Baylor faces possible sanctions [ESPN]

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Both Baylor basketball programs could be facing NCAA sanctions, according to an ESPN report released on Monday:

According to ESPN: The men’s and women’s basketball programs at Baylor University are facing possible NCAA sanctions following an investigation that uncovered more than 1,200 impermissible phone calls and text messages during a 29-month span. Men’s coach Scott Drew, women’s coach Kim Mulkey and their assistants, were involved in the impermissible phone calls and texts. obtained a copy of the summary disposition, which was produced by the NCAA enforcement committee and Baylor. Click here for the entire ESPN report

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27 thoughts on “Baylor faces possible sanctions [ESPN]

  1. mari muro

    John – thanks so much – qestion – is this similar to the UConn men’s basketball violation. If so, what happens to Baylor? Will there be more reporting on this? I know, I know, so many questions.
    BUT you are THE BEST!


  2. Husky love

    All programs do it or have done it. Why pick on them because theyre winning.

  3. Kyle

    Huskylove. That’s always the way it works. The more successful you are the more stones are thrown at you. Winning brings scrutiny.

  4. Dwotruth

    Isn’t this the formula? You cheat, win the national championship and then go on probation. Jimmy V, Maine hockey, the prince of darkness JC; is anyone surprised?

  5. BKDad

    If you read really carefully, you can learn that the NCAA began its probe back in 2008. That’s when Brittney Griner and her father ratted Baylor out when questioned by members of a now defunct NCAA program. So, winning was not the motivator.

    Two things I wonder…

    What’s the dynamic like down in Texas now with Brittney Griner?

    Why did the NCAA drop a program that seemingly seemed to work in spotting recruiting violations? Interviewing kids and their parents who were some of the best prospects for college sports seems like an effective and fair way to find violations. Fair being the key word…

    1. Husky love

      It took them 4 years to bring this out, when it took less time to drop the bomb on Boatright and UConn and Calapari in Memphis. Maybe I need to do more research

  6. Martin Fallon

    Let those without sin throw the first stone, although it would be interesting to get details of those phone calls and/other recruiting violations. We lived through the Maya-Moore controversy, something about a visit to the local ESPN studios? At the time, it didn’t seem that big a deal, Pat’s protest notwithstanding. The NCAA is so riddled with hypocrisy that it makes all their investigations suspect, UNTIL, a particular school gets an unfair advantage. So far, the Huskies have been able to maintain their competitve juices. However, if Muffin and her coaches were under investigation, I would pay attention. Hiring an ex-player to shadow Diggins, from grade school to All-American could be worthy of further scrutiny—.

  7. Fairfield Co. fan

    I agree with Martin…. kind or eerie that ND hired a new coach (the one that SD idolized when the coach was an ND player) to ensure that SD maintained her desire to play for the Irish…but beware Muffet- – that does NOT guarantee a NC, not gonna happen!!
    And come-on!! Kim Mulkey knows better – why did she violate some of the most basic rules when Griner, by all accounts, ALWAYS wanted to attend Baylor ???
    I just don’t get it.

    1. Husky love

      I agree with you both, a lot of valid points in your statements. If this was ND, it wouldve stayed under the rug. Muffet knew Diggins idolized Niele and she used that to her advantage. Im glad UConns great players are still playing professionally and not running around chasing 8th Graders. Goes to show you how great of a Coach Geno is. Go Huskies.

      ps: Has anyone seen Kent30, the guy that bashed Hayes and slandered Dolson? The guy that talked about how Hayes never shows up in big games! Where was Novosel, Mallory, and Dev aka the Big 3? Once again theyve let Muffet down when it REALLY mattered. “Sucks to be you,” in the words of Becca Bruszewki

  8. TZToronto

    All schools do “it,” or something close to “it.” A number of years ago, Chris Duhon, Mr. Basketball in Louisiana, chose to play for Duke. Chris’s mom moved from Louisiana and got a job in the Durham, NC area. Did Coach K swing that for her? Who knows, but it was probably a Duke supporter who gave her the job. I think that NCAA rules would deem that an impermissible benefit, or at least suspect that it might be. Did Duke get nailed for it? Was it even investigated? (Heck, is it even true? I heard it from my son, a Dukie–please forgive me.) The point is that most high-profile programs have probably done something that just doesn’t pass the “walk-like-a-duck” test. For the NCAA, it’s like a “Whack-A-Mole” game. When they see something they can hit, they go for it; all the other moles get away. And it’s the biggest moles that are easiest to hit.

  9. Denise in AZ

    If your read the article, it says the Griner violations are secondary. It also says that back when they happened, Griner and Kim Mulkey’s daughter were on the same AAU team. Kim sat next to Griner’s father and talked to him. I suppose she should have known better.

  10. Denise in AZ

    I was looking at the ESPN page on women’s basketball and saw a tweet:

    Wisconsin picks up UConn transfer Michala Johnson. She’ll join her younger sister Malayna, a 2013 verbal commit.

  11. Uconn Fan

    Husky Love you took the word from my page–on Fading in big games. Novesel, Mallory, Diggins faded and were non factors in the Big East Tourney championship game and the Final, final 4 game. What was the point spread?? When big time players play at the highest of heights 96 percent of the time then fail to perform, all of them, well!!!!

    Jim Calhoun and his team were given multiple penalties for the Miles fiasco–Most if not all of Jim’s lower level coaches fell on the sword for old Allen Muther. But Jim was still held accountable, as the man in charge, as he should be “the buck stop here”. Will Mulkey suffer the same fate???Or is there a gender card???

