Auriemma On The Demise Of The Big East

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Here is what Coach Auriemma had to say about the official demise of the Big East Conference:

“The Big East has been fractured for a while and once something is fractured its only a matter of time before it collapses. We’ve been fractured since 2005 and to me its been a miracle that the administration has been able to keep the conference together for this long given the disparity, the different agendas and different missions of all the schools involved. We may have been the most diverse conference in the history of college athletics.

“It was only a matter of time. And it’s the best thing. If you [universities] announce you are leaving, and then you stick around for a numbers of years, it just causes a lot of bad stuff. Once someone announces they are leaving, well, the sooner the better. I am happy for the seven schools [the Catholic 7]. It gets them going in the direction they want to go sooner and it gets us in the direction we need to go in sooner. All that is really, really good.

“We all knew it was going to happen once the storm clouds came in and football began to run the NCAA. We knew our football schools [in the Big East] couldn’t survive with eight [basketball only] schools. It’s not a marriage made in heaven.

“I can honestly say, since there are not a lot of TV games, that I don’t know how good SMU is, I don’t know how good Houston is. I don’t know how good Memphis is. But I do know that there are some schools in our league that have struggled mightily to be successful in this conference.
“Are the schools we added going to be any worse? I think they have the potential to be better.
“What does it do for men’s basketball? I have no idea. What does it do for football? I have no idea. But in terms of what this means for women’s basketball, losing Notre Dame is going to really hurt. Losing Syracuse and Rutgers [next year] is going to hurt.
“But I don’t know that three or four years from now we are going to look back and go ‘boy, those seven schools that left just killed our women’s basketball program”

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13 thoughts on “Auriemma On The Demise Of The Big East

  1. ray-ray

    he should have said “im sad because most of the league were auto wins for us”

    1. Palymist

      “I’m sad because most of the league will be auto wins for us”
      “I’m sad because most of the old league was auto wins for us”
      “I’m sad because the Big East were auto wins for us”

    2. Charles Milikin Jr

      So it must be his fault that there are less talented teams in his conference? The UConn team fairs pretty well playing their out of conference schedule. Their record against ranked opponents speaks for itself.

  2. Gentle Jim

    Geno as wrong as he was about fans not saying great game, your team tried hard, in a tough enviroment. He is right about the Catholic 7 and others moving out quickly. The sore only festers the longer it hangs around.

    I am terribly unhappy Uconn is the lone standing plank owner. I did not want Uconn to jump to the ACC, I thought it beneath themselves. Now with this mish mash of lost souls who comprise the new conference –I long for the ACC to come calling.

  3. WB in WB

    Not the ACC, let’s get our $1.5B research package approved and dance with the Big 10!!

    1. Gentle Jim

      I’ll go for the Big Ten, they have the BTN network and we’d get most of the Uconn Big Ten games (and pretty good competition too) without paying extra for Direct or Dish.

      Then I could still be happy not going to the ACC.

  4. mike mcmanus

    I’m a Midwesterner and a graduate of a Big Ten school [which I still support], but I doubt if they are at all interested in UCONN becoming a member. Furthermore, Big 10 women’s b-ball is not better than the former Big East…., and probably worse. Penn State is the best team in the conference this year and they have few competitors, and look how they fared against UCONN. Check out how many Big 10 teams made the NCAA tournament last year as compared to the Big East and check their ratings and how they performed! UCONN’s only hope to end up in a more competitive environment is the ACC or the SEC…..sad but true!

    1. Gentle Jim

      Mike McManus—I always like you comments, intelligent and knowledgable.
      My point was, since we will NEVER have the Big East again–the Big Ten, if available, would give UConn pretty good opponents. The ACC has Duke, NC, NC St, Va, etc and none of them in recent years have provided a real opponent. WAC ? Too Far west, and only Stanford provides real competition year in/year out.

      Maybe I’m nostalgic for the old Minnesota team that gave DT and UConn a very hard played Elite 8 game. To me that was my most memorible game. I thought one for the ages.
      Punch, counter punch. Whalen vs DT. I’ve never seen a kid so out of control (Whalen) do so much with the ball. Great game.

  5. Gentle Jim

    Mike McManus—You are one of my favorite commentors. Nothing nasty. Just facts and intelligent opinions.

    My point was since UConn will no longer have the Big East the Big Ten would be the best choice (if available) of the many leagues
    I never considered the SEC–they are competitive but would Tenn block any Uconn move that way??
    The ACC has Duke, NC, NC St, Md,Va, etc and none have given Uconn must as an opponent.

    Possibly if Uconn went Big Ten, their being in the Conference would raise it’s status and more BT teams would make the NCAA. The Big East wasn’t a very well thought of Conference until Geno won the 95 NCAA.

    The Big ten with Penn St and Minnesota etc can offer Uconn a run for their money.
    I guess I nostalgic for the UConn-Minnesota Elite 8 game
    when Whalen went against DT. Nose to nose, punch, counter punch. I’ve never seen a kid (Whalen) who played so out of control who could dish and or score as easily as she could. Whenever I saw her I wondered why her coach didn’t get her more under control–but she was pretty good as she was. She was a coaches nightmare/a ooaches dream.

  6. Tom

    It seems that some of the commenters are either smoking dope or only looking at another conferences from a WBB perspective. I am a UConn fan, but it is unrealistice that UConn could even get into the Big 10 or SEC. Were it to happen, Conn would be a complete doormat in football in either conference. The people who are now whing about going 5-7, would be looking at 2-10 or 1-11, and might become suicidal. The ACC is the best realistic choice. UConn could compete in footbal (there are only 2 good teams) and would restore their best baskeball rivalries with Syracuse, Pitt and lately Louisville.

  7. Garth

    Hello folks! I live in NYC. I loved the Big East. But the Big East as we knew it is gone. Look to the future. Don’t be so obsessed with the past. The good teams of yesterday are not necessarily the good teams of tomorrow. This new conference could be the conference of tomorrow. That is life. We are born, we grow up and we die. When you invest you don’t invest in past winners. You invest in future winners. I think that it is a mistake to just look at the new teams that are forming this new league and dismiss them as losers. You will not know until they go out there and perform. Give them a couple of years and you might be pleasantly surprise. There is a reason companies are always looking to hire new college graduates to be the star workers of tomorrow—that is because the star workers of today will not be the star workers of tomorrow. Give this new league a couple of years and I am sure the teams will make some noise. To me the ACC looks old and boring and I have no interest in watching that league. Remembering when Yahoo was It? Yahoo is now struggling to get notice.

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