win the championship. Coaches are very important, but you have to have talent. He has been an extremely successful recruiter. That is a good thing.

          But, as other schools become more successful at recruitment, they will start to show success as well, ie Baylor and ND. This is why you do not see the UCLA John Wooden kind of dominance in the men’s game anymore.

          Personally, I think that the fact that a basketball coach’s salary at any school exceeds that of the President of the University is a travesty and speaks to the joke if “amateur athletics.” The only people treated like amateurs are the players, whom the public are paying to see. For any coach to be making millions of the efforts student athletes who get paltry scholarships in comparison is unconscionable.

          In my opinion, if a coach wants to make millions, they should take their act to the pros. In Geno’s case, he will actually make more than women players in the WNBA even if they also play in overseas. The entire system is inequitable.

          Before someone accuses me of Geno bashing, my comments are directed to the entire NCAA coaching situation.

          1. $

            The coach gets paid market value. The amount isn’t as relevant in dollar numbers as it is in relation to what other coaches are making. What he received is right in line with what he brings to the game. The argument that the team with the best players should win has never been valid. Sometimes it does happen (UK on the men’s side last year). More often than not it doesn’t (UConn men the year before). To say that coaches do not make a HUGE difference shows a lack of understanding as to what it is that coaches actually do. You don’t succeed on the recruiting trail because you look like Frankie Avalon. You succeed because the player and the parent know that the coach will bring out the absolute best in the player…another gear that the player never realized they had themselves. Why has Jim Boheim only won one championship despite being loaded with talent every year? Because he is a good coach, but not a great one.

          2. Youcon Fann

            Pat, Kim, Muffet would have won back to back NC with Tina, Maya, and sometimes Rene

            Geno would have won last years NC with Griner and Sims

            Kim’s first title did not have any Olympians or future Olympians

  7. And why?

    And why did we lose? Was it the game plan that the coach drew up? Was it the match-ups that the coach opted to go with? Caring has nothing to do with it…having a clue about what a coach actually controls does. The losses were player failures to execute in the closing seconds. Coach put his team in position to win, and they didn’t do that. The players would be the first to admit that. Reality is that ND is a better team, and all the analysts know that. The coach’s game plan is the only thing that has kept these games close, because person-for-person ND is a better team.

    1. Steve Gee


  8. Agree!

    I agree! Same fans that were arguing for Geno to foul against ND in the last minute when they were up by three. People looking at simple numbers instead of match-ups, percentages, the defense the other team is playing, 3 point success of the other team that night, etc, etc, etc. No coach in their right mind would have fouled against a pressure defense of ND’s caliber with that much time on the clock…and the way ND had been shooting poorly all night. On top of that, UConn’s defense gave the shooter an open look…not what he drew up at the time out. That is why coaches get the big bucks, and fans can make accusations based on wave top observations. It ain’t pick-up ball in the school yard kiddies…

    1. Youcon Fann

      Then why did Geno himself say he was considering fouling. He decided against it only because he didn’t expect ND to have such an open look at the three. So that means Geno is not in his right mind either. I guess just you are. Don’t you feel lonely?

      1. Agree!

        Big difference between considering fouling and choosing not to do it. Ask Kevin Ollie who faced the same situation three times this year. Hurt him against Marquette, right decision not to on the other two occasions. So not expecting ND to have such an open look would mean…you guessed it…the UConn defense didn’t do its job as the play was drawn up. So how is that Geno not in his right mind? No, I don’t feel lonely because I’m not a fan that looks at basketball in a simplistic “if this, then you always do this” approach. That works great at the YMCA, not in Div I NCAA. Most of us who understand basketball know that.

  9. final four forseer

    and why?
    they lost the be champ. DIRECTLY because of the stupid PLAY GENO set-up in the final 18.4 seconds of the game plan and simple, he even admitted he set it up, then even worse he blamed the players for messing up.

    i said nothing about fouls. the play he set-up had a player going directly to score. with over 18 seconds left you PROTECT the ball, HOLD UNTIL 5 to 3 seconds left, THEN drive to the basket where you either get fouled and break the tie at the line or make the last shot and game over or at worst regulation ends in a tie and you go into overtime. and thanks it’s been a long time since someone has call me a kid.

    1. Huh?

      Wow…is that what you do in that situation? Here I was foolishly thinking about all those other factors that might need to be considered. Match-ups, defense being shown, etc, etc. I never realized that basketball was so simple…if in this situation, you do this, every time. You’re right…I don’t understand why we have coaches. By the way…ever played the game? Ever run a play that has multiple options assigned to it, working your selected player into position for the primary play, but having other players quickly adjust to provide other options if the defense collapses or doesn’t do what you expect it to? Nah, didn’t think so. I suppose the defense knows this is all going to happen as you laid it out as well, since that is the textbook answer to “what do I do with 18 seconds left?”

