Auriemma On His Injuries

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Here is what Geno Auriemma said after Saturday’s 85-51 win over Marquette about the injuries that kept Breanna Stewart out and limited Bria Hartley to five first-half minutes.

“Breanna stepped on Kaleena [Mosqueda-Lewis] foot,” Auriemma said. “She turned the ankle and that was that. Not much you can about those things.”

“Bria just rolled her ankle and we are waiting to see what’s going on,” Auriemma said. “I just thought it best not to push our luck [by playing her].

“Still, I am hopeful both of them will back by Tuesday,” Auriemma said. The Huskies play Louisville at the XL Center. “Some sprained ankles are worse than others. So we will see.”

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9 thoughts on “Auriemma On His Injuries


    Auriemma on HIS injuries??? Did Geno get hurt?? Wouldn’t a more communicative statement have been–AURIEMMA ON HIS TEAMS INJURIES?? And a more correct English too.

    Did you notice that Geno and Tyler Summitt has a brief chat in the “line”. Tyler may have helped Teri Mitchell with a plan to defeat Uconn–that is his job. Not a personal attack on Geno.

    As Geno said when asked about the injuries at games end: It is what it is. He has no idea of how long it will take Hartley and Stewart recover. Did they think Geno had a Xtal Ball??? Oh, Genie in the Ball who is the sickest of all?? Nope it won’t say.

    1. Misty

      PALIMPSEST – I believe that had that “Xtal Ball” returned a name, it probably would have been yours, you dope.

      On here we pay attention to what posters have to say and not so much on spelling and grammar. Simply as an aside to you then – your grammer is atrocious.

  2. Tom

    Correct English would be AURIEMMA ON HIS TEAM’S INJURIES.

    Please sign up for remedial English.


      Tom Possessive plural requires the apostrophe is after the S in team. The team is his implying ownership.
      Whom now requires remedial English. F A.

      1. Grammar Cop

        Auriemma only has one team, so it would be “HIS TEAM’S INJURIES.” If he coached several teams with injured players, it would be “HIS TEAMS’ INJURIES.”

      2. Tom

        Team is singular. And if it were plural, which it isn’t because we’re talking about one team, not several teams, you didn’t include an apostrophe after the S. Comment stands. Sign up for remedial English, ignoramus.

  3. Historian

    On Nov 1938 Pittsburgh U’s administration bowing to complaints that student athletes were being given benefits unduly. Charged the Freshman Football team tuition. This set off a riot and players threatened to strike. The resolution is now history. Prior to that all athletes were considered student athletes and it was a privilege to play sports for the University you attended.
    It seems the NCAA and the college sporting world has forgotten the concept of “Student athlete”.

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