    1. Husky love

      They all failed in BIG games, they can never get over that Championship hump! I think theyre afraid of the Word “Championship” but they love the word “Semi” Lol With the Baylor thing, I think Mulkey will sit out some games, I dont think they will have a post season ban. If they have a ban, Griner should enter the Draft this year. Maybe the WNBA made a deal with the NCAA to get Griner in the Draft Lol

  12. Lorena Wood

    Despite her injury, Engeln just moved up 1 spot on the depth chart, with MJ’s departure.

    Auriemma played only 6 players in March 2011. Auriemma played only 7 players in March 2012.

    Once in Auriemma’s dog house, it is extremely difficult to get out. Very few players possess the physical attributes of a Tina Charles, who worked her way out of the dog house after 2.5 seasons.

    In theory, UConn should have 7 very excellent players in the rotation each of the next 2 seasons.

    Faris, Doty, Hartley, Dolson, KML, Stokes, Stewart in 2012-13. Hartley, Dolson, KML, Stokes, Stewart, Jefferson, Tuck in 2013-14.

    It will be difficult for any player to convince Auriemma to increase his rotation past 7 players during the next 2 seasons. Why would he want to sit any of those 7 players?

    Buck, Engeln, and Banks will play only garbage minutes in 2012-13, assuming they are all still at UConn.

    Diamond Deshields just might decide to play alongside Maryland’s All American Thomas for 1 season and then be The Superstar the following 3 seasons. Maryland is much closer to Norcross GA than Storrs, CT.

    Not one player made an early verbal committment to UConn for 2013-14. They are smart, waiting to see how things play out at each of the WCBB D1 Top 10 schools.

    How many high school All-Americans want to come to UConn and sit on the bench for 1 or 2 seasons, while Auriemma plays only 7 in March?

    It is quite possible that UConn ends up with only a 1 or 2 player recruiting class for 2013-14.

    1. janet28943784

      Another moronic post and poster. Ur an idiot. How do you know theu will end up with one player ot two for 2013? Ur not Geno or the players, so we will see who comes in for that class. Again,. ur not Geno, so how do you know that Stokes and Engeln and Buck would get garbage minutes? They will still be at Uconn and Buck will be a senior next season. If they were leaving, we would hear something about it, but I don’t see anyone transferring other than Michala which she is transferring due to being homesick and injuries. Where do you get that Diamond will go to Maryland or might end up there? Ur not her. But wish her the best in whatever she ends up going though but I don’t think it will be Maryland. yes true about no one making a commitment yet for 2013, but it’s still early, so give me a break. Uconn will be just fine and it doesn’t seem like ur a fan anyways and and like more like a TN whiner than a Uconn fan, so why are you even here and better yet what does Uconn have anything to do with the article on Baylor as this was on their sanctions which has nothing do to wit the article whatsoever? Can’t you read?

  13. Lynne

    The NCAA is drunk with power and should be scrutinized for their ever-changing practices with college basketball players/coaches. It seems that they make up the rules according to how they “feel” about the school in question, and it’s abundantly clear that the NCAA has it “in” for the UCONN men’s basketball team. How in the world can you punish current players for the perceived sins of past players? It doesn’t make sense!

    In addition, why are the most successful teams the target of the NCAA’s wrath? You can never convince me that the only coaches/athletic directors who use social media to recruit players are high-profile (like UCONN, Baylor, Ohio State, Penn State, etc., etc.) because it simply isn’t true. But why should the NCAA focus on teams with marginal success when they don’t bring big headlines or notoriety?

    Sad… very sad indeed.

  14. Lou.P

    @lorena Wood , I couldn’t agree more with you , your spot on I believe. It really makes no logical sense to have a bench deep with talent, that could spell the starters during a game, so that they the starters would have fresher legs under neath them, for the final 7 0r 8 mins. of the game, and the bench players would be likely starters on any other Div. – 1 program in the country??? . if this is going to be Geno’s way of playing from here on out going forward, then I believe it’s safe to say that he will have some girls transfering next year, and I think he’s crazy if he lets Brianna Banks Transfer, and your right, he will only get a very limited number of girls that will want to come to UC and sit and warm the bench. These kids want to contribute and play, not lill themselves at practice and then just sit the bench at game time. I believe he is going to have problems this year with alot of talentat hand, and very limited amounts of playing time, one of the down sides of being a team so loaded with talent, some have to sit and not play. One would think it would be to Geno’s advantage to have ” two ” Starting line-ups of 10 players on his team , that can come in and contribute immeadiately. The Mens program is in a mess, and I see the womens program possibly going that way, if he gets alot of girls wanting out because of playing time, and ” Lack of it ! “

    1. janet28943784

      ur an idiot like Lorena woods is. No way does Bri Banks transfer along with anyone else and just cuz the men’s program is a mess doesn’t mean the Women’s will head that way too. Uconn will be just fine next season. Michala was homesick so that’s why she was transferring and plus an oppertunity to play with her sister is a huge plus. She will succeed at Wisconsin. . Not due to not wanting more playing time. Injuries and homesickness. She wanted to be close to her family. So how do you even know more would transfer just cuz they won’t have more playing time? I don’t see anyone else transferring and Uconn will be just fine. Obviosuly your not a fan of the team so why are you even here?.

      1. Watcher

        Way to shut down all useful commentary @janet28943784. “ur an idiot” for thinking you have more of a right to give an OPINION than anyone else. What super special knowledge do you have to say that no one else will transfer?

  15. janet28943784

    Also what does what your saying about Uconn have anything to do with the article as it was on Baylor’s sanctions and not Uconn?

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