  10. final four forseer

    ok, you know basketball, great.
    you don’t really think that was a good play to set-up, do you?

    1. Huh?

      I think the players failed to execute the play he had drawn up. The players made a series of bad decisions on the way up the court. The play was diagrammed to eventually reach KML. The defense didn’t respond the way UConn expected it to as they moved up the floor. Ordinarily not a problem…you have to expect that, since they are trying to create confusion as well. Other options were available, as with any set play, as a safety valve in that instance. Instead, the players tried to force the primary option and a series of bad passes led to a turnover. Not a coaching mistake. Whether a decision is good or bad is never based on its outcome. Bad decisions are made all the time that have positive outcomes. Good decisions are ones that are well planned and determined after looking at all the factors involved. His rationale for the play was sound and it was a good decision. The players failed to execute.

  11. Huh?

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the players and they are doing a great job. I just think we are a little too quick to throw Geno under the bus on some of these things, and a little too quick to take for granted what he has done. True…there are times when he doesn’t make the best decision, but he has been remarkably consistent over the years to include this one. He has kept his team in games (such as the ND series) against better teams because he is such a good coach. People complain about Doty and why he starts a certain player over someone else, and they completely ignore the importance of match-ups and how that doesn’t always translate in the box score. People also forget Geno won titles and big games in years where he didn’t have the best players. That level of consistency for a program over that many years is unbelievable. Just staggering. So even if the coach does make a bad decision here and there, I’m willing to give him some slack. Thing is, if you look at his rationale as to why he makes the decisions he does during games, you won’t find that he makes too many mistakes. Doris Burke talked about that last game and she was right on the mark.

  12. final four forseer

    they didn’t “move it up the floor”, kelly was inbounding right in front of uconn’s bench and basket. if it was set-up as you say to go to klm, klm was just to kelly’s right with no defenders around her, easy inbound. instead kelly inbounded to steward breaking for the basket, just like geno told her to do. that’s the “primary option” geno said he set-up. if the play worked or not is not the point i’m trying to make, it was a very bad play to set-up in that situation, all geno’s fault, NOT the players fault.
    if you protected and held the ball, then tried what ever you wanted, wether the play worked or not, you were at the very least tied and would go into ot.
    by the way i don’t think you said who your respected “analyts” were.

    1. Huh?

      Which analysts would you like to choose from? Doris Burke? Kara Lawson? Debbie Fiske? Mechelle Voepel? Carolyn Peck? Or perhaps you should go ask Tara VanDerveer or Muffett McGraw (or even Pat Summitt for that matter) if Geno is overrated or washed up. Let me know how that works out for you.

  13. MaryAnne Hartley

    What you would do?? What I would do?? None of it matters, it’s only what the coaches would do.

    I coached a bit. In a title game, we were up by 3. In the huddle I made it known loudly and often. Play hard defense, but DON:T Foul. So what did one of them do?? Fouled with 2 seconds left. The other team missed both free throw. time ended. But it could have been different. You can’t control the players emotions or what’s in their heads–they are humans -humans make mistakes.

    1. Youcon Fann

      The players were smarter than you. The proper play was to foul.How do you think Uconn lost their second game with ND?

      1. Huh?

        Yes…come on MaryAnne. Don’t you know that you are supposed to foul in that situation? You are always supposed to foul up by three under a minute, even though they rarely do it in the NBA. After you concede two points at the line, inbounding the ball against the best pressure defense in the country under your own basket is a piece of cake. And hey, your best rebounder is on the bench having fouled out, but I’m sure nothing could go wrong underneath. And of course you have to know a team that was ice cold all night from beyond the arc would hit a three pointer, right? I suppose, Maryanne, you are probably one of those people that would look at all those things and determine that the best approach would be to play tight defense on the perimeter and not give any good looks for a three-pointer. Of course you would…because a good coach would consider all those things and a host of other factors, while Youcon fan would revert to what works best on playstation.

        1. MaryAnne Hartley

          If it is a rule, a must do, can’t do it anyother way–you must foul in the last 4 minutes. It should happen in every game–no point in coaching. That’s what happens kids foul in the last 4 minutes.

          Hey coaches–no need to think, no need to use OPTIONS–you MUST foul.

          I’d like to know where it written, who teaches this–or did you see it on the internet??? Family lore?? It’s part of your religion???

    2. MaryAnne Hartley


  14. final four forseer

    only players are human? and therefore can make mistakes.
    geno makes no mistakes? geno is not human?
    all praise to god geno, all knowing, all powerful, perfection here on earth.

  15. final four forseer

    respected anaylst, doris burke??????????????????????
    oh, now i get it sarcasm, good one huh?

    1. Huh?

      Yeah, Doris has no clue, right? She just gets asked to do games for NBC and ESPN (and has actually done Knicks games) because she is tied to that giant pro-Geno conspiracy you keep trying to peddle. Bought her way in to the NE Sports Hall of Fame as well. Totally unqualified. Your assessments are far more accurate and clearly reflect someone with an intimate knowledge of the game.

  16. final four forseer

    thanks, i do have intimate knowledge of hte game.
    at least that’s something we agree on!!!!!
    oh, wait, now i get it scrcasm, good one huh? (you almost slipped that one past me)

    1. Huh?

      Yes, that is obvious. You are clearly a legend. The more you post, the more that becomes evident. Don’t forget to watch the pregame show before the Sat night tip-off so you can contradict Lawson, Burke, Peck, and Lobo when they start saying positive things about Geno. Mind you, that means you will probably have to record Hannah Montana to watch later, but sacrifices have to be made.

  17. martin fallon

    As a spoiled UConn fan I would like to congratulate Geno on his five-year contract. Now we can settle back and continue to enjoy the show.

  18. Führer und Storrskanzler

    CD, Shea, and Marissa should accept opportunities elsewhere that they can’t refuse.

    UConn AD and Geno should then hire 3 experienced D1 head coaches starting with Jen.

    This would help future UConn recruiting. The next UConn head coach would have both D1 experience AND coached under Geno for 3+ years.

    1. Recruiting

      I know…we are getting killed in the recruiting area. Oh wait, we had the top recruit in the nation last year? My bust. “F und S” secretly wants a female head coach. No problem with that…just need to admit it and stop hiding behind the “Geno is a bad coach” argument you keep trying to peddle here on this site under a variety of different names…

  19. UConnFan

    There is no such thing as self respect without respect for others.

    Individual success is a myth. No one succeeds all by herself.

    People who do not respect those around them will not make good team members and probably lack self esteem themselves.

    Being responsible sometimes means making tough, unpopular decisions.

    Admit to and make yourself accountable for mistakes. How can you improve if you’re never wrong?

    Loyalty is not unilateral. You have to give it to receive it.

    • Surround yourself with people who are better than you are. Seek out quality people, acknowledge their talents, and let them do their jobs. You win with people.

    •Value those colleagues who tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear.

    •Communication eliminates mistakes.

    •We communicate all the time, even when we don’t realize it. Be aware of body language.

    •To make sure that they are getting her message, Coach Summitt has asked her players to respond to a correction in practice by saying “rebound,” and to being praised by saying “Two points.”

    •Make good eye contact.

    •Silence is a form of communication, too. Sometimes less is more.

    •Discipline yourself, so no one else has to.

    •Self discipline helps you believe in yourself.

    •Group discipline produces a unified effort toward a common goal.

    •Discipline helps you finish a job, and finishing is what separates excellent work from average work.

    •Do the things that aren’t fun first, and do them well.

    •See yourself as self employed.

    •Put the Team Before Yourself.

    •When you understand yourself and those around you, you are better able to minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths. Personality profiles help.

    •Success is about having the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

    •Know your strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

    •Be flexible.

    •Teamwork doesn’t come naturally. It must be taught.

    • Teamwork allows common people to obtain uncommon results.

    • Not everyone is born to lead. Role players are critical to group success.

    • In group success there is individual success.

    • Make Winning an Attitude.

    • Combine practice with belief.

    • Attitude is a choice. Maintain a positive outlook.

    • No one ever got anywhere by being negative.

    • Confidence is what happens when you’ve done the hard work that entitles you to succeed.

    • Competition isn’t social. It separates achievers from the average.

    • You can’t always be the most talented person in the room. But you can be the most competitive.
    There is nothing wrong with having competitive instincts. They are survival instincts.

    • It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts the most.

    •Change equals self improvement. Push yourself to places you haven’t been before.

    •Handle Success Like You Handle Failure. You can’t always control what happens, but you can control how you handle it.

    • Sometimes you learn more from losing than winning. Losing forces you to reexamine.

    •It’s harder to stay on top than it is to make the climb, Continue to seek new goals.

    1. IQ

      UConn fan is thanking heaven for Google search and the cut-and-paste application…

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